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PC mustard race with Android emulator and BBG, iPad 2, iPad Mini 2, Galaxy smartphone barely capable of running BBG
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  • Re: We're winding down BBO to revamp BBG with BBO maps/weapons

    This is some huge and very interesting news. Although things are going the way I personally hoped they would, my best wishes to everyone who built wonderful lasting memories with BBO. I'm looking forward to enjoying a little bit of what made your game so special!
  • Re: Old BBG Veteran here

    Roadrash and Dugong!!! :D Welcome back!

    I built a PC too and do most of my gaming stuff on it, but I still play BBG casually to this day. (Taking a small break at the moment to wait for the overall toxicity of the playerbase to die down a bit.) Very busy with life and school nowadays, but running the home-hosted Minecraft server I've been maintainng since before BBR's launch takes up a lot of my free time. It's a very chill private server that tries to keep the Alpha/Beta spirit of the game alive in these dark Microsoft-and-kiddo-dominated times.

    Thanks to my experiences with the server and with the Bearacks, I've been able to get into the computer industry. There's this one IT class I'm taking that's leaving almost everyone else in the dust due to its fast paced coverage of a huge variety of techie topics, but I've been able to practically sleep through half the lectures because I already know 90% of the stuff that's being covered. The BB community is directly responsible for much of that experience and knowledge. :) Sincerely super thankful to everyone here still for helping me develop my life's interests further, I probably wouldn't have picked the right major without this community's support.
  • Re: Predict when someone from SkyVu will finally appear on the Forum again.

    @MCohen Wait, whoa, what?! Wil himself Loled my pathetic posts!! I am not worthy... As tribute, I will main Chub Scout all day tomorrow in BBG and spam Cheez Whiz on as many people as possible.

  • Re: Thread-

    Getting back on topic... Hi @AbsoluteZero ! Life has been good so far, busy with school, work, and lots of interesting things. I still enjoy BBG casually as a good de-stress kind of game to wind down with or to play for an hour when I'm tired. Its deep equipment system is as entertaining as ever to me. I've given up all hope like practically everyone else in the community, but just like I enjoy revisiting old games, I can still unashamedly find enjoyment in this one, especially after investing so much effort into it years ago. What are you up to nowadays?
  • Re: Astoria or Saberi? Your Favorite Female Battle Bear? (Poll)

    Mavockin wrote: »