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If you're someone I know very well on the Switch (my username is InstGriff), PLEASE contact me on Discord, I'm desperate to talk to my dearest friends that Nintendo won't let me easily communicate with.


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  • Battle Bears Gold Revamped - Make Your Suggestions!

    Hey guys! So, as I'm sure a good handful of you are aware by now thanks to this recent thread from @SkyVu_Ben, several official comments on the Battle Bears social media pages, and the Battle Bears Discord server, Battle Bears Gold is finally getting a complete revamp! This ginormous overhaul is going to be the result of a new partnership between SkyVu and a publisher that has yet to be announced, and as such, the game is going to be entirely reworked into a fresh experience with tons of new features, several community suggestions possibly becoming a reality, and so much more that we have yet to see!

    Because of this news, I've decided to create this thread to have a convenient way to get our suggestions out to SkyVu! As the title implies, you can use this thread to post any suggestions you may have for the revamp! If you think something about BBG should be changed, throw your thoughts here! If you want something new to be added to the game, now's the time to speak up about it! Every piece of feedback counts, and it's highly likely that if your suggestion is good enough, SkyVu may take it into consideration for the revamp, so if you have any kind of thought regarding BBG whatsoever, don't hesitate to let it out on this thread!

    I really hope this all means as much to you guys as it does to me. If we want this revamp to become a huge success and bring Battle Bears as a franchise back to its former glory if not higher, we all have to make an effort to work together as a community to ensure that everyone is satisfied with what we end up getting! Any and all contributions can help make a significant difference, so please, if you have something on your mind regarding what should be tweaked or added in this game, no matter how big or small, post it here!

    In the end, this could finally mark the turning point for the series we've been desperately hoping for; bring forth your suggestions!
  • Re: What should we NOT include in the BBG Revamp?

    SkyVu_Ben wrote: »
    What if we made it so you could not fall off and die in Desert Air Mine (DAM)? Visually I liked the color palette and loved the constant motion.
    Maybe there could be some kind of wind mechanic at the bottom of the map? Basically if you fall off, you’ll simply be blown back up to the nearest platform, no harm done; the concept of wind would actually make perfect sense considering the map’s setting.
  • Re: Name Change Week (August 6th-August 13th)

    @FREESH Done, though no more changes from here.
  • Re: Name Change Week (August 6th-August 13th)

    All accountable name requests up to this point have been fulfilled!

    @Hayden97 That name seems to already be in use. Maybe try adding numbers or choosing a different name?
  • Re: Battle Bears Gold Update 2.27 Discussion Thread [Out now!]

    The update is out now!! I'll do my best to get information on this thread as quickly as I can!