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  • Re: Battle Bears Gold Revamped - Make Your Suggestions!

    ooookay,i'm testing weapons...i've found the following Errors/Nonsense, Fear Orbits is too weak,it's hard to enter in contact with add a little area affected, Fear orbits doesn't recharge correctly?they paralise themselves during reload, energy bombs are bugged in other players visual,,they don't see energy bombs green... but brown and confused, Senor potato's range is too short and strange, it's so hard to use... Gernobyl is absolutely dangerous,for yourself too!! Mamba boy doesn't shoot as annunced in the weapon description, just bring back the old mamba boy, combat tech damage-maxed Plasma rifle do a very similiar damage of lightning bolt damage-maxed,with the "little" diffefence of ammo, fire rate and saberi's second weapon...assault don't have lot of weapon... and secondary except for energy barrier are just usueless! pain field of botch is too usueless too... just do it bigger! same thing for smoke screen and fairy dust :smiley: Poptart shuriken's are bugged... sometimes they stick in certain areas and spin,spin,spin!! when you touch it you simply die, sometimes chubby scout use 2 arms to bring pop tart shurikens, for some strange reason with 1 ammp you throw 2 shurikens,and sometimes these doesn't do AoE Damage! Batterito and Killdoba aren't used by players... too weak and short range...just make it bigger!!In some arenas,there are secret points where explosive weapons does 3×/5× Of original damage! for example the center columns of space oddity and the platforms where you spawn. Botch Superhero skin, Green Justice, in team battles doesn't appear... it apper in other parts of the "Killing screen", for now that's all :blush:

    -fear orbits doesn't give much reward for the risk it takes to try and get in on someone to use it yeah it's weak, the hit detection is fine it's just a lag thing.
    -senor potato is a short ranged weapon just equip ammo and then hit your shots lol
    -aoe weapons can kill you too just don't try and use gernobyl as a self defense weapon and use it as area denial as intended then there's no way to kill yourself
    -mambas boy description and it not being as good as it was pre overhaul is a shame so hopefully we can get it back or re balanced version of that
    -saberi is broken as a whole.
    -b-1000 has pretty bad secondaries but metal crush is good too and if you're good enough at the game you can use satellite to some degree
    -pain field just has wayyy too long of a reload but it can be used really well on smaller maps if used effectively
    -poptart shurikens just sticks on the middle of maps idk why, it has a small aoe so you're actually missing not being bugged out of your hits, it's meant to come out 2 at a time per 1 ammo.
    -i use kildoba, great for mobility, their damage isn't good without equips though so they do need a buff there but they're actually not bad if you learn how to use em
    -bouncing betty can bounce multiple times on surfaces which is an issue but realistically if there is a tilman on the enemy team most of the places it multi bounces you shouldn't be anyway.
  • Re: What should we NOT include in the BBG Revamp?

    Earmuffs wrote: »
    Botch seems to have 2 "themes":
    Poison and overall glass cannon styled

    Arbiter started off with primaries that slowed enemies down and secondaries that placed different fields, but he seems to have lost that.

    Both of them have a lot of area denial capabilities as well.
    Will used to have a turning tides thing where his weapons were stronger if his team was losing, but that kind of just faded away.

    sanchez's whole thing was debuffing with primaries and buffing with secondaries and that was his support, felt like your description made it sound as if he was treading on graham's turf.

    wil turned into a regular power class that's all.
  • Re: Who has a Lineage 2 Revolution in here or played Lineage 2 Revolution before.

    Put it in off-topic
    Also no.
  • Re: Proof that God is real

  • Re: We should just duke it out and play BBG for the anniversary. (YouTube commentary and what not maybe)

    im not gonna play because the tryhards that spent 100 bucks on a dying game will kill everyone instantly

    i was gonna use double rainbow thanks