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  • Re: Battle Bears Gold Revamped - Make Your Suggestions!

    This just popped in my head.

    I think there should be a mission mode. Mission mode like the one in BBO where you do things to get rewards like currencies.

    But to spice things up. There should be a difficulty tiers to a mission where the higher the difficulty, the more rewards you get (like gas or even weapons). The difficulties range from get 3 kills in a single life to a triple kill with Tillman. I think it'll be fun, rewarding, and encouraging to play other classes.
  • Battle Bears Gold is too hard for new players and broken for veterans.

    I have been playing Battle Bears Royal and Battle Bears Gold for quite some time and if I were to rate my self from Gold (being the best) and Poop (being S***). I'll probably be the golden chocolate bar with a little mint. From all the numerous hours I played this game... I'm starting to realize game is too hard for new players and too easy for veterans as kills are everywhere for them to harvest easily. Why is that? Well I think it goes like this.

    1. Equipment and Pro huds:
    Why would I say such a thing. Well that is because these essentials are behind a paywall and it makes it hard for a Newbie to learn and get good at the game as the veterans will have the equipment and huds to outplay them at almost every situation.

    How to resolve:
    I personally think that the Jump hud should be available to everyone who starts the game as I find that mobility brings good atmosphere to a game and completely remove the radar because it completely removes the play style of stealth and escape tactics. Equipment is something that I have a strong dislike for too as it can make a weapon broken or make a weapon viable only if you use a specific set. It's complicated for newbies and balancing weapons are much easier without such things. But because of them being completely removed. A large balance update to many weapons and classes must come to place and I think it's a lot of WORK! But in the long run, Newbies may get the chance to pwee those veterans and admire themselves for such things. It's a simple game that gets players to play. (Less means more)

    Why do I feel this is important:
    I have noticed from playing this game. I have been killing these newbies over unfair advantages because of equipment and pro huds. I think it'll make the game more spicy and fun for newbies and veterans alike because everyone is now on the same playing field.

    2. All classes should not be behind a pay wall: Classes provide skills and personalities that may suit a player. But if they are behind a paywall a player may not find the class they like most and may get bored or frustrated at the game thus not diving into the community.

    How to resolve:
    Make all classes free (or one joule). Why? Well that's because Classes provide a skill and personality that may suit a player and locking them behind a paywall may make first impressions of the early games bad as there isn't much variety to go through. But if they are free? Where does the revenue come? Cosmetics like taunts and skins should be a bit more expensive and weapons should be a tad bit cheaper as that stuff gives off play styles and everyone should be able to somewhat be able to access such things.

    Why is it important:
    People would judge a mobile game by its first few hours in it. If it's too difficult or boring, the player would not continue playing because they don't feel good playing a game that does not bring entertainment. So giving access to all classes with the addition of removing radar and equipment shall add entertainment to a game.

    3.Power Ups:
    I have seen a bit of the competitive scene and it always go like this (well for me at least) "First one to collect them power ups is the winner". I don't like that too much. It's just about the caffeine injection. Also I have a major despise over Imperial Baskets and Shields.

    How to resolve:
    I don't want to remove the power ups as they can turn tides of a pub game but I wish it would take more hard work and skill to do so. The Bear Scream Sandwich should only add an extra 1.5X instead of 2X (or was it 3X?), the shields should not grant full invincibility but rather a 50% or 25% defense and the Imperial Basket overheal mechanic should have a 5% decay of overheal health lost per second as those high health characters can get ridiculously broken and Op with them.
    I also think custom servers should grant the host the choice to remove specific power ups as I think a competitive scene may like those.

    In addition, I think this should also be added in the tutorial. It should tell the player what each power up does so that the player knows what they are up against when they encounter one.

    Why is it important:
    Power ups I feel have been ruining the competitive scene for awhile and they can also ruin pubs when a Pro is in the same server with a newbie. Nerfing them and/or removing them can add a more balance playing field for all player.

    What you are about to read here has nothing to do with Newbies or Veterans but I think adding these kinds of things adds more flavor to BBG.

    4.Game modes:
    PTB, FFA, and KOTWM game modes have small life as Team Deathmatch is very popular.

    How to resolve:
    Joining a Public server should randomly choose a game mode for a player to add some spiciness to the game. But if one wanted to choose a specific game mode, they would have to look or make a Pub. But maybe it could cause a problem if players really REALLY likes Deathmatch so much they will abandon the Public Servers

    Why is it important:
    Players should be exposed to many modes to add variety and fun to the player.

    5.Ranking and level overhaul.
    Ranks are pointless as it's easy to rank all the way to diamond and leveling up may grant you items but after that, leveling up is pointless.

    How to resolve:
    This is a big one but I have a lot of doubt due to the conditions of the Battle Bears franchise so I think this is last priority but if it were to be implemented. It would be pretty awesome. Leveling up should feel progressive and it should feel rewarding when you do leval up. so I think it should go like this. Levels 1-30 take more XP as you rise up and by the time the player reaches 31. The Xp requirment to level up should be same all the time. But what would the player receive when they get a level higher? I think the Player should receive 3 gas because everyone loves gas.

    For the points you earn to get rank should go bye bye and just become "Matchpoints" and you just earn them to show off your playing time.

    But because of that, where would a player get his fancy medal? I think that should be determine by some sorta rank mode that only allows the game modes PTB and KOTWM as those game modes can add some spiciness to the game because it involves teamwork (though you might not think that because most of you people probably played with Noobs in that game mode) and Team Deathmatch and FFA is just bland killing and such (though I have an urge you would disagree with that as many of you guys play these modes). And the rank system should go run by the old Rank system that had Green, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond or to simplify 0-8000 but with a little modifications. Like usual, everyone is a green player and must build there way up. You'll earn 100 points if you win and 150 if you really good and losing will drop 100 points but if you did fine you'll only lose 50 and if you do really really good but still lose. How would the game judge? Well I don't know. I feel like that's a lot of code. But it'll be cool if something like this was added.

    Why is it important:
    Ranks and progression I feel is important as it gives players reasons to play a lot because a player wants to earn the items abd respects they deserve. But the only way to achieve those items is to play (or do In app purchases).

    Welp. I'm out of fuel. Hope reading this was worth your time because going outside may have been more productive.
  • Re: If you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for?

    1.Battle Bears becomes great again.
    2.I get some kinda job in the future that i'll enjoy that involves drawing things, writing stories, and speaking. (Basically something creative)
    3. A really good suit with a nice hat and shades. Why? I don't know.
  • Re: Should we have more profile pictures and more character skins?

    Skin are hard to make so that is a bummer... but what about profile pics made by fans? There can even be some contest about who can get there art as a profile pic. They can look great and has little effort I believe to implement them in the game.

  • Re: What previous BBG elements should return in Battle Bears Ultimate if it happens?

    I always questioned to why they killed off BBU. The only big problem I could think of was of the unideal and bugged chess system and weapon upgrades. Why work so hard to change the game to what it is today? It was unnecessary as I found BBU with perfect potential if they got rid of major bugs.