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  • Re: Battle Bears Royale 2 - Make Your Suggestions!

    Also BBG loading img could be changed to sum fan art, possibly it could alternate between more than one.

    Ben could work with Assasins Ace or somebody to design some art specifically for the Game
  • Re: Name Change Week (August 6th-August 13th)

    Ok Gold44>Igolide

    Gotta get that 44 outa ma name
  • Re: We will never give up on BB but times are tough

    I shouldn't have used the word revived, more that a few members coincidentally started playing again.
  • Re: We will never give up on BB but times are tough

    If clans come out imma be sad cuz mines ded

    If you mean ØC then, it's recently been revived it now has 2 or 3 active members
  • Re: We will never give up on BB but times are tough

    Starc wrote: »
    SkyVu_Ben wrote: »
    Thank you everyone for the supportive replies. It really means a lot to us. Yes, if we do meet up, finding a good Vietnamese restaurant is a BB meetup tradition :)

    Some more thoughts:
    One benefit of client work is that it improves the skills of the team. This in turn will translate into better BB games/updates in the future. We're working on some cool client games that I will share soon. Some of you will actually recognize the brands we are working with.

    Another benefit of client work is that the goal of the BB plan is no longer ALL about pushing profits but simply making the players happy and having fun growing the brand. The tradeoff is slower development for BB but I hope you can see the profound difference this makes in terms of how we make our decisions <3

    BBG & BBO players will not lose what they've earned and paid for. This is paramount. If things need to be removed for whatever reason, we will find a suitable replacement.

    In (terms of the plan, don't expect sweeping changes. We know what you guys like and simply want to make more of what you like with logical features like real clans, chat, etc.

    You guys are the best!

    So yes? So we are finally getting a BBO updates this coming soon? @SkyvuBen

    If we have BBO updates, i want:

    Capture The Flag
    More weapons and skins
    Pickup like in BBG
    every character can have a weapons (Oliver have shotgun)
    New maps

    and that's it

    The lagging can not be easily stopped, the reason BBO lags but BBG doesn't as much is because the characters in BBO move much quicker, the bullets are often quicker and abilities and big things happen more often. If you get a good connection though
    Then there should be no lagging in either game.

    Also we have been told not to expect sweeping changes. So I think maps wouldn't be realistic.

    Clans are a very popular choice and SkyVu have mentioned that before so that isn't a bad suggestion.

    I feel that pickups like in BBG are sort of instead of the BBO abilities, having pickups in already fast paced bbo might ruin the game.

    Skins sound fun and also easy to do so not a bad idea.

    Game modes already existed in BBU so maybe it wouldn't be that hard to re add them.

    More weapons sound a good idea but as well as more weapons more abilities appeal to me as much, with loads of different unique abilities the game would be different to most FPS/3ps, and it would bring BBO away from being viewed as BBG with less content.

    I think also new PF pics would be easy for SkyVu to do, I can imagine it would be fun to slowly uncover the new pictures and would get players buying chests, possibly bringing in income for SkyVu.
    I'd also maybe like to see that single player mode from BBU brought in cos that looked cool. Tho this seems unlikely and a bit ambitious.