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  • Re: Battle Bears Forum Community Survey -:- Final Results and Discussion Thread

    After oh-so-many hours of work and two cans of lemonade on my end, the end of the results is finally here! Again, we'd like to thank all 45 participants for filling out the survey!

    As for the future, I will repeat that nearly all of these responses will be looked over by SkyVu Entertainment and the Moderation Team for feedback. This information that you've provided us is incredibly important, more than you think, and trust us, it will come in handy.

    Thanks for reading!
    You may now provide your comments below. Hopefully this generates quite the discussion, as we will be looking over the comments extensively too, if any!

    or you can poke at me for this being practically my largest thread ever
  • Battle Bears Forum Community Survey -:- Final Results and Discussion Thread

    Hi, everyone.

    If you've been here for the past two weeks or so, you may have noticed that we have put up a Community Survey for members of this Forum to fill out. We posted it on June 9th, and now, as of the final day, June 17th, the survey has gotten a grand total of 45 responses from the community. That's quite a lot considering how inactive this Forum might be at times, so we consider that quite the accomplishment! We'd like to thank everyone who participated!

    For those unaware, the survey was split into two sections: Battle Bears and how it's being handled by SkyVu Entertainment, and the state of the community and Moderation Team. It was mainly created to generate feedback for both SkyVu and the Moderation Team to look over and keep in mind for the future, as we were sure that the survey would allow members to fully express themselves in ways that they haven't yet before, and we were quite pleasantly surprised by the responses we got.

    And so, here today are the final results of the survey. We hope that this gives everyone an understanding of how others feel about certain aspects both publicly and anonymously.

    Section 1: The state of Battle Bears and SkyVu Entertainment

    Multiple Choice Answers

    Text Responses:
    Section 2: The state of the Community and the Forum Moderation Team

    Multiple Choice Answers

    Text Responses:

    Additionally, I will summon all of the currently active Moderators and SkyVu members so they can read over this thread and the results as soon as it is posted, due to its incredible importance in terms of feedback.

  • Battle Bears Forum Community Survey (CLOSED; Thanks for participating!)

    As of June 17th, the survey has closed and a Results Thread will be going up shortly. Thanks to all 45 participants for filling out the survey!

    Hi, everyone.

    After seeing the state of the community during recent events and being inspired from what a few other communities are doing to gather feedback, I've gone ahead and created something over these last few days that's sure to help out us out.

    This is a Community Survey, existing as a method of feedback for both SkyVu Entertainment regarding the state of the Battle Bears franchise, and the Forum's Moderation Team regarding the state of the community, current rules, and how the team is handling situations in general. There are 43 questions that each ask you, the fellow community member, how you feel about certain aspects. 31 of them are multiple choice, and there are 10 instances where you'll be allowed to express yourself through the use of text, though they are not required. These questions are split up into two sections of the survey. The first half will be focused on Battle Bears and how SkyVu is handling it, while the second half is focused on the community and Moderation Team. Many of these questions may have been asked by numerous users already as polls on the Forum before, but this survey is meant to combine relevant questions to give us an opportunity to look over responses for all of them at one time.

    Your responses will not only be looked over for feedback by both SkyVu and the Moderation Team, but a thread will be created in the near-future showcasing the results, including the averages of each answer and text responses that we feel deserved to be shared with the community. You may remain completely Anonymous in this survey by following the directions of certain questions, or, if you want us to know who you are, you can provide us with your Forum name at the end of the survey.

    We hope that this gives you more of an opportunity to express your feelings about certain aspects than ever before, as again, we will look over it as a team for uses in the coming future.

    Without further delay, here is the link to the survey.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding this survey, please let us know below.
  • PSA: Keep your posts relevant. Don't go off-topic or force anyone to shift their focus on something.

    Hi, everyone, it's Griff again. Haven't done one of these threads in a while.

    -- Hi everyone, it's Caststarman here interjecting!

    TL;DR: Keep discussion focused to the topic at hand. --

    I'd like to bring up the topic of relevance on this Forum again and where it's appropriate or not, and I'll use BBG and BBO as an example.

    Before I say anything else, I want to confirm (since I'm a Moderator and the new members might get confused) that this technically isn't a rule. However, it's still a glaring issue within the community and I simply made this thread to get people thinking about what they're posting.

