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GRIMREAPER0100 Recruit

I took a jail filed trip yesterday it was crazy


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  • My account hacked!!!

    im so god I leveled up over 200 times in 1 game XD I joined a game and someone was hacking with sniper and after the game I got this 0_0 edit: I did not want this to happen to me my stats were changed back by trang who I asked to do so j2prb0w1ntdv.jpg
  • youtube clan, updated 2.0

    well when i first joined i wanted to make a clan. well there were not many people interested but since everyplay is back i can do this again. so here are the rules:

    1. must be a youtuber
    2. must have at least 10 battle bears videos
    3. there is not rule on how many subs to join, any is allowed
    4. no hackers
    5. must be active on youtube and in game.
    6. be respectful of all members and others not in the clan.
    7. try and stay away from mete setups, its ok but don't be a jerk about it.
    8. have fun and if anyone asks to be in one of your videos, let them.
    9. must use youtube name
    10. double claning is allowed.
    there will be different tags based on rank in clan:

    (rank 1, people start with this)
    (rank 2, 25 subs) :YT:name
    (rank 3, 50 subs) (YT)name
    (rank 4, 75 subs) [YT]name
    (rank 5, 100 subs) {YT}name
    (rank 6, 150 subs) {YT}~name
    (ranks 7, 200 subs) *{YT}*~name
    (rank 8, 250 subs) =*{YT}*=name
    (rank 9, 300 subs) #{YT}#name
    (rank 10,350 subs) %{YT}%name
    (rank 11, 400+ subs) ${YT}$ name

    there will be more ranks when we get some members more subs.

    i will make a private chat were we can post our vids we make and share to each other.

    --also i will probably add more things to tag that will involve skill and in game rank/rank points.
    so to apply all you have to do is post a screen shot of your battle bears home screen with your favorite setup and tell me your channel so i can subscribe if im not already. at some points i will make special youtube game modes or regular games that we will play together or against public people and record with everyplay. if i find that you are breaking the rules i will kick you. if you have any questions please ask. this clan is meant to spread the battle bears community and entertain the people with the fun things i have planned.

    --the last thing, to also join we must do the ceremony by 1v1ing without power ups/drops and recording it. win or lose your in. you can 1v1 anyone in the clan of your choice. it could be me or someone else.

    --if you do not have a channel and you would like to join, i will send a pm and talk about how i can help you out. thats all! thank you.

    --if you join this clan you will also be in the battle bears ultimate clan as well.

    --have a nice day!

    edit: also tell me your subs in your application
  • Re: ~Official Imperial Exterminators [IX]/[9] Clan *RECRUITING*~

    piernsurf wrote: »
    I was the first to 1v1 @GRIMREAPER0100, and got 4-2. Although he requested for about 10 more rematches.

    No pier you were second my first was ssp
  • Idea for battle bears gold Custom controls

    we all have our different custom controls, and some for the characters we use. Tell me if this sounds like a good idea at all. You can designate different custom controls for different load outs. Say you have your special huggable controls but you don't like it on your Riggs class, you can just change classes without always having to adjust the controls. Does this sound like something that could be implemented? I think it could be pretty useful.

    Edit: or the sensitivity. Anything that people change in options I guess I could say
  • I am very sorry.

    As you know who I am, besides that, I have been pretty annoying, which I have. I just wanted to say I am sorry for pissing you guys off, this is mostly for the ones I have irritated. I am still learning and I'm mostly going to be on forums less, but I really am sorry. What can I do to get better at this? Without giving me all these things that I did and all that, but yes I was being a jerk too. I've decided as small way to make it up, (when I have time) I'm going to do the ice bath/bucket challenge on my channel, I hate cold water, but really I can't say it enough I am sorry. I'm going to stop being a jerk and annoying. I guess it's just my personality but still I would be annoyed to myself if I was one of you. Thank you for reading. <3