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Assassins_Ace Recruit

Happy New Year Battle Bears! My 2nd Blender render that I have done. I really wanted a Rudolph Huggable plushy, it was just too cute not to make. Everything is a 3D render except the confettis and the Christmas lights, those were put there digitally afterwords.


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  • Re: Huggable Emojis

  • Re: What's your "Plan B" loadout?

    Plan B: always my deadeye
    I call it the "Deadeye Diet" :p all deadeye loadouts with speed+3 only difference is the slight advantages given with the secondary and melees I use
  • Re: Is headlights UP now?bind gun OP?

    It's not op where it's where a lot of people use to kill easily it's jus people are annoyed when you are slowed in the middle of a heated battlefield. In all honesty of all the bind gun users I encountered (not much) I've killed them easily it's when a bind gun user who know how to wield it well (me) ;p its a pain in the rear. But hey this can be argued on both side since caffeine injection users are a pain for me so it only seemed logical for me to counter fast almost undodgable people by using bind gun. The problem with most people is that they charge in a battle not thinking strategically. Maybe it's OP or people just need to think more strategically rather than shooting killing repeat and forget that they can be stopped if someone does use a support class. I admit the damage is overbearing with his effect of slowing you but hey with all these overhauls and Oliver players able to kill with boring efforts in about three seconds I think this would finally force some sort of tactics into some.

    Long explanation short bind gun stats IMO is justified considering I don't see much bind gun users since they opt out for Oliver or such.
  • BBR Special Matches

    Ever miss the good ole days of BBR? Well that's why I'm hosting BBR Special private matches. The first BBR Special matches that I hosted on Everyplay was successful if not a bit chaotic. If you want to see some of the vids on Everyplay search for: #BBR-Special
    I've decided to expand the matches of four rounds here on the forums. The rules are simple you play four rounds in the original maps (all but airmine so we will play the temple) and in each four rounds you must play a different BBR character in the different rounds that way you play each character fairly. For example if you play Oliver in the first round you can't play him in the 2nd, 3rd & 4th rounds. Whether you decline or accept this challenge is up to you (; If you wish to join the next BBR Special match please PM me and we will go from there.

    -You must use double tap to shoot
    -No pro modes allowed
    -You may keep your customize/default control layout
    -You must use the original characters (Oliver, Riggs, Huggable & Tillman)
    -You must use their original skins & weapon (a list will be provided by me if necessary in the PM)
    -Any equipment & special is allowed
    -No changing into other characters (no usage of loadouts)
    -This is common sense but no hacks as for glitches I won't be strict about but it will ruin your BBR experience
    If you are found guilty breaking these guidelines you will be sentenced to a series of floggings.