    When making a post, you have to determine if what you're going to say will be relevant to the conversation at hand. If you believe that you are contributing to the main topic by keeping your post primarily focused on the topic and what other people are saying about it, that's the type of reply to post. It's always cool to keep your posts as relevant as possible. What you shouldn't do is go off-topic, or "derail". For example, your mind is set on something else at the time you're making a post, something completely different from the point of a thread or the conversation around it, and you can't help but put your thoughts into a reply. You don't think twice about the topic or what people will say to you and post whatever else is on your mind anyways. That's what's not good. It makes people question whether or not you either payed any attention to the thread's topic or just even care about it at all. You're setting a bad example, and it makes very few members out-right cringe. If you don't care about a thread's topic or the conversation surrounding it, don't say anything at all. That's what you should keep in mind.

    Unfortunately, the negative solution is most apparent with threads contributing towards Battle Bears Gold and its younger brother, Battle Bears Overclock. It should be incredibly obvious by now to just about everyone that SkyVu (BATTLE BEARS Incorporated) is currently heavily focused on polishing and expanding upon BB Overclock as much as they possibly can. Understandably, fans of the older brother are quite upset about this, as it seems to them that SkyVu abandoned their favorite game. So of course, complaints are bound to be rampant, but the problem is that people are going out of their way to complain about the shift of focus within everything involving BBO itself. Take one look at the first reviews of BBO from February and you'll see reviews that completely bash the game with no remorse simply because "BB Gold is better". That's the only thing that most of these types of reviews state with everything else regarding BBO thrown out the window, no chances taken whatsoever. Now, BBG fans are starting to take out their built-up impatience on these very Forums too. Despite BBG literally just getting an update, if you dig through some recent BBO threads, you'll see a few posts that are basically just there to force SkyVu's attention in order to get them to completely shift their focus towards BBG. Keep in mind what I talked about earlier, these recent posts also happen to be completely irrelevant towards the topic at hand. Now, I would start saying a few, rather personal words about how I feel about this, but this isn't the thread for that.

    I will say though that posts like these are not what you should be making, they are completely off-topic and only serve to derail the thread and possibly hurt a few people because of what they're trying to do, which is the point I'm trying to get at. It's not just within the BB player base either, countless other threads have had numerous posts that are there to derail as well, making quite a lot of members aggravated. I'm sure all of you can list at least one example of this.

    So just, you know, stop. Be mindful of what others expect you to post, be aware of what you are posting. Don't go around saying random things that pop up in your head, it'll only create more trouble for you than help you. There's also a chance that others could get annoyed or even offended, and you could regret it at some point in your life.

    Keep it relevant, keep most topics separate from each other, don't force the attention of anyone in order to shift their focus, and don't derail threads.
    It's all you have to do, that's one thing that makes you a respectable member in the community.
  • Channel 67 : The Relaxed Chat Channel away from Channel 1! [FIRST MIGRATION]

    Heya, everyone!

    I just wanted to inform you all that since Chat Channels are a thing now, I've decided to locate all chitter-chatter involving Forumers as well as mostly chill players to a specific number, so we can all stay separated from the general toxicity of Channel 1 (You know, the spammers, Referral Code spammers, immature new players, all of that).

    The Chat Channel that we will reside in as a group from here-on-out is Channel 67!

    A few things to note before heading there:
    • First, in case you don't know how to get into a channel, go onto the Chat and tap on the "Channel 1" button. It will take you to a screen where you can then pick a channel from 1-99!
    • Be aware that it will sometimes get extremely quiet, because you know, we're all such a small group compared to the current BBO player base. Nothing is stopping you from returning to Channel 1 if it gets quiet! Just be prepared whenever you do.
    • Spread the word to as many Forumers as possible that this will be our Chat Channel! You can also invite other players from the chat too as long as they're not the spammy type. However, do try your best to convince players we don't want there to, well, not go there if you ever mention it on Channel 1. We don't want our precious channel becoming flooded with players we don't want or need, you know who I'm referring to.

    That's all you need to know! Hopefully you guys will enjoy yourselves here, it's much better in my eyes than being stuck in Channel 1! Let's get going!

    If players we don't want here happen to start noticing that Channel 67 is populated with people, I will change the number of the channel so we can migrate. If that ever happens, check back on this thread and see if the number has changed.

    Apparently something had happened in Channel 72. From what I've heard from a few members, some goofoff told Channel 1 the exact number of the channel, and then a toxic player came by and started spamming the huge, colored letters. This pretty much forced those members to migrate to a new Channel, and after hearing of this incident, I decided I needed to shift the entire channel myself. The new Channel for us will now be Channel 67, hopefully things don't go wrong there.

    PLEASE don't tell anyone in either Channel 72 or Channel 1 that 67 is the magic number. If someone from 72 was left behind, tell them to go to the Forums and check this thread for the new number, do not tell them the number directly or we'll be spotted.