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If you're someone I know very well on the Switch (my username is InstGriff), PLEASE contact me on Discord, I'm desperate to talk to my dearest friends that Nintendo won't let me easily communicate with.


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  • Re: Battle Bears Gold Revamped - Make Your Suggestions!

    NYCO wrote: »
    Classic BBZ rifle: Many of Oliver's primaries are automatic, but playing with a single but accurate shot rifle is a concept I think is really fun.
    This. Oliver's classic Rifle from BBZ has not been seen almost anywhere since its debut, and I think, especially with the BBZ update, that now is the perfect time for Oliver to finally dust it off and make use of it on the BBG battlefield.
  • Re: Battle Bears Gold Revamped - Make Your Suggestions!

    Have taunting be assigned to a new button separate from "Woo-Hoo", let us unequip a taunt, and remove the cooldown from the other team communication buttons.
  • Re: What should we NOT include in the BBG Revamp?

    Oh yeah, forgot about Steam Yard Blues.

    Nobody likes that map. The fact that I consistently forget about it in the first place proves its lack of balance and quality.
  • Re: What should we NOT include in the BBG Revamp?

    The only thing I can think of at the moment that I absolutely do not ever want to see in BBG is the Chest system, or any randomized system for that matter. Please don’t throw Chests into the game, I’m confident that doing that would drive more people away than one could anticipate, just continue letting us buy exactly what we want and things will be good. Take one glance at the current situation regarding EA and you’ll quickly realize why lootboxes are never a good idea.

    If I think of anything else I don’t want to see, I’ll make more posts here.

    I must ask, though, do you have to remove Desert Airmine? That map is one of my two all-time favorite BB maps alongside BBU Neo-Omaha, and seeing it removed would break my heart like almost nothing else. This scenario already went down a few years ago; the last time Desert Airmine was removed, people were shouting for you guys to bring it back, so removing it again would only revive the chaos. If you truly believe Desert Airmine is that much of a problem, maybe you could try making it a private-match-exclusive map like it is now? It would never show up in automatching so newer players wouldn’t have to be too concerned, so if you guys could manage that, I’m sure that would make everyone happy.
  • Re: Battle Bears Gold Revamped - Make Your Suggestions!

    Oh, real quick, SSP’s post reminded me.

    BBU Neo-Omaha. NOT the BBO version.
    Or, even better, throw in both versions of the map so we can have the option.

    If the original Neo-Omaha is completely gone and you can’t find it anywhere within your assets or previous BBU/O builds or something, I guess adding in the BBO version alone would be fine in that case.