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  • Re: What should we NOT include in the BBG Revamp?

    more game mods aren't a bad idea like some say, having how many people are searching for a match on each mode would stop other modes being ignored, they would be played in peak times
  • Re: What is/are your biggest hope(s) for SkyVu's "Master Plan"?

    To solve A and D, I think the app probably should not contain the story games, that means that it would not be nearly as much data. This also solves the problem of people having already paid for the story ones.
    The story games already exist on some app stores so this multi app could just contain links to them in the app stores.

    To explain C. The point I was trying to make earlier is that having less apps on the App Store costs less so having a master app would save money.

    And B, the only game that would be left on would be BB blast and rainbow
    These are quite simple games so the combining them would be easier than in the suggestion before.
    So basically it would be just a complex version of BB backpack lol.

    So Features could Include
    -BB Blast
    -BB comics
    -Top BB yt channel and vids links
    -Links to forum
    -Links to Wiki
    -Links to SkyVu and BB website
    -Links to all BB social media
    -Links to BB storyline and Multiplayer in the App Store

    Basically all seems a bit pointless now, the only benefit is that it saves money instead of releasing old BB games separately
  • Re: Should the Name Change in BBO should be free like in BBG?

    The price to change name is needed on BBO it avoids trolling, on BBG there is no chat so this is no problem.
    The name change exists to stop people impersonating each other, spamming each other with name changes. It also means that there can be only one use of each name.
  • Re: [BR] Bear Raiders (BBO + BBG)

    Starc wrote: »
    Secret Rebellion in BBG is already dead, that's what lots of people told me in KIK.

    That's a load of lies, BBG SR has active players every day.
  • Re: TOP 3 things you want for BBG

    6 minute games and maybe longer
    A way to join matches even if they had started like in bbo