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False alarm; Vanilla was finally willing to cooperate at the last minute and now the forum will continue to stay up! No need to fear anymore, apologies for all the concern.
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  • We're back! Here's a quick recap of what just happened as well as some tips for future shutdowns.

    Well that was something.

    For those of you who haven't checked up on this place within the past few days, Vanilla shut down this forum in response to SkyVu likely forgetting to pay for the site, as described in this error that persisted throughout the period of time:

    Every time we would try to access this site, the error would not go away; this forum was completely disabled! Thankfully, this only lasted for a few days, but the response from the community was... heavy, to say the least. At that moment, some folks realized they had regrets in regards to not preparing for this kind of situation, so in an effort to prevent that kind of crisis again, here are some tips to prepare for possible future shutdowns:
    • Keep in contact with the members you care about; have a backup communication service so that even if this place is inaccessible, you can still talk to your friends! We recommend using social apps such as Discord, Kik, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, the BBO in-game chat, and others like them to make sure you'll always be able to reach the folks you are attached to!
    • Archive anything you want to remember in the future! Take screenshots of posts that mean something to you, save any posted photos you know you'll want to later look back on, save some links, use the Wayback Machine to archive entire pages, things like that.
    • Realize that a future shutdown could happen without warning. Part of the reaction from the community regarding this shutdown involved people not expecting this to happen; almost nobody expected Vanilla to actually do something themselves, myself included, so just keep in mind that at any given point, this could happen again... possibly even permanently.

    We're just as concerned as the rest of you are. This most likely was just a simple mistake, but by chance, it also could've been a sign of things to come. We want to make sure that we as a community are prepared for any similar situation in the future, so be sure to follow these tips if you feel that this place is meaningful to your life, your memories, or anything of that nature!

    A Battle Bear never comes unprepared!
    ... except for Wil. Don't be Wil.
  • SMASH FIGHTER: The Lost Battle Bears Game [FOOTAGE, Photos, & More!]

    Remember this thread? How we found a supposed new Battle Bears game that eventually turned out to be a simple test game for the Apple TV? How we all thought it would never see the light of day?

    Both we and the folks SkyVu were (mostly) wrong.

    It exists.
    SMASH FIGHTER (Or, as I like to call it to keep with tradition, "Battle Bears: Smash Fighter") was released on the Apple TV Canadian App Store on October 29th, 2015. Today, almost two years later, @thecheeselover discovered its existence on the store (huge props, my man, you're a real hero) and we just had to try it.

    After almost an hour of figuring out I had Apple TV installed and struggling with trying to control it, switching to the Canadian store, getting the game, and setting up my laptop to record me playing it, it's finally here. Without further ado, here is SMASH FIGHTER, the lost Battle Bears game!

    Unfortunately, recording the TV screen with my laptop camera was the only way I could get footage of this game. I tried desperately to search for a method to record the Apple TV screen, but couldn't come across any advice that didn't involve something I couldn't do. As a result, the video quality isn't stellar and you'd have to turn your volume up to max to hear the audio, but you know what? This is a huge discovery for us, and I wasn't going to stop at anything to get this to you guys, so this is the best I could do. I hope you forgive the low quality for the sake of witnessing a game we thought would never come out. There are some higher-quality photos of the menus below the video.


    The Store page.

    The Main Menu.

    Pro Mode... ugh. Didn't bother buying this and never will.

    Fighter Select screen.

    You can jump and stand on your opponent for some reason.

    From the Store page:

    That's all I have for now. If you have any questions regarding the game, let me know, I'm willing to answer anything you got. I'll admit, getting this all together was really stressful.
  • Re: We will never give up on BB but times are tough

    See how much of a difference a post like this can make? Thanks to this thread's existence, this forum finally managed to gain a bit more activity! I'm feeling much better about this place's state already!

    This is exactly what we needed, which is why I suggest doing your best to keep up this presence; the more activity we get, the more feedback, direct help, and overall fanbase happiness you'll receive!
  • Let's talk about all of this.

    I've been wanting to make this kind of thread again for more than a few months now. I always felt the need to just do something, anything, to get my thoughts out, but each time I've tried, I never knew where to start and simply gave up. I think I now realize that in this point of time, that's exactly the thing to open a thread like this with because it's strikingly similar to our current situation:

    We don't know where to start from here, we don't know where we're going, and as a whole, we're all really close to just giving up.

    The Battle Bears franchise has almost always been a bumpy ride ever since before BB Royale released. After a good few updates, it became easy for some people to notice that SkyVu weren't entirely living up to the promises they made on their old blog. To this day, quite a bit of content remains unpresent and only as simple concept art sketches. Six years later, despite all of the attempts to fix this, the situation is now so bad that literally none of us have any solid idea what they're going to do next and a good majority of us now think that they're not even going to do anything at all.

    We all saw this coming, but at the same time, we didn't. We were saying that it'd eventually get to this point, but a lot of us still had hope in the back of our minds that maybe, out of nowhere, they'd instantly fix their act and put out something to make Battle Bears a huge success again. That hope is now entirely gone for almost the whole community... or should I say, what's left of it. As I'm sure we're all aware, this forum is now nothing more than a ghost town, a mere tiny shadow of its former self. Nearly all of the relevant members who were once active either almost or exactly every single day are now barren profiles, most of our beloved moderators and all of our administrators have rightfully moved on with their lives, the bare few oldies that still remain aren't nearly as active as in the past (some of which now almost entirely only communicate in a sarcastic meme language to poke fun at this place's state of abandonment), and of course, not a single member from SkyVu has touched this website since February 19.

