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BATTLE BEARS ZOMBIES iOS 11 update with new AR mode is available now
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SkyVu_Ben SkyVu Employee

I'm sorry for not delivering the important BB news update last year. After years filled with ups and downs across many BB games, I'm talking with many of you as I carefully refine my plans. Thank you for your patience and continued support. I'm playing BBG and BBO more often, so I hope to see all of you on the battlefields in 2017.


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  • Happy 7th Birthday BATTLE BEARS

    Seven years ago, we pressed SUBMIT on iTunes Connect and made our first game live on the App Store. It was just called BATTLE BEARS (I made sure it was all CAPS) and we priced it at $0.99. We grew out of my Dad's basement and my step-mom wasn't too crazy about us recording voice tracks in her living room upstairs, so we rented another house and was busy moving all of our stuff that the launch of BATTLE BEARS wasn't our top priority. It wasn't until September 1, 2009 when the first App Store reviews started coming in and they were all glowing 5-star reviews. I remember getting a giant bear hug from MKingery that day. We didn't even know how many downloads we got, we were just happy that SOMEBODY out there liked this little arcade shooter game we made.


    Looking back, we're so thankful for those first players that gave our game a try and propelled it to #2 on the App Store only a few days after it debuted. I still think that if it wasn't for the start of football season and the Madden NFL app getting featured, that BATTLE BEARS would've reached #1 on the charts. Regardless, I'm thankful for the SkyVu team that made that game possible: Michael Kingery, Chris Frechette, John Sliffe, Cory Cerone, Leah Smith, Tony Ferguson, Brian Bell, cousin An Vu and Markus Hofer (BLACKISH) over in Denmark. And I would not have been able to hire that team without the support of eight Nebraska Angels who I call 'The Great Eight' led by Karen & James Linder. All incredible people that made the first game a reality.


    Sometimes I wonder if we just stuck with a stationary arcade shooter and just kept adding more campaigns. But then we would never have made BATTLE BEARS -1 and without the success of BB-1, we wouldn't have been able to make BATTLE BEARS ROYALE (BBR) which evolved into BATTLE BEARS GOLD (BBG). Maybe one day we'll make an anniversary edition of BATTLE BEARS ZOMBIES, maybe we'll launch it August 31, 2019 when BATTLE BEARS is 10 years old. Imagine that :smile:

    I'm sure many of you are wondering what we're working on and where we've been. We're working on something but I can't reveal anything at the moment. I can say that the mobile games industry continues to get more crowded and that makes it tough for smaller teams like ours to compete with games with much larger marketing budgets and teams. So we're evaluating the road ahead carefully and reading all of your awesome suggestions.

    Thanks for your support BB forum members.


  • Re: When is the update ??

    See my latest post. 2/11/16 is the HARD LAUNCH date we set with Apple :)
  • BBUv2 Beta for Android - Leave Beta Feedback Here!

    Battle Bears Ultimate is officially back! BBU v2 is now in open beta exclusively for Android players. Get it free on Google Play now. Get the next-gen Battle Bears Online Multiplayer Shooter and get exclusive access to all the new characters & weapons for a limited time. Provide your feedback in this thread and help us tailor the game for you as we approach the Android & iOS hard launch later this year. Invite all your Android friends to play BBUv2 so we can fully stress test the servers.

    Get Free Premium Currency for playing every day during beta!
    New MOBA-like tactical gameplay!
    New Menus. Easier to get into matches & gear up.
    New Servers for improved performance.


    Previously registered BBU players will need to register again because we’ve completely revamped the backend servers.

    Beta players will get the following when BBUv2 hard launches:
    - Exclusive rewards for beta testing.
    - Reserve your own personalized username.
    - Keep your purchased currencies from the beta period.
    - More special perks to beta players to be announced.

