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Mafia Bears [MB] (The boss), Imperial Exterminators [IX] (Master member.)
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  • Battle Bears Monthly Art Contest Information. (Contest has begun)


    Yellow people of the Forums. As of now, people are finding this place dead due to the fact that SkyVu isn't saying much for the last few months. That stinks... but back then the community had quite a lot of activity and those holiday art contest sure did help. So I took upon myself to host BattleBears art contest monthly. So what you're about to read below is how the contest works. I will like you to please comment on what should I change and ask questions. I'm planning to start the first contest around September 1-10.(contest has begun)

    In order to find winners to the contest. I'll like 5-10 people to be judging the contest. If you are a judge, you can still participate and maybe win but you can't score yourself, instead NYCO will. If NYCO likes your drawings a lot, he'll send you something special. To become a judge, ask before the contest starts. But I'll personally pick the people who asked so there is a chance you will not be a judge. I'll switch Judges every 2 months.

    This is how judging works
    You score depending on the topic for each participants drawings

    Quality of work 1-50

    How the drawing works with the theme 1-30

    The idea of the drawing 1-20

    Total score 100

    After all the judges score each drawing the judges will add up all the points and the winner will be the one with the most points!

    How long each contest last?
    It depends on the theme, but they'll be around 2-3 weak long.

    Each month will have a different theme. Judges can help each other on what should it be. Themes determines on what kinds of stuff you should be drawing like the BattleBears doing a crossover, The BattleBears being a house furniture, or something physical. Who knows!

    I got a word from Trang. We got BBO gem currency. But we decide the amount of gems depending on how many people join.

    Everyone's a winner!
    Even if you didn't win, we'll at least show the forums your genius drawing's. But if NYCO happens to like your drawing a lot! He'll send you something special.

    So please give me your opinion on the contest. The forum may need your support.

    Who may be judging.
    Tune in later to see who judges next.
  • SkyVu is inactive at the moment. So let's do something to keep things going.

    As of now. Sky vu has been inactive for quite some time. No updates, no teasers, nothing to keep BattleBears alive. So yes SkyVu may be considered dead or in a coma. A few years ago they had a billboard somewhere, active facebook,and tons of other fun sh*t we love and now it's gone when we got negative on BBO and such. But why SkyVu ain't telling us them updates? Is it because the overwhelming dislike on BBO because of how BBU is better? Is it because they are afraid that the new update is not gonna please people. Is it because they lack cash to do development? Who knows... but we are all by ourselves. But let's think what happen a few years ago by fans like us.... We had tournaments. We had tons of fan art. We had art contest(I like those), and daily disscusions on battle bears in general. So yeah sure SkyVu can't keep themselves alive... but us fans can. You see as people quit playing BattleBears, less support is received to SkyVu which makes SkyVu die. But if we show our pile of art. Talk about Battlebears with friends, and host tourneys with other gamers. We are showing that what they do is working and that's good! So what the community is missing are events. We had Christmas/ haloween art contest and we had tourneys... now that gives me an idea. We should do monthly art contest! Someone or Skyvu themselves host some art contest so people can come together and draw some &h!t! Or to make it more intesting.... prizes! Prizes are the bait for people trying a little bit and make something nice! So SkyVu is highly inactive, but fan activities should keep the place alive while SkyVu is really busy or need us to show that we like what they are doing!
  • Hitler gets mad for BBO update not being on android!

    Once again! Adolf Hitler gets real angry at things not going his way!

    There are a few errors. But nothing too big.
  • Oliver the Third

    I got really bored, then "he" poped in my head!
    Based on 2015 Lupin III


    Sounds obvious enough because it's on the title... but somehow this would really be a good Oliver skin for bbg and bbu. If I were to color him red, it'll sorta look like this.


    Pretend that Fujiko (Obviously not my waifu) is Astoria.
    If he were to have a backpack. I would have drawn his bag that has the Euro symbol for blue team (because he's in Italy) and Yen for red team (because he's in japan)
  • Sky Vu.... Thank you!

    Let's all recap of whats happened since 2009-2015. Sky Vu entertainment is a great group of people trying to put the best out of there so called game "Battle Bears" and those other smaller ones. Us fans who love spewing fire at people, blowing huggables heads off, killing those rage quiters who have no life, chugging food to comit suicide, shooting salt at people, kill a group of singing huggables, throwing wrenches, farting rainbows, playing as a goat, playing a pvz like game that sky vu never updated on, and so much more great stuff sky vu has given us! Despite those bugs here and there and BBTV that never gets to shine as the first mobile game to have a feature whole 30 min (including ads) episode on TV (Sky Vu... its not too late, you can still be first I bet)! Sky Vu has done there hardest! We never got deep into what you great employees of Sky Vu do everyday or in the past to make the best out your great games. I like to know... maybe we forumers or some random guy reading this like to know what you guys do. Since your fist game, battle bears: zombies/original/1 since 2009. You guys expanded so fast and great! You gave us a prequal, You gave us a sequal to the prequal that first got released in Australia and never in usa after awhile, You gave us a tower defence game that nobody ever asked but people liked it, you gave us a online shooter making big fun (because we chould, shoot salt, rage quite, it was simple, shoot bombs of lag, kill with my Finny, and so much more!), and made another online shooter that worked quite differently. You guys have done so much to us fans and the community.Good luck and pull out the best... because we like what you guys are doing!