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  • Re: Battle Bears Royale 2 - Make Your Suggestions!

    A lot of my issues lie with the powerups. Triple damage lasts way too long, and it triples where it used to double. It should go back to doubling damage, and it shouldn't last as long as it currently does.

    Another issue I have is with the health pickups. Small health packs can't overheal, but they can still be used up by a player at full health. That could potentially end up getting an injured teammate killed, so I don't think it should stay. Additionally, overhealing should go. It's extremely powerful, and once again, it takes away healing opportunities for low-health teammates. In a game where the time to kill is so quick, and where there aren't any healer classes, it's important that health pickups be available as often and as fair as possible.

    There's a noticeable gap in quality between the older and newer skins. This is most notable with Wil, who looks like a puppet in his older skins, while seeming much more alive in the new ones. It would be awesome to see the older skins brought up to par.

    Last, there need to either be:
    1) More game modes
    2) More incentives to play the other game modes.
    People only play team deathmatch; it'd be nice to find matches in other game modes.
  • Re: Year of the Waluigi

    The creativity in these stories is just so wonderful. Also, "No, just kidding. Wario got shot." made me literally lol. I've almost never actually laughed out loud at anything on the internet. Great job, as usual.

    Huggable is now actually on par with the other classes. The only UP class now is maybe Riggs. The rest are balanced.
  • Re: Help me decided guys

    Um don't you get bind gun as soon as you get Sanchez? Either ways, bind gun is very cheap and un-counterable, so I use glue bomb. And greased lighting is just…boring.
  • Re: Alot of ppl are sayin they don't like proveloned personally I like it but wat u guys think

    I think it is decent.