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  • Re: Battle Bears Gold Revamped - Make Your Suggestions!

    This just popped in my head.

    I think there should be a mission mode. Mission mode like the one in BBO where you do things to get rewards like currencies.

    But to spice things up. There should be a difficulty tiers to a mission where the higher the difficulty, the more rewards you get (like gas or even weapons). The difficulties range from get 3 kills in a single life to a triple kill with Tillman. I think it'll be fun, rewarding, and encouraging to play other classes.
  • Re: Battle Bears Gold Revamped - Make Your Suggestions!

    Oh boy! Time to write something terrible.

    Oh hi, I love sharing time and this is what I'm sharing!

    Color weapons: I loved to decorate my guns from BBU. Bring them back if possible as I think people really like the Cosmetic part of Battle Bears.

    Fashionable hats and cosmetics: Sounds like Tf2 but cosmetic items bring life to your personality in game and I'm pretty sure players like doing that. That was a feature i loved from BBO (though keep the armour bonuses away)

    Chat: In game chat brings people together. The chat feature from BBO was good and I think it's needed if one were to keep Battle Bears alive.

    Clans (or some better name): Makes people come much much closer and it'll be a nice feature for those who like plying in groups. Should include customization clan banner and leader boards for some fierce currency competition. Though the name Clan is overused in many mobile games.... could use a more unique and creative name.

    More simple weapons: BBG is a wacky game but I think some people prefer the more basic and reliable weapons that are familiar.

    Old BBO maps: if any of the BBO maps are gonna return, make sure they are the BBU edition for many believe they are far superior

    "More custom" custom matches.
    The option to turn off specific power ups is a neat idea. Useful for those who want to duke it out without random BS from power ups.

    Objective game modes: Wish PTB and KOTWM was much more popular for it encourages teamwork. Needs a rework that can somehow be just as fun as DM and FFA.

    Maps like skate or die and steam yard blues
    Skate or Die is way too open and steam yard blue is too cramped... might need a makeover.

    Bear Scream Sandwich is very powerful and need some Nerf
    Shields can be real annoying as one with shields cant be stopped in some ways. Could use some changes.
    Imperial Grande can make beefy characters way too beefy. Need some tweaking... like overheal drain.

    Radar: It ruins ones experience for it is locked in a paywall and it ruins some strategy's from game for is didn't allow people to flank and create escape tactics.

    Level locks: everyone should have access to whatever they want (if they have the currency of course)

    Equipment: Equipment strengthens a character and weapon. This concerns me for it can make either of those OP as it has the power to patch up a downside. Also some weapons can only become reliable if they had a certain equipment. I believe that all weapons and characters should go under a huge balancing makeover.

    Bugs: Obvious... but a buggy game make players go away for many of he gamers hate the insects from the outside lands!

    This is Personal...

    Classic BBZ rifle: Many of Oliver's primaries are automatic, but playing with a single but accurate shot rifle is a concept I think is really fun.

    Mobster Oliver: Hi... this game doesn't have anything regarding to the good ol' America... when drinking was illegal... and a lot of bad things happened.

    Thompson Machine gun for Oliver: Hi.... something to go with the skin above.

    Hit man Astoria and Power Ranger Sanchez: They were a splash screen at one point... they need to become a reality

    More revolvers: This game lacks some 6 shooters (yes Big Irons a thing but... it's not even a hand gun)

    Done... hope I didn't waste anyones time.
  • Re: Battle Bears: Zombies AR - Discussion Thread [OUT NOW!]

    Will this ever be on android? Pls.
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  • Re: We're back! Here's a quick recap of what just happened as well as some tips for future shutdowns.

    Wib is best waifu