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  • Battle Bears Gold Update 2.27 Discussion Thread [Out now!]

    Update 2.27 for Battle Bears Gold is here! Everything you need to know about it can be found below:


    From BB's Instagram page:


    From BB's Facebook page:

    From BB's Twitter page:


    New Weapons:
    • Fidget Boomer for Astoria (Sniper)
      Price: 150 Gas
    • Hazard Toy for Botch (Assassin)
      Price: 150 Gas
    • Spin Baby Spin for Sanchez (Arbiter)
      Price: 150 Gas
    New Map:
    • Summer-themed No Bear's Land

    The update is out now! All general discussion relating to this update is advised to be kept in this thread, but nothing's stopping you from posting your own discussions!
  • Re: Is Spending $100 on BBG Worth It?

    I did you a solid by moving this thread to the BBG category.

    To answer your question, after spending what must've been hundreds of dollars on this game throughout its lifespan with the sole goal of unlocking everything, I can solidly tell you that spending this much on it would not be worth it at all. Trust me, if you do decide to spend it on BBG, you'll think it'd be worth it at first, only to end up regretting the purchase in not even a day. You'd be much better off spending it on something you think deserves it more.

    If we want to delve into economics, not only do I think it wouldn't be worth it, but I also feel that SkyVu does not deserve the money in its current state. When you're a consumer making a purchase on something you like, that purchase is supposed to tell the seller that whatever the purchase is related to is something that consumers like and want more of. In other words, by spending on Battle Bears content, we're supposedly telling SkyVu that we love what the series offers and want more of it.

    Because SkyVu is now efficiently ignoring everything relating to the entire Battle Bears franchise, any purchase made at this point would technically classify as a scam. I say this because a consumer would think that making a purchase in a Battle Bears game would lead to more content for it, when in reality, all of the money --your money-- is going into something completely unrelated: Places VR.

    So basically, no. It wouldn't be worth it, and you'd be technically scammed by SkyVu if you do.
  • Re: Places VR (SkyVu's Latest Project; Moving on from Battle Bears?)

    This just made me realize something else that could further prove our huge point:

    The "BATTLE BEARS Inc." name change was not real, but rather a cover-up and way to hide their shift of focus.

    What really happened, according to the article, was that SkyVu removed the "Entertainment" from its name and simply went with "SkyVu Inc."

    This effectively shows that SkyVu was trying to hide what they were working on from us, and changed their name on the App Store to "BATTLE BEARS Inc." and claimed to be strictly focused on the franchise in order to purposely generate false hope. In reality, they were leaving the series for dead and trying their absolute hardest to hide that fact by staying completely silent and making us think that there was a future.

    This whole thing overall is now getting on my bad side. It pains me that we're just now finding the pieces to the unpleasant truth instead of the company simply being honest with us; we should've been told of our fate months ago.
  • Re: What is the best weapon? In overclocked?

    Besides the aforementioned Futuristic Sniper Rifle, Electric Honey and Steampunk SMG, there really is no "best weapon" in this game. Nearly every weapon (except for a few of the Uniques) can come quite in handy and all have strategies that are possible to master for maximum destruction. It really just depends on your type of play style as far as the Weapon Types go, but almost every single weapon has their fair share of power.

    It's also a matter of how well you play in general. Make sure to use your Abilities often, they'll help dish out more damage if your weapon simply isn't enough, and also use your Pistol effectively as soon as your Primary weapon ammo runs out to add the finishing touch to an opponent's draining life. With these tips in mind, it won't matter how powerful the weapon is, you'll always become a force to be reckoned with in no time!
  • PSA: Word of advice to BBG fans who are really defensive and pessimists to everything outside of it.

    Heya everyone, Griff again.

    You either like a game, or you don't. You either become interested and play once in a while, or you become physically and emotionally attached to it. You either take one glance at a newer game and conclude that it could be something fun despite being hooked to an older one, or you've grown so attached that you completely disregard it just because the older game has things that the newer one doesn't. You either go around saying that it's a good game that deserves to be played, or you truly inject it into your heart and try your absolute hardest to defend it if even just a single negative word is said about it by anyone.

    This is why I've finally decided to make a thread on this matter here and now, with no sugarcoating or hiding personal feelings.

    This behavior, this defensive and pessimistic mindset within a lot of players today, has to come to an end.

