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  • Re: What should we NOT include in the BBG Revamp?

    Upon remembering, I honestly think the Radar being a permanent feature should be taken out because yes, it ruins a lot of things that used to be present in BBR like being able to play stealthily and the entire point of Flawless Disguise, but I don't think the Radar itself should be removed entirely.

    My idea is that the Radar could instead be implemented into the Sixth-Sense Goggles, upgrading the normally unused special from its current state by a huge margin. Basically, when you use the Goggles, not only does it show all player positions as usual, but the Radar also pops up on-screen. To ensure it isn't useless considering the Goggles normally detect player positions anyway, the Radar stays on-screen a few extra seconds after the normal Goggle effects wear off.

    I'm confident that with this change, old players who were so attached to the Radar would, at least in some matches, give up the Jump Boots or Caffeine and finally start using Sixth-Sense Goggles effectively again. After a particular balance change, for the longest time I always thought the Goggles were near-useless, but I feel that incorporating the Radar into the special would help give it the boost it desperately needs.
  • Battle Bears Gold Update 2.27 Discussion Thread [Out now!]

    Update 2.27 for Battle Bears Gold is here! Everything you need to know about it can be found below:


    From BB's Instagram page:


    From BB's Facebook page:

    From BB's Twitter page:


    New Weapons:
    • Fidget Boomer for Astoria (Sniper)
      Price: 150 Gas
    • Hazard Toy for Botch (Assassin)
      Price: 150 Gas
    • Spin Baby Spin for Sanchez (Arbiter)
      Price: 150 Gas
    New Map:
    • Summer-themed No Bear's Land

    The update is out now! All general discussion relating to this update is advised to be kept in this thread, but nothing's stopping you from posting your own discussions!
  • Re: Is Spending $100 on BBG Worth It?

    I did you a solid by moving this thread to the BBG category.

    To answer your question, after spending what must've been hundreds of dollars on this game throughout its lifespan with the sole goal of unlocking everything, I can solidly tell you that spending this much on it would not be worth it at all. Trust me, if you do decide to spend it on BBG, you'll think it'd be worth it at first, only to end up regretting the purchase in not even a day. You'd be much better off spending it on something you think deserves it more.

    If we want to delve into economics, not only do I think it wouldn't be worth it, but I also feel that SkyVu does not deserve the money in its current state. When you're a consumer making a purchase on something you like, that purchase is supposed to tell the seller that whatever the purchase is related to is something that consumers like and want more of. In other words, by spending on Battle Bears content, we're supposedly telling SkyVu that we love what the series offers and want more of it.

    Because SkyVu is now efficiently ignoring everything relating to the entire Battle Bears franchise, any purchase made at this point would technically classify as a scam. I say this because a consumer would think that making a purchase in a Battle Bears game would lead to more content for it, when in reality, all of the money --your money-- is going into something completely unrelated: Places VR.

    So basically, no. It wouldn't be worth it, and you'd be technically scammed by SkyVu if you do.
  • Re: Places VR (SkyVu's Latest Project; Moving on from Battle Bears?)

    This just made me realize something else that could further prove our huge point:

    The "BATTLE BEARS Inc." name change was not real, but rather a cover-up and way to hide their shift of focus.

    What really happened, according to the article, was that SkyVu removed the "Entertainment" from its name and simply went with "SkyVu Inc."

    This effectively shows that SkyVu was trying to hide what they were working on from us, and changed their name on the App Store to "BATTLE BEARS Inc." and claimed to be strictly focused on the franchise in order to purposely generate false hope. In reality, they were leaving the series for dead and trying their absolute hardest to hide that fact by staying completely silent and making us think that there was a future.

    This whole thing overall is now getting on my bad side. It pains me that we're just now finding the pieces to the unpleasant truth instead of the company simply being honest with us; we should've been told of our fate months ago.
  • Re: What is the best weapon? In overclocked?

    Besides the aforementioned Futuristic Sniper Rifle, Electric Honey and Steampunk SMG, there really is no "best weapon" in this game. Nearly every weapon (except for a few of the Uniques) can come quite in handy and all have strategies that are possible to master for maximum destruction. It really just depends on your type of play style as far as the Weapon Types go, but almost every single weapon has their fair share of power.

    It's also a matter of how well you play in general. Make sure to use your Abilities often, they'll help dish out more damage if your weapon simply isn't enough, and also use your Pistol effectively as soon as your Primary weapon ammo runs out to add the finishing touch to an opponent's draining life. With these tips in mind, it won't matter how powerful the weapon is, you'll always become a force to be reckoned with in no time!