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  • eXTCy's Guide to Battle Bears Ultimate v2 BETA! (This is a beta guide. incomplete)

    As many of you may or may not know, BBU v2 BETA may release next Wednesday, November 25th, so I am here to give you eXTCy's guide to the beta!
    I will assume you know enough about BBU v2 so I will gloss over the basic details.
    BBU v2 is a class based player vs player shooter with variable perspective. You can choose a class from a selection of 5 classes! Oliver, Wil, Riggs, Astoria, and Graham Crackers!
    They all have unique stats, abilities, and weapons that make them unique. Okay, now here's eXTCy's guide.

    First: play around with the classes and pick one to start with.
    Second: buy a few weapons and all the abilities for that character.
    *make sure to always buy the overclock and use it because they are super over powered.
    Third: be sure to play a lot to buy a comfortable amount of weapons and abilities for every character you want to play.

    now after this, you will ask "eXTCy, what do i spend now?"
    Well my friend. Time to buy chests!
    Everyday you get a free premium chest and loot chest. Open them and get armor pieces which are used to craft armor, which doesn't do anything yet.
    or you can get a cool icon! :)

    (Real guide will be posted later.)
  • eXTCy's Guide to the Forums! 4-6-15 UPDATED*

    <font color="white">Hey Guys, eXTCy here with a new posting guide for you!
    I hope you take this guide and use it so that we can grow as a community.
    This step by step guide is simple and easy to apply to your own posting.
    This is not a break down of the rules, for that, head on over to here:
    <a href=""; target="_blank"><span class="Sprite SpUnansweredQuestions"></span>Rules and Guidelines</a>
    <a href=""; target="_blank"><span class="Sprite SpUnansweredQuestions"></span> Code of Conduct</a>

    @epicheese42 made a how to thread for basic HTML and making use of Vanilla.
    <a href=""; target="_blank"><span class="Sprite SpUnansweredQuestions"></span>DIZ IZ HAO YUU FORUM</a>

    This will be as short and sweet as I can make it, since I don't want to drag it on, because 'aint nobody got time for that.

    <div class="Box"><font color="#85B0B7" size="7">Chapter 1: What not to comment. </font>
    <font color="#85B0B7" >Here are some examples of bad posts:</font>
    @JappehBaebz SUCKS!1!!!1!!!11!!!!11!!1111!!!!!!! HE SHOULD QUIT BBG!
    <font color="#85B0B7" >You see, the user, xX_SkaiVoo_Treng_Xx Is attacking the user named JappehBaebz. He is spewing negativity and hate towards a specific user.

    Now, Let's use a different Example.</font>
    <font color="#85B0B7" >Now, our friend 1337_BareKillerX didn't break any rules, but he's complaining about nothing. This will put you in a negative light, and people may not take him seriously ever.

    <font size="5"> Think Before You Post! This is especially targeted towards our younger users. </font size>
    Don't make a comment where you complain about something unreasonable. It's not against the rules. It just puts you in a negative light.
    <div class="Box"><font color="#BDD35B"><font size="7"> Chapter 2: Activity Post vs Thread </font size>
    When you make a thread, You better make sure that it has good meaning behind it.
    When you make a thread asking what you should buy in BBG, It just takes up space on the stack.
    This would be a great post on activity though! Activity is where you should post questions.

    If you have a question concerning small things, like what to buy with your joules, you should post it on activity.

    Author's note: It is perfectly fine with being within a fanbase of something you enjoy, however it is not okay to shove your fandom in other people's faces.
    Don't make threads about other fandoms. It just gets ridiculous and causes arguments! Keep this in PM's and Activity. Or even a group! Groups should be used!

    <div class="Box"><font color="#C26AC7">
    <font size="7"> Chapter 3: Groups </font size>
    A group is where a bunch of people come together and have their own sub forum. It's actually very cool!
    I recommend each clan make their own group! It is a great way to keep a community together within a community.
    "How do I get my own group?"
    Contact a Moderator with your request!

    "What can I do in a group?"
    Well a group is like a little mini forum so you can post all kinds of fun stuff in there!

    "What do I need for my group?"
    You will need four things!
    1st. An icon to set your group apart!
    2nd. A banner for your page!
    3rd. Request approval from a Moderator.
    4th. About 2 hours a day to keep your group lively!

    "Who can have a group?"
    Well almost anybody but there are a few qualifications!

