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Smitzerland Noble

High school is fun, baseball season just ended, I turned 15 a week ago. Just wanted to check in and see how things are, I'll probably play BBUv2 when it comes out!


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iPhone 7, MacBook Air, Canon G7X Mark II, Nikon D3300
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  • Re: Comment On This Whenever You Come Back

    To begin, I am 16 years old now and on October 17th I will be turning 17 and hopefully passing my Driver's Test to get my license and a car.

    A couple weeks ago my summer began and I left for California the day after my last exam for school. I'm from New Jersey and I've never been there, yet I've always longed to go so it was the best experience.

    I went for a convention called VidCon where people who create videos online meet other creators, their fans, and advertisers.

    This summer I will be busy filming new content as well as doing summer work for my AP English and Biology classes. Next year in school will be the worst probably, as I'll be in 11th grade when your report card really matters for college and you take the SATs.

    I wish I didn't have to go to college and I could instead be on social media and then begin writing books. Maybe I will become really successful by 2019 when I am supposed to enter college in the autumn and I will skip out on being under so much debt. Hopefully it happens.

    I would love to hear how all of you are doing with your lives too!

  • Where I've been lately...

    Hello! Long time no see. ;)

    So, I have a Vine (Vine is a social media app where you upload and can view 6 second videos) where I post little clips. I've been doing it for months, and now have over 30,000 people who follow me on the service. I saw a vine today of this thing where you basically try to get this number that counts up and down on the 0 mark. It is meant to cause users to accidentally double-tap, or like, the vine. So, I made a remake of it as a joke of how some Viners use things like this to get popular. This is how it turned out: (may be out of order, sorry if it is)o9ywn1sv43qz.jpg
    Basically, I posted, and it was towards the top of the section in which I posted (Music and Dance). Then, it hit the popular page! Next thing you know, the views count up by over 50 a second, and I have to log out of my vine account because it is messing with my internet connection. So, I log back in a few hours later and I saw that it had over 300,000 views, and it was still being viewed by 50! It is still almost at the top of Music and Dance and on the popular page, with nearly 10,000 likes. I was never on the popular page and didn't intend to make it with this. It was just a joke. However, it blew up and is continuing to.

    I just wanted to say this because vine is where I've been on the internet lately when I'm not here. If you want to see me, here's a link to my page:

    See you around,
    Smitty :)
  • Re: Describe BBG in 2 Words

    Be Hugged!
  • Re: Control Set-Up

    3Spooky5Me wrote: »
    Mode: Joystick
    Sensitivity: 60%
    Button Size: a whopping 80%
    @3Spooky5Me thank you :)
  • Control Set-Up

    I've been increasingly playing bbg again (especially with my friends in real life like last year around this time again haha), so I'm simply interested in what your control set-up is. I'm trying to quick-switch with Oliver like I did on my iPad Mini. However, I'm currently playing on an iPhone so the screen is smaller of course and my fingers feel weird.

    That brings me to my next question: how do you hold your device/position your fingers on the screen while playing/how many fingers do you use/which ones?
    I use my left thumb to move, and my right thumb to shoot, and I try to use my right pointer finger to quick-switch (using the weapon-switch button of course), but it feels uncomfortable and messes up my aim.

    Here is my current control set-up: hghejnv4zrwd.jpg

    Finally, what is your button size and sensitivity? My button size is 60 and my sensitivity is 100%. Any suggestions to try?

    Thank you a lot, Smitzerland.

    PS, here are some screenshots from when my friends and I played: 8y1ou289fqgk.jpg