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All Huggies are actually just a more sophisticated Engineer weapon.. ;(


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  • Re: So what's the deal here?

    SkyVu is pretty much separated from the community now, although they actually still release updates every now and then for BBG :)

    I still think Bbg has tons of hope if touched by the right hands in time, but for now it's a treasure getting dusty
  • Re: Haunted Castle should go.

    @lordshen10 Well, SkyVu also needs a map removed temporarily, so we choose Haunted Castle, because its the least rated! Find me 3 posts that are in favour of haunted castle and have more agrees than disagrees.
  • SkyVu's Greatest Caveat

    From the past updates, there have been the fair share of people who are disappointed in some way, for whatever reason. But that's no reason to blame SkyVu for.


    You read the terms and conditions, or were supposed to. Don't get your hopes up.

    Btw, this is just a fun fling about this picture. This phrase brings so many feelings and meanings to me. It gives SkyVu that humble edge when upmarking the game. Also it's a truth in some way or another, as sometimes, technical things may go wrong etc. It's funny and poignant and the same time.

    But at the end of the day I still love SkyVu for the rollercoaster of events it has brought me through. My fan boy's wish is to go back to the good ol' humble days, where there was constant blog updates here and there.

    Basically interaction between skyVu and forumers.

    Replying to forumer questions is only one part of the picture.

    What used to be great was also ideas and happenings coming from SkyVu's side. I'd like to have @SkyVu_Ben and @SkyVu_Trang know that, rapid updates and actual implementations are not required to keep the forums running strong. A simple post such as "Here is a sneak peak of a screenshot on the new map we're working on. Or, here is the silhouette of the new object gonna be implemented in the game." To small things like "We printed out your fan art and pasted it on our wall! Thanks for the support!"

    Our suspense is your success.

    Sometimes, keeping people in wait also functions just as well to keep them to the game.

    Things have seen to take a step in the positive direction, based on my past experiences and perspectives. Great work SkyVu

    Over the past 6 years, I've endured through a grueling but rewarding journey as a purist Huggy that almost never used other classes.(eg. I only used Oliver 10 times in matches so far, I counted). Many have trouble understanding how meleeing works, as well as overlook how hard it can be for a Huggable, a melee class, to effectively melee his opponents.

    My purpose here is to raise awareness and educate everyone more about the hidden mechanics of this game.

    Ladies and gentlemen, here are another 6 hours editing for my first time, donated to the community.

  • Private Matchmaking Lobby Glitch

    Very often, the number of players in the custom room is greater than the actual number of players, thus hindering the room to fill up to maximum capacity. In the event that rooms manage to do so, sometimes the lobby shows 9/8 or even 10/8. I have personally seen 11/8.

    This is a new glitch to me and I believe is a splinter to anyone playing through private matchmaking; enough to cause frustration, but not enough to go out and make a thread about it.

    So today I bit the cloth and posted this for everyone's knowledge and benefit. For those of you who may have reported it to SkyVu though other mediums, thank you for your support as well!

    Hope you guys could look into this