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SkyVu Beta Tester, member
Storm Eight
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  • [S8] Storm Eight Clan v4 (BBO)

    “You don’t have to lag to be good.” -@Lebrontasaurus, former S8 Leader and Co-Leader

    “Only YOU can change your life, when people pull you down, always get back up. If you want your life to change, the only Person who can make that happen is YOU.” -@14_Pineapples, former S8 Co-Leader

    “Make S8 great again.” -@Oops_killed_ya Former Leader of S8 v4


    Clan Mission Statement
    With S8, we hope to bring clans to a whole new level of skill, EQ (emotional intelligence) and dedication. We're not just a clan. We are the S8 League.
    We are a league in more than one sense, as a league is defined as both
    1. A collection of people, countries, or groups that combine for a particular purpose, typically mutual protection or cooperation
    2. A class or category of quality or excellence[/list]

    The S8 League is a group of players united together for the common purposes of skill and dedication, and in the process, is creating a new standard of quality and excellence. This clan is not only for becoming a better player, but also for becoming a better person.

    S8 has a sub-clan called S8 Juniors which will prepare new BBO players to be pro and qualify for S8 clan. They will don the same S8 clan tag as regular S8 members.

    Official Rules
    • Read this whole forum post and acknowledge it
    • No double clanning
    • Please refrain from excessive cursing and shitposting.
    • No spying
    • Be friendly and have fun :)
    • Have a Kik and BB forum account, this is a MUST
    • No excessive name changing

    Follow the rules.
    You must have a mimimum amount of 750 kills. Note: If you don't meet this requirement you can join S8 junior instead.

    Junior Requirements
    You must have played at least 100 games

    Leaders of S8
    @Impulsive (jxhnny.) [Impulsive] IN
    @Ragde875 (Ragde875) [Dr Seuss] IN
    @Singularity (SingularityBB1) [Singularity] IN

    Clan Alliance
    We proudly announce that we are now allied to AI!
    What this means is
      AI and S8 members must be friendly to each other Clan members are encouraged to train with each other will full confidence S8 members can volunteer to become a trainer for AI S8 members will be able to participate in AI gold/gem/armour token giveaways and AI clan award/MVP award. The eligibility of earning a AI clan awards excludes members from earning a non-clan award. Clan leaders cannot partake in any of these benefits.

    S8 Members
    @armandoaj300927 (Sodapop24_) [SuperToxic]
    @FlyinVisionary (Vibrescent & Visionaryy.) [...] IN
    @Guma5 (Guma5) [Guma5] IN
    @jasonkillyou156 (YA_HOO_Mason) [S8Royalty] IN
    @Kimster773 (Kimster773) [Kimster773] IN
    @Kissmybearbutt (lexbutton120) [KissMyBearBum]
    @BearyFunny (Lost_Cause_1) [BearyFunny] IN
    @MrRoadrash12 (MrRoadrash12) [MrRoadrash12] IN
    @S8Miami (OG_ZuluBrim) [Miami] IN
    @Gihmao (Gihmao) [Gihmao] IN
    @SSP_Rism (SSP_Rism) [SSP_Rism] IN
    @Ultimate_Bear (Red_Galaxy) [UltimateBear]

    Clan Strîpper
    @ProbearJJ3 (ProbearJJ & PBisBae) [AlessaIsBae] IN

    S8 Junior Members
    @MasterBison2 (MasterBISON2) [Neptune UPDATE] IN

    Pending Invites
    @Hammad (...) [...]
    @InfamousArc (FazexRazor_Graal) [...] IN
    (OTbzozii511) [Rudolph UPDATE] OUT
    @thecheeselover (cheezusisgud) [...] IN

    Guests/Supporting Members
    @Kittygirl (gwynith44) [Scarletdragon0413] IN
    @Oops_killed_ya (Oops_killed_ya) [Oops killed ya] IN
    @UGM_Destroyer aka @UGMDestroyer (UGM.DESTROYER) [DESTROYER xD] OUT
    @vinylscratch (umbreonbbr) [...] IN