    1. All clans are entitled to their own group!
    2. You must be in good standing with the forum and moderators.
    3. You must have an idea of what kind of group you want.
    4. You must agree to follow all forum rules.
    5. You must \have been a member for at least 3 months!

    "How do I change my group settings?"
    Ask a Moderator nicely.

    "What type of groups are there?"
    Tough question! the are two types of group settings.

    First you may choose whether or not you can have other see you group without being a member. This is called the "Visibility" setting

    Second is how members can join your group you may either have it so that anyone can join or require they ask for permission to join! This is called the "Join" setting.

    I recommend that each fanbase makes their own group so that they can discuss it on their own subforum!
    Groups are great for forumers to create deeper bonds with each other, and have their own niche community within ours!
    Have a new clan? Make a group!
    Like a particular TV Show? Book series? Franchise? Game? Make a group!
    <div class="Box"><font color="#74B0E8">
    <font size="7"> Chapter 4: Private Messages</font size>
    Private messages are just that. Private Messages. You send them to people to chat. You can talk about whatever you want. I highly recommend that you don't give out your personal information in a PM.
    Do not harass others in a PM, as it is rude, and is frowned upon.
    <div class="Box"><font color="#DB1E1E"><font size="7"> Chapter 5: The Flaming Trolls</font size>
    The trolls go crazy when you feed them.
    So don't.
    Don't post an unfavorable opinion on the internet in general, unless you are prepared to fight over it. This is often called 'flamebait'. Don't make flamebait posts.
    When someone is trolling, don't respond. You can tell if they're trolling if they are targeting you to try to get a reaction from you!


    <div class="Box"><font color="#FFD100"><font size="7"> Chapter 6: </font size>


    Thanks to:
    <font color="green">LXSXL </font>
    <font color="pink">EquinoxVanHulm</font>
    <font color="#F3F702">epicheese42</font>
  • BBG Christmas Tournament 2v2 and 4v4 events DELAYED.

    I'm sorry to say this, but 2v2's and 4v4's have been delayed until 2015.
    It's just a lot to handle, I'm trying to focus on the 1v1's. instead.
    So, If you havent signed up yet, you can join the 1v1 tourney.
    I will close signups when it seems that everyone has joined.
    Schedule will be released when signups close.

    You will all be seeded based on four 8 player FFA matches. Ban list applies, but Cloaking is unbanned for the 8 player matches.
    you will play 3 matches each.
    You will be seeded on K/D
    For instance, if @fluttershyisbestpony‌ goes 12-2, 14-0, 20-0, then @fluttershyisbestpony‌ will have a record of 46-2, You subtract your deaths from your kills, to get your number.
    @fluttershyisbestpony‌ has a number of 44.
    on the other hand, if @LXSXL goes 6-8, 4-2, 6-7, then he will be 16-17 he will have a score of -1.

    there is nothing wrong with a negative number.

    first rounds, you will play one game.
    Quater finals is best of 3
    Semi finals is best of 5
    Finals is first to 5 *MUST WIN FINALS BY 2 GAMES*

    Players so far
    1. @Wuggybunch‌
    2. @Alex13
    3. @Aresgow‌
    4. @Slate‌
    5. @MasterController‌
    6. @OPTIC‌
    7. @1UP‌
    8. @blug‌
    9. @Latro‌
    10. @Inflirtrator‌
    11. @Kidgunso‌
    12. @NovaProspekt (didn't actually sign up yet, but i'll just keep a spot open <3)
    13. @LXSXL
    14. @killa18‌
    15. @Bearmaster123‌
    16. @BR_1000‌
    17. @Pikachu‌
    18. @fluttershyisbestpony‌
    19. @golden_trynasty‌
    20. @Clutch‌
    22. @disconnected007‌
    23. @ihugU
    24. @EvanSeah8125‌
    25. @Snowlion1234567890‌
    26. @BBoss‌
    27. @Onibeats‌
    28. @SpectrumXIV‌
    29. @adapt_69‌
    30. @bbrsniperxx‌
    31. @Epicupcake‌
    32. @katanatenn‌
    33. @AlphaZ‌
    34. @BEASTLY585‌
    35. @BUTTERYWIL‌
    36. @Liche414‌

    Banned Weapons and Equipment List-Version 2 (Not Final)


    Sci-Fi HASR
    Urine Trouble
    OCO Gauntlet (Kamikaze strategy banned, normal use allowed)
    Sake Bomb (Only for use in practice matches or trolling. Tourney matches not allowed with this weapon.)

