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BATTLE BEARS ZOMBIES iOS 11 update with new AR mode is available now
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SkyVu_Ben SkyVu Employee

I'm sorry for not delivering the important BB news update last year. After years filled with ups and downs across many BB games, I'm talking with many of you as I carefully refine my plans. Thank you for your patience and continued support. I'm playing BBG and BBO more often, so I hope to see all of you on the battlefields in 2017.


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  • Re: Happy 8th Birthday BATTLE BEARS - Important iOS 11 news

    BBG Assault Pinata from BB fan Ricardo!
  • Re: We will never give up on BB but times are tough

  • We will never give up on BB but times are tough

    To all Battle Bears players,

    Here is a long overdue update on the Battle Bears franchise. I will keep it brief and I apologize, once again, for taking so long to update everyone. You all deserve better updates, support and open communication.

    We’re fighting for Battle Bears.

    Over the last year, the revenue from our game updates have dropped low enough to require us to take on client work to keep our core team going. We built a VR platform for a market did not grow as projected. The plan was for the VR platform to generate revenue for big BB updates while laying the foundation for an epic BB VR experience. Simply put, we were too soon the market and I take full responsibility for that. We’re currently doing client work while we refine the master plan for Battle Bears. Yes, THAT master plan that I’ve been working on since forever. All I can say is after making too many mistakes, you start to evaluate your decisions carefully. Perhaps too careful but you all deserve a solid plan that is fully executed. We’ve compiled all of your feedback and want to deliver on what you want the most. It’s an ambitious plan and I’m not sure how exactly we can achieve every part of it. I’m exploring several partnerships to ensure its success. We will need your support to make it happen. So although we’ve used up all your patience at this point, we hope that some of you will still be there for BB when it’s go time.

    Q: “So what are the details of the plan Ben?”

    I can’t reveal any details yet because I don’t want to make any promises that we fail to keep. We’ve let too many of you down on promised features and I’m stopping that bad practice now. I can say that I am reaching out to several players to help review and refine the plan. Earlier this year, I travelled to Rism’s hometown to get his insights (see photo below). I’m slowly assembling the BB council that will help us shape the future of the franchise. Many of you are already a part of the council based on your feedback posted in the forums and Discord. I wish I could meet all of you one day and hand deliver a BB shirt and Huggable plush.

    I have to get back to work now but please remember that we have not forgotten about you. As corny as it sounds, everything we do, we do it for you, the fans that got BB this far.

    Thank you for your support and patience.


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    Looping in @Zsuni16
  • Re: Happy new year.

    Happy New Year!