    Inactive Members
    @Alpha (sniperdestroyer) [...] IN
    @AlphaZ (AlphaMc5 & Alpha_Z & alphaz?) [AlphaZ] NY
    @ethanhugzyou (EthanHugzYou) [...] IN
    @Freedom (...) [...] ---
    @Leolty ( ... ) ---
    @LiveYoungWildFree (GalacticHunter) IN
    @SpectrumXIV (14_SP3CTRUM) [Specy] IN
    @StealthKill ( ... ) ---
    @Zeimzeys (Takashii. & Zeimzeyys_) [...] IN

    Former Members
    @Chrstndn (ChristianDuan) [xUrxAnusx] IN
    @Imjustlivinlife (dman1434) [Kingbeachem & Screamdragon####] OUT
    @IAm_SJAXVIII (Sean_72) [Sean72] OUT
    @MrJ (Mr_J) [...] IN
    @14_Pineapples (14Pineapples & 14_Pineapples) [14Pineapples] OUT
    @Shaho (SHAHO221) [Shadow Hunter] OUT
    @PlasmicUK (PlasmicUK) [...] OUT
    @SandKing (SandKing92) [SandKing UPDATE] IUT
    @BJORGI420 (ClassyMofucka) [Bjorgi UDPATE] OUT
    @MoltAtNyte [MoltAtNyte] OUT
    @BlueHero & @RedHero (BlueHero910) [BlueHero & RedHero] OUT
    @Hardikmakol [Hardikmakol] OUT
    @gangpandaboi (FamHood) [rain cash panda] OUT
    @ShiroNeko (ShiroNeko555) [ShiroNeko555]
    @Vast (S8Vast, Topaz, Vivex etc.) [badboy22123]

    Media Platforms
    Youtube Channel
    Everyplay Channel
    Palringo Group: Discontinued
    Discord Chat: PM @Storm_Eight
    Kik Chat: Kik "jxhnny." or "SingularityBB1" to get in
    Clan Website

    Honorable Mentions
    Thank you @14_Pineapples and @Ragde875 for helping me (OKY) revive S8; I appreciate your help.
    Thanks to our clan logo artist @Dback for making a masterpiece; much appreciated.
    @aldragon and @AngryPanda419 thanks for making such an awesome clan :smile:
    Shoutout to @Lich_King for holding down S8 YT and Everyplay channel during it's BBR/BBG days
    Special thanks to @StealthKill for writing some of the meat and potatoes of this thread. (S8 league portion)

    Editors of Thread
    @Oops_killed_ya @Singularity @Impulsive @StealthKill and @14_Pineapples (he just capitalized a couple of words :P)

    Memory Lane
  • Infinite Time Glitch Tournament Hosted by S8

    Hello, it's OKY and Zorua here. With InstableGriff's recent thread on explaining how to make an infinite time match which you can find here, S8 has decided to host a 2v2 single elimination tournament for all to join. Anyone interested in participating must sign up with a partner. Comment below your partner, so we can easily get in touch with you or your partner. We are currently trying to get a gem prize for this tournament. Either Zorua or OKY must supervise the match or if needed execute the glitch if no one knows how.

    EDITS are in this color

    It has come to our attention that there are certain people who a lot of trouble making time zones work. Zorua or OKY have to be informed about this and we may allow a 1v1 if needed. These matches MUST be supervised by either one of us. Rules have been updated as well.

    How to win the match
    The first team to reach 50 kills wins the match.
    If it is 1v1 then first to reach 25 kills wins the match.

    (all of these at midnight PST time)
    8/26- End of Registration
    8/28- End of Round 1 - EXTENTED TO 8/31/color]
    9/4- End of Round 2
    9/11- End of Semifinals
    9/16 End of Finals

    No Punch Spamming (only one punch per 10 seconds)
    No barf bag instakill glitching
    For the match both parties have to agree whether they will use armor and/or Futuristic AR in the match or not.
    No ice traps allowed at all. (For 1v1 matches)

    If you are found glitching then that match will be repeated under supervision. If the same offending team/person is found glitching then that team will be disqualified.

    How to recreate the infinite time glitch
    Participating/Possible Participants
    Tournament Match Ups

    Banned Weapons:
      SP AR SP Pistol SP SMG Future SMG SP SR Electric Honey Augments of any kind

    Banned Abilities:
      Punch Ability Wil OCO Riggs OCO Graham's Turret Astoria's Ice Trap