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  • Request to buff gold member

    I have been playing around with gold member and I feel like it seriously needs a buff ( showing why it needs a buff )
    I was using explosion 2 and speed 2
    After using gold member I feel that when u get a direct hit on someone , you don't get rewarded with that much more damage done against him , whereas if u use light matter or dark matter , even if it's not a direct hit it can kill easily , sometimes I can take 3-4 shots at a Oliver and he would still be alive ( without IBG ) .
    Something you would probably ask me is why did you have such a good KD in the video using gold member then , ( for people with no time to watch the video ) most of my kills were either from the fireworks or me cleaning up with gold member .
    I'm pretty sure skyvu made demo to be a high DPS or DPM class , but sadly other classes can have higher DPS than demo . in this update , skyvu did a really good job with fireworks for high DPS and also with the other demo weapons , but sadly gold member was left out .
    Now of course I could go ahead and use explosion 3 with propbearganda to increase my damage but if skyvu removed stacking , they shouldn't be encouraging people to stack damage on gold member just to be good , all weapons should be good to some extent just on their own without any equipments .
    Another thing I was wondering is maybe I wasn't hitting them with complete direct shots (even tho it clearly shows I did) and maybe this is just a glitch with the hitbox for a direct hit with gold member .

    Ways you can buff gold member is rewarding people more for getting direct hits , because it's not easy to predict the travel time , only easy to shoot the guy in the face infront of you . What you could buff (just a suggestion)

    Increase the damage a little higher for getting direct hits

    Decrease the damage of not getting a direct hit by a bit

    Or even do something like , for every direct hit , demo heals a bit of HP

    I also don't know if skyvu made the weapon like this because of the cheap price of the weapon
    Thanks for reading all of this and if u even watched the video , sorry if I made a few grammar mistakes .
  • Re: Making pro soldiers rage quit *MUST SEE*

    This is how I feel (my personal opinion)
    Us palringoers , we kinda use soldier and heavy and a meta game (game mode within game mode )for war and other events , by only using these 2 classes , it rules out the unknown of having some random class on the opponents team , however there is still the unknown of the sets the other team is using ( which will be found out as the match passes ) , however we are starting to open up a bit more for other classes to be included in our matches such as huggable and sniper and hopefully demo ( if we all find a common ground for demo) , bit by bit we are allowing other classes to play in our matches but there will always be rules for them . This is just like 6v6 competitive matches in tf2 , there are only allowed to be a max or minimum cap for each class and certain weapons are banned from it . Sorry I had to bring tf2 into this becus I know some of u don't like to accociate this with tf2 but since many peope here play I was hoping this example would help them understand what I'm talking about .

    For the increase in use of soldier I don't really know , I guess it's becus when they see the people who are quite good at BBG it's usually a heavy and soldier (from palringo)so they think playing solider means that they can be good at BBG but sadly it's not the class , it's the skill , like mentioned throughout this thread people have mastered soldier that's why they are good not because of the class .

    All in all i don't completely agree that in bbg solider is greatly used because in every match there are always snipers and maybe 1 or 2 soldiers and rest of the classes are kinda equally used , but I will agree that in palringo soldier is greatly used but we in palringo have no problem with that , if u say u experience a lot of soldiers being used maybe u just play around the time where many palringo users train . Again this is just MY opinion
  • Re: Leaving.......

    @Mindless_Huggable‌ , just saw your gif , r u sure b 1000 is shooting a laser lmao . Oh and btw , a lot of people go through this (especially in pal) but if u made any friends or memories here , it's hard to just leave them behind , I'm sure u will be back
  • Please stop the glitch :(

    I feel like it is all my fault this glitch was surfaced to almost everyone , the sniper lock glitch . It was told to me by a great guy and friend called haxory . As I knew the glitch , people along my life in BBG would ask me and I would only tell a selected few , sadly these selected few cannot keep a promise to not tell anyone . So it basically continued spreading until it got this bad . Sadly people in BBG just want to look good and abuse glitches like these , and no I don't use the glitch all my sniper is legit taught from haxory and I learned a bit on my own . So stop ruining snipers reputation , I cannot force you to stop if u use the glitch , I can only seek for your understanding that its not good to be called something you are not like a "good" sniper

  • Re: I randomly got Sanchez.

    Or It could mean someone has your account or u are using a public account