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  • Re: The First Church of Maelstromology

    Ahem, may xXMrPurpleNuggetXx stand for all the men and women of the pal community and war against this wretched forums! He has died 4 us, now we die 4 him ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Re: Back in my day...

    BBR for me was always memorable, because of the great people I met, everywhere you went people were nice to each other and that's why that game soared on the leaderboards because of the community, now what is the community, a bunch of 9 year olds that know how to type a sentence on a computer? The way I see it, it's the people that make the game, not the game that makes the community, so pinch me if I'm wrong but I think BBR was an amazing experience weapon wise and skill wise and popularity wise, sure there were OP classes but they were balanced out like some of the only had like 1 or 2 or 3 shots when u stacked dmg or exp equipment on them, and most of the new classes that were made were amazingly balanced, stacking damage wasn't as popular then because people with speed and sw boots could out maneuver you the gameplay was amazing and balanced you had to rely on your aim and your environment and your raw gunskill to win instead of who has the better gun or who can jump and shoot or who was stacking equipment or who bought a certain weapon for a premium class *cough* nova *cough* *cough* Carpet bomb *cough* so yea my rant was to tell u guys why BBR was my fav battle bears game
  • Re: *** HypR Clan Offcial Thread ***

    It's dead anon :(
  • Re: Forum clans

    @eXTCy *cough* The-T was created by fluttershyisbestpony *cough*
  • Re: Gold Skins

    IMO means In My Opinion lmao @SNet