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Pirate Fabled

What I can say... this and Giovanni's theme are freaking awesome!


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  • Re: Battle bears roleplay (formerly jokes)

    And how do you want to name it? Battle Bears Role Play? What would change except the title if you do it? I'd hate to lose anything of this massive story.
  • Battle Bears Comic App

    Yes, ladies and gentleman. I have made yet another thread. This time is about the Comic App that used to be around a long time ago. Sadly it stopped working with the recent iOS updates, but since I'm a paranoid freak about these things I have managed to get it all screnshotted before the update. I think it was a good idea to post it around this time of the year since it also involves a Christmas-themed comic. Here we go!

    Let's start with the basics, the covers!

    The app's title drop, this one lasts a bit more than the BB Backpack's one, so I managed to get a good screnshoot without any ghosting.

    Here's the actual cover, with the famous artwork that we always end up seeing once in a while.

    The back cover, with all the yadda-yadda.

    The page that explains how to read the comic.

    That's it for now. In the next posts we'll take care of everything inside the app!
  • Re: Favorite sport

    Boxing and swimming!
  • Re: Let's talk about all of this.

    Maybe if they would just talk to us again... maybe we'll think they still might actually care about us and what made them this far. I won't stop liking this saga even if it will fade away... Heck, I managed to find an excuse to finally get a new phone thanks to this!

    I will never get tired of saying this, they didn't became famous because of a stupid forniture-placing app or a VR shopping center. They got that freaking trophy they show so proudly in the office's reunion room thanks to Battle Bears! And I highly doubt children nowdays think the best game ever to play is to randomly move a virtual couch projected in the living room through a visor...
  • Re: Battle Bears ZERO sound issue?

    It's a problem of compatibility with new iOS's and older apps, I fear...