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If you're someone I know very well on the Switch (my username is InstGriff), PLEASE contact me on Discord, I'm desperate to talk to my dearest friends that Nintendo won't let me easily communicate with.


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  • Re: Battle Bears Forum Community Survey -:- Final Results and Discussion Thread

    Section 1: The state of Battle Bears and SkyVu Entertainment

    Text Responses
    If you were suddenly in charge of everything relating to Battle Bears Overclock including balancing and features, what would you do to it?

    Response from @AbsoluteZero
    • "I have already stated what I believe to be some of Overclock's major problems (many of them have to do with how the game is treated by SkyVu), however, to some extent there are gameplay issues as well. For the most part, most players in the community greatly preferred Ultimate's gameplay. The lesson to learn here is that Ultimate was in fact a solid game, but failed solely because of its terrible release. Communication with the community about what they liked about Ultimate, and efforts to bring those things back would be important. Clan support is also absolutely important and overdue. Balancing changes are also needed. Overclock is still a good game, and there are certainly things about it that are better than Ultimate. However, it could use improvement."
    Response from @Soo__hey
    • "I would remove auto aim. I understand why it was implemented to a certain extent. I believe auto aim was implemented so that the players could focus on the abilities and less on their aim. But I fell like that is a step in the wrong direction for a shooter game. Overwatch is much like BBO, but it mixes the players' individual aiming skills with using their abilities. None of the BBO abilities have synergies with other abilities. By making these abilities work well with other abilities, I feel like it could be a much better game."
    Response from @CB
    • "Put the old content back (except the feature that allow everyone to use any weapons) like huggable generator, daily mission, loot box system, special items that requires dog tag stuff and those elemental weapons, maybe turn it into a MOBA/fps games thanks to the new class system."
    Response from @NYCO
    • "Consider nerfs that many people think need to happen. Re-release some of the old stuff like old maps, color weapons, taunts, and in battle communication so that the game has much more content and please the old fans of BBU."
    Response from @Snowfu
    • "The features aren't too complicated, however the graphics are what really get to me. I've only noticed BBO to accessible on few recent models of devices."
    Response from @Wilpower784
    • "I would bring back the Japanese voices for Overclocks and add the option to turn off the Announcer or change the Announcer."
    Response from @smtony
    • "I would change the health and speed system to its original state from Battle Bears Ultimate... that's it."
    Response from @Ultimate_Bear
    • "Nerf the two most op weapons, and as colors to the weapons that cost 2,500 gold."
    Response from @Bathory
    • "Improve it, make it more fun."
    Response from @MR329
    • "I would nerf the steampunk SMG and add more weapons and classes."
    Response from @eXTCyLovesYou
    • "Remove all of the duplicate weapons, get rid of overclocks, and only have 1 ability."
    Response from @Clinkzbone
    • "Add in the things that were in BBU but are now for some reason missing from BBO. Improve netcode."
    Response from @Oops_killed_ya
    • "1. Nerf SP SMG, 2. Buff Oliver OCO by enabling him to move while using OCO, and 3. Nerf OCO Riggs"
    Response from an anonymous participant
    • "Slightly nerf Steampunk Pistol, Steampunk Sniper, Steampunk SMG. Increase the AOE of TIllman's Overclock. Modify the regen system where if you are hit, regen is delayed for .5 - 1 second to counter users who emphasize on high regen/high armor setups. Rework augments to prevent one shot kill. Increase the reload time for certain abilities such as Graham's Turret, and Astoria's Healing Grenade. As for features, introduce a clan system similar to the one in BBU, a single/coop campaign, a weapon testing room. Fix the crashing issues."
    Response from an Aynun E Musse
    • "I would try to put in something that drew the BBG players to BBO: the promise of free weapons and other things. I would also try to make the name stick, not turning it into the weird name thingy that was BBU, BBP, BBU (it got renamed back again), then to BBT, then to BBO. That really confused a lot of people. Now,they think that this "New" release is just a renaming stunt like the past 3 or 2 renamings that were basically somewhat the same that really didn't draw attention."
    Response from an anonymous participant
    • "Bring back the other good elements from BBU including the social system with friends, messaging and clans, the 3 missing weapons, the daily challenge mode instead of daily missions, and a competitive ladder with prizes to encourage a longer popularity."
    Response from an anonymous participant
    • "I would fix the mail bug and optimize the game for iPhone 5 and making it less of a battery drainer."
  • List something fun to do in this game besides normally shooting the other team.

    There is almost nothing to do anymore in this game without it all feeling like I've been there, done that. Until the Clan/FFA/B-1000 update comes (hopefully before August *cough* *cough*), everything has gotten repititive and boring, and I'm sure that a lot of other players can relate to this feeling.

    I just want to see if anybody in the community can come up with an idea that hasn't been thought of before so that it can give the rest of us something to do, so... go.
  • Oliver's got this.

  • Re: Poptart Shuriken

    Oh come on, it's not that powerful. In fact, a lot of the time, it seems to be broken in the sense that sometimes it seems to hit opponents and other times it doesn't. Do not say that it is Overpowered, it's not even in the same league as the likes of Carpet Bomb.

    This weapon is perfectly balanced as it is, nothing needs adjustment. However, I will agree that it should become a Primary instead of a Secondary.
  • Re: Mini balance update...

    Goo SMG was changed so that the bullets aren't always accurate hits, effectively nerfing it as well.

    That was the only good weapon I could get more than 12 kills with left, and now it's gone, whoop-de-doo.