    So, let's talk about everyone's favorite, Battle Bears Gold, Royale, whatever.
    I'll cut the story behind the game itself and jump to the point involving everyone's personal feelings on it. What I was saying back there about becoming possibly too emotionally attached to a game, that same case applies now more than ever for a majority of this game's fanbase. Half of the fanbase grew up with BBR, played it to their heart's content almost non-stop, built two entire communities based around it (competitive and casual), and to this day, still go on about how they miss the old days. The other half didn't grow up with BBR, but instead came around during BBG's introduction. For those fans, the same basic concept of the story applies, where they let the game slither into the depths of their hearts, and today still stay strong with the game. That's usually how it goes with everyone, and it's all well and respectable that people enjoy the game for what it is and have fond memories of it.

    However, this means that it's entirely possible for a game like this to dig perhaps too deep into the hearts and memories of players, almost to a point of no return. The point of no return that I'm referring to is one where the game itself practically takes control of their own minds, almost always persuading what they say and wherever they decide to say it. A lot of the time, it means taking matters into incredibly defensive or pessimistic measures. I'm sure that all of you can provide examples of fanbases that are incredibly defensive and pessimistic to anything outside of what they like, I can list a few myself such as the majority of the fanbases of Sonic, FNaF, Undertale, (somewhat) MLP, etc.

    I'm here today to say that recently, the BBG fanbase, our very home, is VERY close to becoming one of those types of fanbases itself.. that is, if it isn't already to some people.

    I'm not going to hide this any longer. A lot of you I'm seeing are already pretty snappy, and quite frankly, I'm incredibly frustrated with you particular group of people to no end. As soon as any negative opinion comes up, wherever it may be, you're incredibly quick to either shoot that person down or redirect them to something that you only pray could change their mind, all in an effort to only defend the game itself and nothing more, no concerns over anything else, a lot of the time including the very topic that a discussion could be revolved around. Anything that's wrong with the game you just instantly throw out the window, you insist on shoving the positives down the throats of anyone who goes against the game or even just acknowledges the truth of the negatives that the game has, such as the aging of the game itself and its sometime wonky mechanics. If a thread or even just a comment involving showing negativity towards the game shows up, as brutally honest as it could be, it won't be long before defensive comments start appearing left and right with almost no sign of stopping. Hell, I bet that even in this very thread, there are going to be defensive comments showing up due to the nature of this discussion, and obviously I can't stop that.

    Short and to the point: Consistently being defensive about BBG against people who are just trying to either speak the truth or talk about something completely unrelated isn't making you any better as a person, it makes people judge. It makes them feel like you're the one being "whiny and negative" and the people you're going against aren't.

    And that's not even going into the "pessimist" half of this discussion.
    I think it's time I let BB Overclock through the door, let it sit down and relax on the couch, and for me to talk about its presence while it gets to listen, because this latest entry in the BB franchise is the pin-point example of just how defensive and mostly pessimistic a lot of BBG fans today tend to be.

    Alright, so the new game. It's out and everything, lots of people are having a grand ol' time with it. But then, over the coming weeks, everything starts to slightly change. The buzz surrounding it stops, it gets quiet, people start to question a few of the decisions made for it... and now, the BBG players have arrived to completely trash on it with little to no remorse, a lot of the time with only a bare few or outright unacceptable reasons. AHAH, don't get me wrong, a few of the incredibly desperate BBG players have already been dissing on the game just about everywhere since Day 1, often going into the in-game chat to beg people to play BBG instead or creating entire reviews for the sole purpose of just telling everyone that "BBG is better than this grabage." I still saw this as an issue but never saw a significant impact from it, but now, that problem, which is clearly showing off a majority of the BBG fanbase's immaturity, is looming through the clouds, only getting bigger and bigger with each passing day.

    Look, it's okay to like a game. It's okay to love a game. It's perfectly okay to like one over the other. That's all completely fine, as after all, it's an opinion at the end of the day, and as long as you don't constantly boast it, it will do little to no harm. The problem arises, though, when you do decide to shove your opinion down the throats of just about everyone. Shoving down opinions means being defensive about it if someone goes against it. They have an opinion too, everyone has the right to have their own opinion on something, but if you're one of those people, you just aren't going to care and will do whatever it takes to make sure that your opinion comes out on top.

    These are the kinds of people that are barely tolerable in today's standards, and when it comes down to BBG and BBO, the fanbases are actually surprisingly different from each other. The BBO fanbase is almost always completely chill. Everyone respects each other and their opinions, and they almost never lash out on anyone who has a negative opinion. They let that kind of people slide and just go on with their lives, contributing positively towards the game itself and its expanding community. This could possibly be because that so far, a lot of the players haven't let themselves get too emotionally attached to the game. Even most of those who grew up with BBU don't let their past experiences with it completely trash the new version. That's an example of a community that people want to be around. The BBG fanbase is almost the exact opposite, with... well, for the sake of saving time and space, everything mentioned above.