    Specials this class cannot use:

    Cloaking (The backstab with bullets strategy with Soldier, the tactic might spread to Soaker as Urine Trouble is one this list, so I'm taking measures to prevent that.)
    SW Boots (Only with the automatic primaries)

    These particular weapons were placed on here due to either their overwhelming strength in the right hands or their annoyance to other players. The high-damage primaries of Soldier I would like to see not used in favor of the more lesser used, but still viable primaries, such as Sci-Fi ASR and Soaker. I recently ran a match with Sci-Fi ASR, so I can see that it's not a hyper speedkilling weapon that much anymore. I also despise the OCO Gauntlet/Sake Bomb kamikaze set, and it's purely a troll set with no real competitive reliability. As such, I am disallowing Sake Bomb entirely, but you are free to use OCO Gauntlet in its intended fashion as a orb launcher. Steamshot was also put on this list for the same reason as speedkilling. I'd like to see more utilization of the other Soldier secondaries such as SWS (one of my personal favorites), TNT Launcher, Bearzooka, Rockette Launcher (which isn't bad at all, in my recent matches with it.), and others. It also sets up some fairness for the class as well.


    Sucker Punch (Only for use in practice matches or trolling. Tourney matches not allowed with this weapon.)
    Freeze Blast

    This setup is more along the lines of keeping things fair for range perspective, and for making sure the game doesn't crash. Provo I see more often then not because of its high damage and large ammo pool. I think that for this tourney, I'd like to see more use of Electric Honey for the Provo users, which is fairly powerful in its own right. Field Medic and Big Iron are also powerful primaries that Heavy users within the tourney can use, even Flamethrower, if they're feeling daring enough. Sucker Punch I put on this list for the same reason I put Sake Bomb on. It's a trolling weapon, and it can disrupt the momentum of battle, even if it is for an almost guaranteed kill. Other Secondaries such as Plasma Orb and Mother of Nature are better suited for Heavy players during the tourney. Freeze Blast is on the list strongly due to the reputation it has of making the game crash or lag heavily. No one enjoys having the game crash while in the middle of a match, so this is on here for precautionary measures.

    Specials this class cannot use:

    Caffeine Injection (Can only use if using a mid to short range primary, like Field Medic or Flamethrower.)
    SW Boots (On long-range primaries. Mid to short range primaries can use it.)


    Phantom Hug (Same reason as Sake Bomb and Sucker Punch)

    Specials this class cannot use: None


    Light Matter
    Bouncing Betty
    Phat Man
    RPL (In consideration. Not fully on the ban list yet.)

    Each of these weapons were chosen on the basis of their position as what they entail on the battlefield. There are other primaries and secondaries for Demo that work quite well, but I will not deny the usefullness of RPL at times, hence why it's still up for debate and right now it's listing is merely partial. Light Matter is a powerful weapon, but some people have considered it a bit too spammy, so I'm going to put it up just in the name of fairness, same with Phat Man, which is prone to Demos camping out firing off nothing but these. Bouncing Betty is up for debate as well for the CQC maps, but in open maps, it's challenging to use right, so it may be allowed in the wide open maps, but not allowed in the small maps.

    Specials this class cannot use:

    None. Cloaking is not on here because most of what I see with it on Demo has been with either BB and Phat Man, and neither are allowed.


    Mamba's Boy

    Deadeye and Mamba's Boy are considered among several to be the top rifles for noscoping Snipers in the game. With that said, I've seen players running around with Damage +3 variants of these rifles, which is overwhelmingly unfair at times. Mamba's Boy especially is a weapon that does not fit Sniper. It is a machine gun disguised as a sniper rifle. Deadeye at least take some skill, but I've seen players too easily pop shots across the map without a scope with the weapon, and that much damage downrange that quickly doesn't seem fair to me for the purpose of this tournament. Blowdart is the utterly cheapest weapon in the Sniper's arsenel. It's essentially just fire at the floor while running away and let the explosions do the rest. To many individuals, this weapon is hated greatly, and while I don't like it myself, I do think that people wouldn't be happy if I let this one in, so I'm putting it on the list.

