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Super-Maelstrom Fabled

Okay now I'm totay done here. Until the next catastrophically stupid event takes place


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A tin can, four empty Smorz cereal boxes, a red toothbrush, a tomato, a screwdriver, a wastebin full of used band-aids, tissues and gum wrappers, a pencil sharpener, a broken First Edition Texas Instruments calculator, an orange, a rusted locket, a small jar full of pebbles, $12 dollars and 47 cents, a flip lighter, a 1984 baseball cap, an iron, a snowglobe, two old fission batteries, a hair dryer, a stepladder, approximately 39 kilograms of brown sugar, a ballot box, a pizza box, a wooden box full of old spare computer parts, a broken television, an old magazine, two podiums, a tire, scrap metal, a poem, a plastic tupperware container packed tightly with cold hamburger meat, a pair of broken tweezers, a canvas, an empty can of soda, a pair of ruined hiking boots, an empty wallet, a harmonica, a box of cleaner, a rusted tricycle, a wooden box full of nothing but eggshells, an empty pack of cigarettes, a bloodied piece of tissue paper, a pair of long-distance spectacles, a damaged but still fully functional microwave, a pack of crayons, a spork, a handful of broken pencils, a sledgehammer, a worn tennis racket, a steel safe filled with coat hangers, a combination lock for the previously aforementioned steel safe, a rock, a bag of horse shit, a plastic knife, several brown paper lunchbags, a dry sharpie marker, a third grade science textbook, a Ziploc bag full of muddy water, a left shoe, a handful of unused toothpicks, a couple used toothpicks, a drumstick, a black stapler, a well-worn steak knife, an apology letter, a thermometer, several packets of ramen, an empty whiskey bottle, approximately 117 colored beads, a vinyl copy of N.W.A's hit single "F_ck Tha Police," shoestring, a rearview mirror, a lawnmower blade, a 2015 book of video game world records, a cracked magnifying glass, a box of macaroni noodles, a twisted wire coathanger, a list, a shoebox filled with paper scraps, a pair of Christmas scissors, a block of wood, a wrench, and an iPhone 5C.
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  • Re: Starc's Art Thread

    what is this hellish nightmare of an existence that are all your pictures drawn in. why is the world set ablaze? has man sinned past the point of no return that god himself rained down fiery retribution on the earth to punish the newfound evil mankind? has our mortality taken the better of us as not only a society, but as a human species, that we no longer have any morals, and the apocalypse must set in? are we all to be condemned? are your drawings fortelling of a future that is yet to come, or a future that may come only if we continue on the path that we take? is this what will be left of mankind's legacy. is this a promise of what will be, no matter what? are we doomed? or is there still a burning ember of hope buried beneath the ashes and cooled charcoal? will we as a people get to rise up from the ashes like the phoenix? or is our hope just as mythical and nonexistant as the phoenix it self. what abtruse profoundities lie within the simple foreground of your masterpieces... *dabs*


    I signed back into my account just so I could laugh at you and call you a liar

    Don't pretend like you knew what dabbing was three years ago you **** tween
  • Poog

    gibbbje cog lift
  • Re: This is really a disappointment for me(only)

    I love how it's come to the point where this forums sucks so bad that people are making ridiculous threads like this these days

    I swear we'd have less awful threads if we made this a punishable offense
  • Re: What's your favorite Unique Weapon in BBO?

    Didnt we already have a poll regarding this?

    Well you're new so I'll let it slide. Anyways my favorite unique weapon has to be Dark matter, 2nd will be electric honey, and 3rd is big spender. The rest suck imo.

    You'll "let it slide?"
    As opposed to what? "Well, you're new, so I won't scold you threateningly."