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False alarm; Vanilla was finally willing to cooperate at the last minute and now the forum will continue to stay up! No need to fear anymore, apologies for all the concern.
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  • Re: Battle Bears: Zombies - 8th Anniversary Edition Discussion Thread

    I think we have enough information to have this thread be an announcement now.
  • Re: SMASH FIGHTER: The Lost Battle Bears Game [FOOTAGE, Photos, & More!]

    Aqua is my favorite Battle Bears character. I hope he shows up in BBG as the next class.
  • Re: New skvu games

    @Starc Please don't bump old threads unless your contribution is meaningful.
  • Re: We will never give up on BB but times are tough

    See how much of a difference a post like this can make? Thanks to this thread's existence, this forum finally managed to gain a bit more activity! I'm feeling much better about this place's state already!

    This is exactly what we needed, which is why I suggest doing your best to keep up this presence; the more activity we get, the more feedback, direct help, and overall fanbase happiness you'll receive!
  • Re: We will never give up on BB but times are tough

    Thank you for making this thread.

    It's like a cycle at this point, really. Someone (usually me) makes a thread pointing out the absence in possibly unnecessarily large detail, you swing by and tell us you're doing okay and so is Battle Bears, then we're relieved. It's always relieving to get direct confirmation that you guys do in fact still care for us and your series, that'll never not feel good to know.

    I completely understand and respect your decision of not showing us anything just yet, as of course, the "false promise" thing is something we all don't want to see happen again, so I'll keep happily waiting, as I always do. I also appreciate you admitting the mistakes over the years; it's not something a lot of high-ups tend to do, so I wholeheartedly applaud. I hope it doesn't seem to you like we were bashing you guys for it, we just wanted you to be aware of our honest concerns.

    Whatever the "master plan" turns out to be, my only hope is that it goes well for all of us, so on that note, I wish you and your team the best of luck on it. I'm still entirely aware that all of this is tough on you guys, so if you ever need direct assistance from us in some way, please don't hesitate to communicate and let us know; we're here for you.