    Beta v2.0 release notes:
    - Shading on certain characters & maps might appear dark, we are fixing this. In the meantime, be sure to turn your display brightness up high.
    - In-App Purchases are currently disabled, each player will start with a generous amount of currency to spend at their leisure.
    - Chat, Clans, and lots of other features are currently disabled so we can focus on perfecting the core gameplay for now.


    Q: Can I use my previous BBUv1 account in BBUv2 beta?
    A: For BBUv2, everyone needs to re-create their account because we've completely revamped the servers. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Q: I purchased currency in BBUv1, can I get some credits when BBUv2 hard launches?
    A: Yes, please email your BBU IAP purchase receipts from Apple and Google Play along with your registered email and we'll make sure to compensate you appropriately when BBUv2 hard launches.

    Q: Will I get to keep all the items I earn during the beta period?
    A: Unfortunately, to keep things fair at hard launch, we'll need to wipe everyone's account of items BUT you will keep any currency (IAP) that you've purchased during the beta period. When the hard launch happens, beta players will get exclusive content!

    Q: Does this BBUv2 release mean you will abandon BBG?
    A: BBG will continue to be updated with great stuff. We see BBU & BBG as providing different quality experiences into the Battle Bears universe. BBU provides a more core experience while BBG is a bit more casual. Both being extremely fun & engaging. We certainly want you to enjoy both games and let us know how we can make them better.

    Q: When will BBUv2 beta be available on iOS?
    A: We will bring the beta to iOS soon but during this initial beta phase, we need to push multiple updates and Apple's review process will slow us down.

    Q: Is this an open or closed beta?
    A: This is an OPEN beta :smile: The more the merrier! Please invite all your friends with Android devices to play for free. Here's a tweetable message: Join me in playing Battle Bears Ultimate v2 on Android
  • 2013 Wrap Up & 2014 Preview

    Hi Battle Bears Nation,
    As 2013 comes to a close, I'd like to thank every member of this forum for making it an awesome year of news, updates, art, jokes, questions, fiction and tons of awesome ideas. You guys and gals inspire the SkyVu team in so many ways. When we refer to the forumers, we refer to them as the die hards, the most loyal fans we have. We are eternally grateful and look forward to growing this community in 2014.

    I'd also like to thank the SkyVu community team that has worked tirelessly on keeping things updated and on track. They manage this entire website, not just the forums, in addition to tons of customer support tasks on a weekly basis.

    2013 was a golden year for Battle Bears. BB surpassed 30 MILLION downloads, won numerous Best App Ever Awards, was featured by Google Play, made it on CNN, and was named one of the Top 50 Games Series on mobile by SlideToPlay. We even launched a BB game on two new platforms, Windows Store and Amazon's Appstore. All of this couldn't not have happened without the support of loyal fans like you! Battle Bears Gold (BBG) was our big launch for the year and you guys made it spectacular. By reaching the top of the charts, we were able to introduce Battle Bears to a ton of new players.

    For 2014, our game dev team remains focused on delivering high quality BB GOLD updates chock full of new stuff and more optimizations. We're also hard at work on Battle Bears Ultimate (BBU) which will be our first multiplayer BB FPS (first person shooter) game. Yup! You heard it from me first! I've played early builds and BBU is going to be absolutely awesome. Playing as a Battle Bear in first person mode really gets you immersed in the game and my performance increased substantially due to improved controls. BBU's graphics are taking things to a whole new level for the series and we can't wait to share it with you. Below is a sneak peek at one of the awesome maps in BBU. 2014 is going to be a great year for Battle Bears!!!

    Keep up the good fight and don't get hugged!
    Ben Vu

  • Ask Ben Anything (ABA)

    Hi BB Nation,
    It's been a long time since I got a chance to hangout in the Forums. I've been busy leading the charge for SkyVu but I've kept an eye on the forums and I'm happy to see it grow in popularity. You guys are the best fans ever. Seriously. The SkyVu team is incredibly thankful to have such wonderful loyal fans.

    So, what would you guys like to ask me? I will try my best to answer everything.

    You can also ask me on Twitter @BenVu