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Super-Maelstrom Fabled

Okay now I'm totay done here. Until the next catastrophically stupid event takes place


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A tin can, four empty Smorz cereal boxes, a red toothbrush, a tomato, a screwdriver, a wastebin full of used band-aids, tissues and gum wrappers, a pencil sharpener, a broken First Edition Texas Instruments calculator, an orange, a rusted locket, a small jar full of pebbles, $12 dollars and 47 cents, a flip lighter, a 1984 baseball cap, an iron, a snowglobe, two old fission batteries, a hair dryer, a stepladder, approximately 39 kilograms of brown sugar, a ballot box, a pizza box, a wooden box full of old spare computer parts, a broken television, an old magazine, two podiums, a tire, scrap metal, a poem, a plastic tupperware container packed tightly with cold hamburger meat, a pair of broken tweezers, a canvas, an empty can of soda, a pair of ruined hiking boots, an empty wallet, a harmonica, a box of cleaner, a rusted tricycle, a wooden box full of nothing but eggshells, an empty pack of cigarettes, a bloodied piece of tissue paper, a pair of long-distance spectacles, a damaged but still fully functional microwave, a pack of crayons, a spork, a handful of broken pencils, a sledgehammer, a worn tennis racket, a steel safe filled with coat hangers, a combination lock for the previously aforementioned steel safe, a rock, a bag of horse shit, a plastic knife, several brown paper lunchbags, a dry sharpie marker, a third grade science textbook, a Ziploc bag full of muddy water, a left shoe, a handful of unused toothpicks, a couple used toothpicks, a drumstick, a black stapler, a well-worn steak knife, an apology letter, a thermometer, several packets of ramen, an empty whiskey bottle, approximately 117 colored beads, a vinyl copy of N.W.A's hit single "F_ck Tha Police," shoestring, a rearview mirror, a lawnmower blade, a 2015 book of video game world records, a cracked magnifying glass, a box of macaroni noodles, a twisted wire coathanger, a list, a shoebox filled with paper scraps, a pair of Christmas scissors, a block of wood, a wrench, and an iPhone 5C.
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  • Re: How's everyone these days?

    Soo__hey wrote: »
    You missed a lot.

    SkyVu is now working on a service called Places VR, as the name suggests it is a VR experience for (most likely) the upcoming Google Daydream. Because of this, BBO has not gotten an update for 5 or 6 months. As of right now, the whole BB franchise is left ignored.

    BBG has gotten several balance updates so far, and a group of people are working to bring balance back to BBG.

    Most of us just lurk here, there's not really anything to do.

    I remember you having a discord, I recommend you join the BB Legacy server here.

    dont clikc this link!! its a trick,, if u click hell have acess to ur bank account and ur ip!
  • Re: 01100100 01001111 01101110 01001011 01100101 01011001

    010011110110111001100101pls give atention im lonely
  • Re: Temporary ban on games.

    @Super-Maelstrom Map glitching is actually a common activity for BBO players nowadays, especially since the game has gotten stale without word from SkyVu regarding updates. There are so many glitches in this game that you can perform in most of the maps that it has become an entire experience of its own.

    Of course, I'm not using the term "map glitching" as in "use a glitch to get somewhere that other players may not have the advantage of getting to and use that spot to camp and dominate the other team in battles", that's abusive and can make people upset, however some people do in fact do that. When I'm referring to "map glitching", I'm referring to either when you experiment with a glitch alone or, more commonly, have numerous players get together to explore the world of glitching for new, fun activities, such as the Skydiving activity in the Mystic/Twilight Forest. This is the side of map glitching that doesn't hurt anybody and can actually be fun.

    Well, at least, as fun as it can be while we're all waiting it out for SkyVu to finally say something regarding supposedly upcoming content and features.

    EDIT: I saw your second point and can say that yes, I was a bit harsh about my original response, especially considering that UB suggested 10-minute bans. A lot just builds up in my head when I see ideas that I don't particularly like because of past experience.

    EDIT 2: Completely forgot that this was meant towards BBG too. I don't know how people treat map glitching in that game, but based on memory, I think I can say that way more players use it for harm.

    Popular or not, map-glitching should not be something that is encouraged as it's an unintended (and potentially unfair) game mechanic.
  • Re: SMG's, Wil-Unbalanced: Also Objective Gamemodes

    Earmuffs wrote: »
    Just to y'all know the conversation veered back in the right direction already lol
    "Just to y'all know"

    I'm sorry but lmao

    Anyway at this point there really isn't much we can do because SkyVu won't listen to us. When it comes to this point, this is usally where I'd say pick a new game
  • Re: SMG's, Wil-Unbalanced: Also Objective Gamemodes

    Earmuffs wrote: »
    Earmuffs wrote: »
    @LiveFire , are you too blind to realize that I wasn't the one who started this? What I still said remains true, because all of you aren't understanding that you can play ANY character effectively with little to no effort.

    Seriously, give the game a shot. You can make ang loadout broken given the right items, and that's my point. I've contributed plenty to this discussion now that you guys have changed it. Good on all of you for taking things on the wrong direction.

    And stop blaming me for the flaming. I'm bot the one who started pointing fingers and I'm not just going to sit there and let him soil my name like that. For once I'm not the one who started it, so lay off already, won't you?

    "soil my name"
    Dude, it's the internet.
    Okay, nice double standard? So now it's okay when others act toxic, but not when I act toxic, (or so you all say)? Earmuffs, you seriously need to stop looking excuses to disagree with me.

    And "dude," I'm obviously an active member in a community I've been a part of for going on 5 years, and I'd rather not be blamed for BS fights like this that I never even started, thank you very much.

    I'm not blaming you for something you believe you didn't start; I'm merely not gonna be sympathetic when you fuel the fire. I know I'm doing the same, but I'm not complaining about my internet username being "soiled." I also made it clear with you that I'm not looking for excuses to disagree with you. Don't take this the wrong way, but I don't care enough about someone I've never met to have a personal vendetta agains them. Alu, I'm not gonna bother responding further to someone blindly echoing his friend, but know that this is no double standard. SM's initial post on here was disrespectful to the amount of work the creator of this thread put into the initial post, and it doesn't help the discussion at all.

    >Not a double standard
    Yeah, no, it is. I don't have to explain why. You're a smart guy. Figure it out.

    My initial post was stating fact and if you disagree then you are wrong and possibly not good at it.

    @AbsoluteZero so then why did you even start this useless flame war? The game truly doesn't take skill to play EFFECTIVELY, and it isnmt just SMG's, but they are the prime cause of it. It's not disrespect. It's not opinion, and it's not useless. It's fact.

    Maybe you don't like it, and if I still cared about Battle Bears, I wouldn't either. But it's better to accept that fact then delude yourself into thinking the game has any sort of competitive edge or existing skill gap at this point. You can be a skilled sniper, sure. You ccan be good with a shotgun, maybe. But at the end of the day? Any idiot with an asault rifle or SMG with little to no skill will perform almost as well as you. Maybe even better if you're having an off day. And I didn't mean to belittle anybody and say all of you suck at the game; that is not what I said. But it takes no skill to run around with an autoaim weapon and just tank hits and restore lost health.

    EDIT 3: And I can say that my current go to shooter, CSGO even has this issue: AWPs and Autosnipers are incredibly broken and take no effort to use. But I accept that fact.