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BATTLE BEARS ZOMBIES iOS 11 update with new AR mode is available now
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SkyVu_Ben SkyVu Employee

I'm sorry for not delivering the important BB news update last year. After years filled with ups and downs across many BB games, I'm talking with many of you as I carefully refine my plans. Thank you for your patience and continued support. I'm playing BBG and BBO more often, so I hope to see all of you on the battlefields in 2017.


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  • Re: Battle Bears Gold Revamped - Make Your Suggestions!

    wow. amazing ideas here. keep the great suggestions coming. on upgrading the graphics, we gotta proceed very cautiously on this as we don't want to mess with the style that made BBG a hit. high end mobile devices permit us go nuts on graphics but we have to remember that many of us are still on iPhone 5s and Galaxy S6 level devices. many old iPad and iPod touch users too.
  • Re: What should we NOT include in the BBG Revamp?

    Agreed on removing Steamyard Blues out of BBG/R. Good riddance!
  • We're winding down BBO to revamp BBG with BBO maps/weapons

    To my closest BB Overclock friends, I'm writing to tell you what you've all probably suspected by now, that we're going to wind down BB Overclock at some point before the end of the year. In an effort to revive the BB franchise, I've partnered with a publisher who believes in the brand and our small team. The publisher and I took a hard look at BBG and BBO decided a revamp of BBG that will include maps and weapons from BBO would be the best result for the players long term. I want to make sure you all get to keep the items you've earned so far in BBO, so we're going to archive BBO's user data and will be able to look it up and add it for you in the new BBG (if you are willing to give me another chance when it arrives).

    I'm sorry I dragged on this decision for such a long time. I was basically split on which game to put our limited resources on while we took on client work to keep the team together. It wasn't until we partnered with a publisher recently that we now have the resources necessary to revamp BB. The new BBG will deliver on many of the things we've wanted/didn't complete for BBO: clans, chat, anti-hacking tools, new weapons, new maps, and new modes. A lot of your suggestions and feedback for BBO will be used as for the BBG revamp. Trang and I will make sure all BBO players get something special in the new BBG. A lot will be announced soon but I wanted to address all of you here first.

    No date has been set yet for BBO's wind down. Probably just before Xmas. Be sure to remember your email or method that you logged into BBO with.

    Thank you for your understanding.

  • Re: BBG Remastered

    thanks @terminater for your support. Rism is correct in his comments. Just make sure you all remember you BBG emails used or grab a screenshot with your user ID number below your nickname.
  • Re: We're winding down BBO to revamp BBG with BBO maps/weapons

    Thanks everyone for your words of support and understanding. Great to see everyone coming together for the future of BB.

    @AbsoluteZero your contributions aren't wasted at all. A LOT of our data, knowledge and assets from BBO will or are already on their way towards BBG/R. We've archived all of your feedback here. Look forward to seeing you in BBG.