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Smitzerland Noble

High school is fun, baseball season just ended, I turned 15 a week ago. Just wanted to check in and see how things are, I'll probably play BBUv2 when it comes out!


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iPhone 7, MacBook Air, Canon G7X Mark II, Nikon D3300
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  • BATTLE BEARS ULTIMATE: Spread The Word Everybody!

    Hey guys, Smitzerland here!
    Ok, so Battle Bears Ultimate is expected to be the most downloaded BATTLE BEARS game ever, so let's contribute even further to notifying people about this EPIC game! Here is what we should all do:
    Every day, you must tell someone you know who may not have heard of Battle Bears about.....wait for it! BATTLE BEARS! This way, they could get hooked into all of the games and story lines before the release of BBU, while telling others about it, too. You have to tell at least one person per day about it until the day that Battle Bears Ultimate is available to the general public! A lot of trends begin simply by people getting it popular, and to do that, you have to "advertise." If enough people download the BB apps, it will only get the game even more noticed than it already is. This would benefit everyone, especially our fellow SkyVu members! So, why don't we do this not just for increasing Battle Bear's popularity, but also for the sake of the people we love? *cough*DUC*cough*
    I actually did this with Battle Bears Gold roughly a month ago. I told one friend about it, so they downloaded the game. They found it to be exciting and loved the format, so they told another one of their buddies. Soon enough, I was literally playing full private matches with my friends, simply from getting the game known. The best part is, all of them spent a decent amount of money on the game (at least $2.99 each within the first week MORE FUNDS AND MONEY FOR SKYVU'S ONE OF A KIND FRANCHISE), and now they have gas characters and weapons. At this moment, everyone in my school is getting into the whole series, and it is sweeping over everyone I know like a raging wildfire! After that, when they heard of Battle Bears Ultimate being released, people went absolutely bearserk (See what I did there?). As tons of people in my school I know are anticipating the new game while they continue to enjoy the others, I am happy because I feel like I have somewhat helped out with everything. So, now that the trend has begun where I'm at, and I will keep getting it larger, you guys should too! It is for the best of everyone! :D SkyVu ROCKS!
    I can hardly wait for the countless memories I will make during BBU with people I know in real life at my sides.