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If you're someone I know very well on the Switch (my username is InstGriff), PLEASE contact me on Discord, I'm desperate to talk to my dearest friends that Nintendo won't let me easily communicate with.


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  • Re: What should we NOT include in the BBG Revamp?

    Upon remembering, I honestly think the Radar being a permanent feature should be taken out because yes, it ruins a lot of things that used to be present in BBR like being able to play stealthily and the entire point of Flawless Disguise, but I don't think the Radar itself should be removed entirely.

    My idea is that the Radar could instead be implemented into the Sixth-Sense Goggles, upgrading the normally unused special from its current state by a huge margin. Basically, when you use the Goggles, not only does it show all player positions as usual, but the Radar also pops up on-screen. To ensure it isn't useless considering the Goggles normally detect player positions anyway, the Radar stays on-screen a few extra seconds after the normal Goggle effects wear off.

    I'm confident that with this change, old players who were so attached to the Radar would, at least in some matches, give up the Jump Boots or Caffeine and finally start using Sixth-Sense Goggles effectively again. After a particular balance change, for the longest time I always thought the Goggles were near-useless, but I feel that incorporating the Radar into the special would help give it the boost it desperately needs.
  • Re: What should we NOT include in the BBG Revamp?

    SkyVu_Ben wrote: »
    What if we made it so you could not fall off and die in Desert Air Mine (DAM)? Visually I liked the color palette and loved the constant motion.
    Maybe there could be some kind of wind mechanic at the bottom of the map? Basically if you fall off, you’ll simply be blown back up to the nearest platform, no harm done; the concept of wind would actually make perfect sense considering the map’s setting.
  • We're back! Here's a quick recap of what just happened as well as some tips for future shutdowns.

    Well that was something.

    For those of you who haven't checked up on this place within the past few days, Vanilla shut down this forum in response to SkyVu likely forgetting to pay for the site, as described in this error that persisted throughout the period of time:

    Every time we would try to access this site, the error would not go away; this forum was completely disabled! Thankfully, this only lasted for a few days, but the response from the community was... heavy, to say the least. At that moment, some folks realized they had regrets in regards to not preparing for this kind of situation, so in an effort to prevent that kind of crisis again, here are some tips to prepare for possible future shutdowns:
    • Keep in contact with the members you care about; have a backup communication service so that even if this place is inaccessible, you can still talk to your friends! We recommend using social apps such as Discord, Kik, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, the BBO in-game chat, and others like them to make sure you'll always be able to reach the folks you are attached to!
    • Archive anything you want to remember in the future! Take screenshots of posts that mean something to you, save any posted photos you know you'll want to later look back on, save some links, use the Wayback Machine to archive entire pages, things like that.
    • Realize that a future shutdown could happen without warning. Part of the reaction from the community regarding this shutdown involved people not expecting this to happen; almost nobody expected Vanilla to actually do something themselves, myself included, so just keep in mind that at any given point, this could happen again... possibly even permanently.

    We're just as concerned as the rest of you are. This most likely was just a simple mistake, but by chance, it also could've been a sign of things to come. We want to make sure that we as a community are prepared for any similar situation in the future, so be sure to follow these tips if you feel that this place is meaningful to your life, your memories, or anything of that nature!

    A Battle Bear never comes unprepared!
    ... except for Wil. Don't be Wil.
  • Re: Name Change Week (August 6th-August 13th)

    All accountable name requests up to this point have been fulfilled!

    @Hayden97 That name seems to already be in use. Maybe try adding numbers or choosing a different name?
  • Re: What is/are your biggest hope(s) for SkyVu's "Master Plan"?

    I don't really have a specific hope regarding what it actually is, I'll take almost anything listed here and be happy.

    My only true hope is that whatever this turns out to be, it'll be just the thing to get Battle Bears out of its deep hole and let it see, at the very least, above-decent success once more. As long as I know we're finally getting something that could revive all hope and thoughts of potential in this franchise, that's all that matters to me.