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BATTLE BEARS ZOMBIES iOS 11 update with new AR mode is available now
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  • Re: Battle Bears Overclock Memories

    “Most OP team”
    Didn’t have me on it so it clearly wasn’t (;
  • Re: Who should I voice?: Overwatch Edition!

  • Re: Battle Bears Gold Revamped - Make Your Suggestions!

    On another note, I would like Olivers old melee animations back. The new ones are awkward and there wasn't really a reason to replace the old animations in the first place (as far as I know).

    the current ones are like a sneeze then a swing instead of the old smooth animations we had before. it was also really fun to just swing kumakiri when you saw no one to shoot and are hanging around not doing too much.
  • Re: What should we NOT include in the BBG Revamp?

    Alright so what i don’t want:
    -fidget boomer, god please remove this weapon.
    -weapons that don’t fit a class and would fit another one are given to that other one e.g. Blowdarts on graham
    -desert airmine’s impossible spring where you can’t go over that middle section without suiciding (i actually enjoy the difficulty of trying avoid falling off the map)
    -auto aim
    -bbo’s models or graphics in any way (except weapons and skins if you use them but those skins would be on the bbg models)
    -armour (bbo’s armour not the equipment)
    -level locks make new players feel as if they have been locked away from weapons. Get em outta here

    I don’t want saberi removed but she has no class role which is why she is the worst class since every other class actually has a job, not her. Sniper can kill from range, graham can support via area denial and saberi can shoot 2 guns at once? Nice concept but it’s been based on nothing.

    The chaos on skyview is what makes it shine i think it should be left alone besides having a chicken on each side and maybe bearscream sandwhich on both sides too.
    armando wrote: »
    Dont add any kind of aim assits
    Dont add randomized chest system
    Dont add any meaningless characters *saberi*
    Make maps have powerups and health evenly spread out. Etc sky view only had 1 chicken health, mines only have 1 chicken but one team has the advantage over it
    Dont add broken weapons from bbo without fixing the current broken ones in bbg, ice fireworks, dmg w/ default asr, bouncing betty, dmg lightning bolt
    Possibly remove the ability to not stack equipment? Ex. Damage1 + Damage2 art of war , explosive1 + explosive2 bouncing betty

    Damage asalt was balanced a year ago it’s no longer OP. Removing stacking equipment altogether wouldn’t work since people would just start using damage armour or damage ammo etc and people like speed +3 and it’s used on a ton of sets.
    don't include the models from BBOV, either modify the existing BBG models, reuse the models from BBU or create new models from scratch. don't port the chat system from BBOV's menu, the chat has caused more harm than good, i suggest replace that with a voice chat feature before a match starts and after a match (similar to Super Smash Bros. Wii U voice chat option) however, this will be turned off by DEFAULT, i have more options to replace the menu chat system from BBOV that are in the suggestions thread. One thing i wouldn't like to come back from BBG would be the specials, yeah i know this could be an unpopular opinion but half of them are not useful at all and since we already have equipments and the 2 pro mode items they just seem unnecessary.

    Chat system was fine and it definitely created more good then harm, with how little content there was in BBO and a ton of other bad stuff there was no way it should have lasted as long as it did but chat helped it survive and that kind of thing could be great for BBG. No one would go in voice chat. Specials allow for a lot of different sets and removing them would make bbg much more bland and uninteresting since there isn’t enough choice.

  • Re: [S8] Storm Eight v4 for BBG (Closed)

    S8 for BBG is closed for now.

    i'm surprised you remembered this thread even existed