    The only things we are still getting are incredibly mediocre BBG updates. Nothing else has been touched for long periods of time, in some cases even years. The Storyline is no more than a distant memory, this forum hasn't been visually updated in ages, BBO remains a playable abandoned relic, concept art of new content and possibly new games will forever only be kept deep in the shelves of SkyVu's headquarters, the Battle Bears movie might never become a reality, and so many more things will only remain either completely untouched or a mystery to us.

    Thankfully, the servers for both BBG and BBO are still alive and the former is particularly still surprisingly active in-game, but I personally fear they won't be up for much longer. I think SkyVu has neglected this franchise long enough that they're most likely now considering shutting down everything relating to it, but we don't know when; it could be any minute of any day now. If any of you out there are thinking about getting back into either one or both of these games, I advise you to act upon it now before it's too late.

    I think the purpose of this thread's existence is simply to get us talking about these things. What do we do? Where do we go from here? How do we react to any of this? Is there something we should try to do, or should we leave things as they are and just wait for the inevitable moment of shutdown? How would you personally respond to this? How do you feel about it? Just some things to think about as we continue to sit around this place hoping for something to surface.

    I don't know what to put here anymore, so I think I'll just spend the rest of this thread riding on my emotions.

    I miss the Storyline games. I'm still beyond desperate to see what happens when Oliver, Riggs, and most of the rest of the Battle Bears land on the Huggable Planet following the events of -1. I still want a Battle Bears 2. I want to see characters like Nyx, the HIP Administrator, Astoria, Graham, Botch, B-1000, Saberi, Dark OCO, and so many others be properly introduced into the canon for us to discover who they truly are and what they're like. I want the gameplay from -1 to be hugely expanded upon and made into even more of an incredible, timeless, and infinitely replayable experience than it already was. I want the Huggables to be relevant characters again. I want to see that classic art style back in full force. I want more cutscenes. I want Battle Bears to return to its roots and for it to be once again known as way more than just a duo of online multiplayer shooters.

    I miss Battle Bears Ultimate. Give it back. Get rid of its BBO incarnation and return this game to its rightful state. I miss actually having fun with this game. I miss clans. I particularly miss the clan I was once part of, Dr. MilkyWay's Dark Army. I miss Ranked Mode and the Leaderboards. I miss the old maps. I miss the Kill Token system. I miss my Sandbags. I miss when we were allowed to get on top of the Neo-Omaha blimp. I miss communicating with my team and taunting. I miss hanging around with my dearest friends. I miss taking part in its incredible but awfully short-lived legacy. I wish the launch wasn't so horrible that it led the developers to believe that the game will forever be a failure in their eyes. It's not a failure. Give it a chance the right way.

    I miss what I personally believe to be the true Battle Bears Gold experience. I miss spamming the team communication buttons. I miss being able to use them while I'm dead. I miss the BBG Skype and Discord voice call sessions. I miss getting meaningful new weapons. I miss getting new skins. I miss getting entirely new maps. I miss getting new modes. I miss Oliver's old Melee animation. I miss when some weapons were actually good. I miss knowing that the developers were checking our feedback and incorporating it into balance changes. I miss actually being able to get 8 players into a custom match without any kind of glitch mostly preventing that. I miss encountering and playing with my fellow forumers almost all the time. I miss being able to easily skip the advertisement after the match ends. I wish people played Plant the Bomb more. I miss actually anticipating new updates and thinking we'll get great stuff. I'm able to still have fun with this game in its current state, but no matter what, it will never be as incredible as it was before.

    Most of all, I miss this community. I miss when this website wasn't empty and didn't give off vibes of lost memories and pure despair. I miss when there were more than 20 members online at a time. I miss when there was a new activity post every time I reloaded the activity page. I miss when people were making actually meaningful threads. I miss when people were actually contributing to said meaningful discussions. I miss our long-gone moderators. I miss when SkyVu members were consistently active and making threads teasing us at what was to come. I miss when more than 50 members would come online whenever SkyVu made an announcement. I miss the contests and events. I miss when people made matchmaking threads for BBG and BBU. I miss when most people actually liked each other. I miss when we weren't constantly discussing the past and were instead focusing on the future and dreaming of how we as a community could one day possibly grow.

    I miss you.

    If any member of SkyVu is actually reading this, I feel you should know that I am disappointed in you guys for not communicating with us, constantly leaving us in the dark for several months at a time, making promises that seem like they'll never be fulfilled, and telling us meaningless things when you actually do show up and immediately repeating the cycle of silence afterwards.

    If you don't care about this community and/or your franchise anymore, please just be honest and act upon it; tell us. Don't keep us speculating. If this is the case, please just sell the Battle Bears IP. I'm now absolutely positive it's the only way we can be happy, including you guys. With the worry of having to work on Battle Bears to keep us happy entirely off your backs, you folks can focus working on what you dream of doing, you can gather enough money and resources from the purchase to go down the path you've always wanted to go while someone else deals with pleasing us.

    If you guys do actually care about us and your series, let us truly know; show, don't tell. Show at least one thing, anything, relating to what you're working on so we actually know that you're doing it. Most people here can't bring themselves to trust text anymore. Please actually help us manage this forum and make it a better place; we can't revive a community, your fanbase, on our own. If you show us and your franchise some love, we'll love you guys back. We'll all be happy together, just like we used to, so please, if you guys do care, make an effort to help us and yourselves.

    I'll go back to lurking now.
  • Re: Happy (day of the week)

    Yeeeaaah, I'm gonna have to close this thread.

    Not because of the premise itself, I appreciate your generosity by wishing people happy days, but because this technically counts as both post and point self-boosting, which generally isn't allowed here.