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terminater Recruit

Man it's deader then BBO in here good job TERM!..............I have no friends.......Help...........*suicide intenseified*


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  • Re: A Discussion on BBO, BBG, and BBU

    I have a feeling those interns were told to play around with BBO/BBU while the real employees worked on VR places and I have a post to make now.
  • Why Battle Bears has no competition

    Ok @SkyVu_Ben said himself they are moving to VR because of competition in this article.
    Ok wrong statement because BB has little competition as of now! Name 3 mobile shooters that got as big as BB did.........none right? Battle bears is a mobile class based shooter that I like for those reasons and the only other shooter like that on a mobile scale is blitze bridge brigade but it's pay to win. Now Ben said supercell is competition I face palmed when I read this. Supercell is little competition their games are hay day,clash of clans, clash royale, and Boom beach. Now tell me are any of those shooters Now BBG is the best mobile shooter I've ever played by far. Only competition right now is critical ops which BB can probably blow out the water with ease or isn't gonna be competition because of one thing classes. Class has shooters are rare on a mobile scale and that's the reason I like BB even if a class doesn't make a big impact I love the fact of classes that can bee good in other areas. No Ben if your company focused on BBU which looks like a really and I mean REALLY! Good game instead of VR build a house BB could be on top. But we got BBO and it failed in both the game itself and updates. SO OPEN YOUR EYSE THERE ISNT MUCH COMPETITION!

    Sorry I went off a little bit I believe you ran from a good opertunity........BBU is that opertunity.
  • Things that could be happening.

    Ok Ben promised a explanation but we got nothing so how about some conspiracy theories. Ok SkyVu could just be hard at work on VR stuff or actually working on Battle Bears but you never know. Theory 1. Battle bears is getting the boot ABANDONED SHIP! Theory 2. we could get an update to BBO or Gold because in a Bbg or BBO post Ben said he was surprised by how many peaple like BBG. Theory 3. The BB name is being sold and Ben is waiting for someone to buy before speaking to us. This is all me guessing but say what you think is happening. @SkyVu_Ben
  • MODS! Close this plz

    Is it possible for this to be deleted
  • Re: Should they give limited ammo to pistols?

    Its fun