    Specials this class cannot use:
    Cloaking (Period. Cloaking snipers to some extent are alright by some, but it will not be allowed within this tourney.)

    Chub Scout

    All weapons free to use.

    This class is still up in the air in regards to what weapons may or may not be allowed. Many individuals do not like CSSG for some reason, but I think it does require a bit of skill to use effectively. Most of Chub Scout's weapons are unorthodox, but do take some decent skill to use effectively. I'm in consideration of this class in more detail, so I'll consider what may or may not be allowed later on in more detail, since it's obvious I'd need more data on this one.

    Specials this class cannot use:
    CI (Only with Doomstick)


    Hand Cannon
    Black Hole

    Do I need to explain why Hand Cannon is on the list? Black Hole on the other hand is fine in my opinion, but for the purpose of fairness in this tourney, I'm going to put it up here so that Engy players can find something else to utilize, because I know good Engy players who use a lot more then just Hand Cannon.

    Specials this class cannot use: None (This may change.)


    All weapons free to use.

    I've heard a lot of things about Assault's weapons, and I've played with all of them. Assault's weapons are fairly challenging to use right, and maybe that's why a lot of people call him a bad class, because of the difficulty curve to play him right. After a lot of thought on the matter, I've decided that Assault will not have any weapons banned nor will he be banned from using any specials, but this might change later on.

    Specials this class cannot use: None (Will like change.)


    Doom Cloud (In evaluation, may go off the list.)
    Cosmic Bomb

    I've done extensive testing on the Assassins's weapons before, and there is more or less some figment of truth to some of the claims. Doom Cloud is a fairly easy weapon to use with a lot of power behind it. However, it also demands a lot of maneuverability from the user since it's short-mid range, and also can be shot down easily. As such, I'm putting Doom Cloud on a more probationary slot until I determine the finality of its status in the tourney. Cosmic Bomb I normally don't have issues with, but enough people have complained about it that I think to be fair, we should not have that weapon in the tourney at all.

    Specials this class cannot use: None (This is will likely change.)

    Combat Tech

    All weapons free to use

    Combat Tech is one of those classes that I don't see running around a lot to some extent, and when I do, they usually aren't overwhelmingly powerful. Combat Tech's weapons are pretty skill demanding on some of them, and I think that the class itself doesn't need any restriction for the tourney, at least in my initial overview. This may or may not change.

    Specials this class cannot use: Up for debate, no solid choices at the moment.


    All weapons free to use (This will probably change.)

    Almost everyone that I see playing Arbiter either does really well or not at all well. Greased Lightning I've gotten plenty of ideas about putting on the list, but at present it's one of the only few weapons Arbiter has that puts him square with some of the other classes. Glue Bomb and Bind Gun are both decent weapons, and I've seen people do well with them. The only thing about Arbiter that I would consider would be Cloaking Field, but let's be honest, if you see it up, you know someone's likely in it, so it's not exactly unfair.

    Equipment Sets Banned

    Damage +3
    Explosions +3
    (Stacking in general in regards to damage sets an unfair power level on the user when playing against those who are using varied equipment. For the sake of fairness, do not stack damage.)

    Ammo +3
    (Weapon sizes in clips are sometimes understandably small, and it's okay to use Ammo +2. Extending it so far that it increases your DPS to an absurd degree is not as bad as damage stacking, but I'd advise against it.)

    Speed +3 (I realize this is a common idea for Huggy, but I've seen it crash the game before, so in the name of fairness, please only use Speed +2)
    Armor +3 (I've seen this be beastly on Heavy, and I'd advise that players not utilize this tactic in order to attain a win.)

    Special Rules That I Wish To Implement

    Cloaking is not allowed in 1v1's in the tourney. No one wants to play hide and seek.
    Hacking will get you disqualified and reported.
    Reputation system abuse, such as rating everyone down, will not be tolerated.
    Please do not have any offensive usernames,
    Do not abuse the suicide glitch.
    Do not glitch period.

    As I've stated numerous times, this list is only one part of initial drafts before I set up the complete one. I'm talking with people now and running tests on the performance capabilities of each weapon and seeing if the class can do well without some of them.
  • Re: EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS! Admins, Moderators, Old Forumers, and even New Forumers!

    I'm yelling at the community, i'm stating that SkyVu is doing their best to cope with everyone yelling and screaming like 2 year olds for changes every day!