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Hello, Many of you might have heard BBO is being shut down sometime before the end of this year. In response, this will be my last livestream of BBO before it is permanently shut down. Unfortunately S8 for BBO will be defunct and currently S8 for BBG is closed. Hopefully as BBG gets more updates, S8 v4 for BBG can be opened.


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  • SkyVuBen talking BBR2

    Ben and I decided to livestream a bit of BBO and BBG today. Here is a written synopsis of his commentary during the livestream.

    With the BBG/R (Battle Bears Gold Revamp/Remaster)
    1. Keep it as true to BBG as possible
    2. Not a HUGE overhaul of everything

    There is no definite date on when BBO will be winding down, but it will be at some point.

    The publishing partner will deal with marketing efforts of BBG/R.
    This helps the SkyVu team focus solely on generating content for the fan base.

    Ben personally prefers using Kickstarter as a source of funds for Battle Bears, but it takes up a lot of time and “it’s like running a business on top of a business”.

    Ben is reaching out to BBG fans for feedback for the revamp on the forums and FaceBook. He will be set up closed FaceBook group “Battle Bears Revival Group” for dedicated players to give feedback. These players will guide the direction of BBG/R.

    BBG/R will have an improved backend code base. This will allow for... (Ben was interrupted before he can finish the sentence, I assume he meant it would be easier to add updates quickly.)

    The Saberi class will be withdrawn from BBG/R. This is due to a rushed design and rushed implementation. There is a possibility of a return to Saberi way down the road when issues with her class have been fixed. Ben and his team tried to do to much and overreached. As a consequence, BBG crashes and is not very smooth.

    The SteamYard blues map will be removed from BBG/R. The SkyVu team are at work on another game in addition to BBG/R. (Whoa!)

    BBG will receive at least one minor update before Christmas to get at least a winter themed No Bear's Land map.

    Ben is not sure if BBG/R will come as a big update to the current BBG app or as a separate app.

    Anyone who downloaded BBR will be a part of the "beta profile".

    Ben might consider adding more campaigns to the original trilogy apps (eg. BB Zero), but this is further in the future.


    Update: Another Ben livestream on Dec 2, 2017.
  • Re: Livestream on Oct 13

    Sumerdude wrote: »
    This never happened... or maybe it was time change.

    It did happen; It was just cut short to <15 minutes because I needed a charger for my laptop that was streaming. Also I had trouble mirroring the game audio. I've been contemplating of redoing the livestream, but eh no one showed up for the first one.
  • Re: AI's Tournament Prep! (GREAT PRIZES, gems, gold, armor tokens, & RARE AUGMENTS)

    The August BBO tournament I did was criticized for not banning OP weapons or weapons that can be easily used to glitch the match. I did allow heal grenade for astoria, but people were using it to glitch heal their health. It was a big problem that caused several match restarts.

    It's best to organize these tournaments by enforcing everyone to have a kik and making kik group chats. Better yet, to have people make a discord and make a server dedicated to this tourney, but it probably won't happen since many don't like signing up for kik and other services with a email and password.

    Maybe double elimination instead of single?

  • Livestream on Oct 13

    Hey OKY here,

    I'll be live-streaming BBO on Oct 13 at around 4:15 PM PST. My YouTube channel is in my signature if you're wondering. Hopefully I won't accidentally kill you :P

    Edit: It'll go live on the S8 YouTube account instead.
  • Re: Rate each character from 1-10

    messes up