    When these two fanbases come into collision with each other, it's almost never pretty. In a discussion that both BBG and BBO fans participate in, the BBO players are rather calm about the situation while most of the BBG players are just about ready to throw their fists into the face of just one person who could say something that they don't want to hear. When someone does say something that they don't want to hear, they're quick to say either something incredibly rude or just simply "play BBG instead" without providing legit reasons as to why they should.

    Speaking of reasons, a lot of the reasons that BBG players throw out there for disliking BBO, I need to be honest with this one, are just complete bull and seem like the players just listed them only because they're desperate to find any way to defend BBG and completely trash on its younger brother. These people are what I call the true BBO pessimists.

    Here are some examples of what you should say to someone regarding preferring BBG over BBO:
    - "If BBO doesn't suit your playstyle of shooters, then maybe you should give BBG a try, there's a chance that you could find what you're looking for."
    - "I'm not really a huge fan of BBO, but I do understand why people like it."
    - "I respect what SkyVu is trying to do with BBO, but my honest personal taste lies more within BBG."
    These kinds of statements are what people can grow to respect, because these make it look like you clearly took the time to think about what you were going to say before you said it.

    Statements are reasons like these, however, are just completely made up, not respectful towards what SkyVu is trying to do, and unacceptable to other members:

    - "I hate the new designs, you should go play BBG because the art style looks a lot better than this trash."
    - "Huggy/B-1000/Botch/Saberi/Sanchez isn't in this game, it's horrendous to play without him/her there."
    - "The weapons don't feel inspired at all. Want better-looking weapons? Play BBG over this abomination."
    - "Auto Aim sucks, it shouldn't even have been in the game in the first place. Yet another reason why playing BBG would be so much better for you."
    - "The chat is complete cancer, I'm completely happy and relieved that BBG doesn't have it, you should all play that instead."
    - "The characters move way too quickly, BBG is a much better game that you should play because of the slower movement allowing for easy, mostly cheap kills."
    - "BBO sucks, play BBG."

    You see where I'm getting at with this? I'm very sad to say that unbearable statements and reasons like the ones above are being used by BBG players today in a lot of BBO threads. It's also unfortunate that a lot of these players also happen to be dropping these bombs onto threads that are completely innocent. Yeah, a lot of these comments are being thrown onto threads that are most of the time entirely unrelated to the reason that they decide to bring up. Irrelevance, that's a huge pet peeve of mine, it's why this previous PSA of mine exists.

    So, what do I say to this, then? What do I personally have to say about this whole situation of defenders of a game that people adore with little to no mercy for anything outside of it? I'll sum it up in one word:


    Just. Stop.

    Stop being so defensive. Stop being incredibly pessimistic to anything outside of BBG, that includes BBO. Give people a chance to express either their opinions or the plain truth. Give a chance to other things that may seem different from the game you hold dear to your heart.

    Do not let this game corrupt and take control of your mind, be mindful of what other people have to say. If you let your nostalgia blind you, you'll do nothing but mindlessly try anything you can to protect the game, and each and every time, it won't end in your favor. Being incredibly defensive over people who are just trying to express themselves will only give you more negative attention than positive.

    Keep BBG and BBO separated unless a discussion forces both fandoms into it. Just continue playing BBG and don't mind it, same thing goes for the BBO fans who could really dislike BBG. This also applies for pretty much anything, don't be a pessimist. Give things a chance. They may not be appealing at first because of what you've gotten used to in the past, but if you try new things, you could end up liking them. You could be restricting yourself from having new memories only because you're so focused on your older ones to even care.

    And to combine both topics to come to a close, they both relate to one keyword: Respect. Respect other people for who they are and what they do, and respect things that exist for what they're intended to be. Do not let a silly game get in the way of your respect. If you do, you won't be respected in return.

    So just please, take all of this into consideration, and if you're the kind of person I've always been referring to, stop and think about what you're doing.

    If you continue to be incredibly defensive and/or pessimistic outside of BBG even after reading all of this, I just want you to realize and memorize that this is the kind of fanbase that more people hate than like. This is precisely why fanbases that are being referred to as "cancer" are in fact being referred to as "cancer", you're doing the very thing that triggers this kind of negative attention.