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Ipad3,Samsung Galaxy avant,iPod 5, Computer (because he lots of work at home), Wii U (gotta go play ssb4), A Pro controller because hes pretty Pro, 4 wii remotes (for parties), A printer, A 3D television, Not much Anime merchandise, Legos (lots of them), A virtual Walther P38 in his phone, A gamecube, A Nyko charger for the wii remotes, abundent amout of paper, a Boogie Board, Wowwee, A Dyson vacum, Vzio for his wii u, and a house with living people inside.
Mafia Bears [MB] (The boss), Imperial Exterminators [IX] (Master member.)
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  • NYCO ART #5 The immersive adventures of Jimmy (Taking suggestions on what Jimmy should do)

    This is Jimmy...

    I don't know what to do with Jimmy so I want you to give a suggestion on what adventures our boy Jimmy should endure.

    There are no rules! (Beside common sense) Jimmy could do anything! Below is a weird **** example.
    Jimmy is on a "80s dinosaur horse unicorn lizard that breathes fire and has a ****ING gun!

    And look! He is in the mob!

    So that's it.. I'm bored and I would like suggestions.... yeah...

    Here are some unrelated bonus art!
    A knight on a horse.... pretty cool, eh?
    A biplane...pretty cool eh?
    Oh yeah Mr.Krabs!
    Some dude told me to draw a ottaku.... ya?
    I swear I'm not on drugs!
  • We should just duke it out and play BBG for the anniversary. (YouTube commentary and what not maybe)

    Today is a very special on the day I posted this discussion. This Forum you all know is a very special place. Since it is a very special day with some very special people. Something comes into my mind and we should all organize a time for 8 people to come play Battle Bears Gold and just duke it out for the anniversary and put it on YouTube for us to cherish it in the future. In addition, maybe we can add some voice chat if that is ok with the majority of you people (though we should try to make it family friendly as possible).

    But if we were to do such things. We need to make a time (but pretty darn soon cuz school is coming) and we should probably use discord for voice chat as it is pretty reliable. So who wants to be in? 8 people is the minimum but if we have more we can make rounds or something.

    Join the discord server for arrangements, plans, and voice chats.
  • Re: If you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for?

    1.Battle Bears becomes great again.
    2.I get some kinda job in the future that i'll enjoy that involves drawing things, writing stories, and speaking. (Basically something creative)
    3. A really good suit with a nice hat and shades. Why? I don't know.
  • Re: BBØ

    Hey there SpaceTube!
    WilPower 987 here with all new V-log!
    Ok, you'll not believe what just happened to me today.
    So I was hanging out with a bunch of friends with Oliver (my best friend).
    Was all like "are we under attack"?
    And I was all cool like "we're totally not"
    But then we were!
    These stoopid huggable things got to our ship and messed up everything!
    All hugging my friends to death, breaking our stuff.
    I (bravely) ran to the closet with Oliver.
    Then he just leaves, all the others too, they just leave!
    Now they're on some kinda lame mission down to this stupid planet that's all round and dumb...
    They probably left because I was winging the mission too fast and I freak them out.
    But then, the ship computer goes all crazy on me!
    Throwing all of the leftover escape pods into space and shoving my through doors and stuff.
    But then when I was doing some smartthings to reboot the computer...
    ZOMBIES! Zombie huggables for no reasons! They're everywhere!
    They're so gross... and-and scary, yuckysuckysecond I HATE THEM!
    But me and my new friend Boomstick Mcshootington saved the ship with action!
    The dumb computer tried to blow is up, but then I did some really cool things and saved the day!
    Now the computer was reset!
    Things are safe, but I'm stuck here on the ship.
    Protecting it is my new mission.

    (All done in my mind)
  • Re: Let's talk about all of this.

    SkyVu_Ben wrote: »
    I've read this thread twice. I just posted an update that addresses some of your points. It's brief but I hope it answers some questions.

    I'd also like to say I also love the storylines and I'm working on a way to bring them back in a big way. No guarantees yet but it's definitely something that's always on my mind.

    The lord has spoken.

    I like this response.