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  • Re: Favorite sport

    Track + field, cross country, volleyball
  • Re: Battle Bears Balance Suggestions(revised and will most likely contain weird mechanics and shifts)

    A little ironic coming from a SoFly user, but SoFly should be toned down IMO. Walk back + mash melee is a great counter to huggables that fly straight at people, but it only works with fast classes. Slower ones just have to take it and hope they don't die. I feel like it should deal less damage. So many mediocre huggables use it offensively and just rush at people, but it should be more of a sneak attack/get away tool. Lowering the damage would discourage the mindless charging while retaining what's fun and unique about the weapon.
  • Re: Battle Bears Gold Feedback Part 2

    A lot of the time, BBG feels like a cluttered game. This is most likely due to classes losing their identity and role in exchange for more weapons. I know this'll be an unpopular opinion because people love content, but a ton of classes have a ton of weapons that don't make sense for them to have at all, or at least from a gameplay standpoint. Remove those weapons or give them to other classes where its more fitting. These weapons for each class include:
    Oliver: Minigun, OCO Gauntlet, Sauke Bomb
    Riggs: Big Iron, Zombie Gun
    Astoria: Blowdart
    Huggable: Headlights
    Wil: Tbh I have no idea what his role is anymore since that turning the tides thing flew out the window
    Graham: Hand Cannon
    B-1K: SRCG
    Botch: Gravity Well
    Sanchez and Saberi also don't really feel like they have a role.

    Giving Saberi and Sanchez a definitive role, reverting Astoria to how she used to be (though the quick specials recharge concept is actually really good; keep that in some way or another) pre overhaul, and giving Wil his "turn the tables" role back would also help with classes having identity and the game feeling like less of a mess.
  • If BBG was re-released, what major changes would you want to see?

    As we all know, BBR was re-released as BBG a few years ago, but other than the lobby system and the new windmill mode, it didn't provide anything outside of more content (skins / weapons / classes). If BBG was to be re-released under a new name, what changes outside of content would you want to see? No idea is too crazy; please don't confine any to what you think would be fitting within the current BBG (though obviously things like make everything free aren't gonna be taken seriously). Here are some things I would personally want:

    1) Bring back the ability to trade joules for gas.

    2) Use a completely new engine if you need to, but please completely overhaul the look of this game. Simply put, BBG is not pretty the way it is now, and making new and improved stage, character and weapon models would be a welcome breath of fresh air.

    3) A new game mode. I'd literally take anything. A popular idea seems to be a boss mode, in which a team of players all work together to take down one extremely overpowered enemy (could be Rho, Bearzerker, Necromancer, Colbear, etc).

    4) Give a new universal mechanic that gives everyone a new form of mobility to spice things up. Botch already has his hover, but they should all be much more effective than that. Just a few examples off the top of my head would be-
    • Give Oliver a short, quick forward roll. It should have a short period of cool down to it (SW boots cool down maybe), but it would be completely invincible for the brief time that it's active.
    • Give Huggable an additional jump that can be put on top of the pro mode jump and SW boots if the player wants 3 jumps. This jump should not have a cool down and be more horizontal than pro mode or SW.
    • Give Botch a teleport that works like the Reaper's in overwatch, but with a very long cool down. Additionally, it should leave poison clouds, one where he teleports from, and one where he teleports to.
    • Give Astoria a grappling hook to quickly get to towers, which tend to be very good spots for snipers to be at.
    I realize these additions would be huge and completely change the way the game plays and be difficult to balance, but this game has been essentially the same since it's release in 2011 (I think?) and needs new features.

    So, those are all my ideas. Please share yours; I'm very interested to hear, and feel free to disagree if you don't like my ideas. Opinions are opinions.
  • Re: (BBO) Would you want the Spawning Huggables from BBU back?

    I always had this crazy idea that now that the generators have been removed, a new class (perhaps the necromancer?) could have a special ability involving spawning huggables.