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Happy New Year Battle Bears! My 2nd Blender render that I have done. I really wanted a Rudolph Huggable plushy, it was just too cute not to make. Everything is a 3D render except the confettis and the Christmas lights, those were put there digitally afterwords.


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  • BB Profile Artwork W/Backstory

    You may use these as profile pics but please give credits

    Now we all know and love the bb characters through mostly the apps they star in but what I noticed was the lack of story of the characters in artwork. For each profile artwork I make I'll tell a lil snippet of how I created the artwork. Since I create most of my artwork starting with a story and then cutting a scene from it they'll sound like stories. Drawing and writing is my passion. I use: iPad 2, Targus stylus, ArtStudio (app) and most importantly music.

    The aging bricks lined up with graffiti mocks the stalking brown bear but his fears will not show. Will not break. He questions himself and wonder why he ran in the abandoned city in the first place. Steps echo and calling from his perusers. His weapons discarded but his beating feet ricocheted off the closing walls around him. Sweat glossed at his forehead but this doesn't stop him. The stirring mechanics inside him worked overtime as his skin gave off steam. No. This does not stop the confidence inside him. Nor does the grunt of growls from behind crushed his arrogance. However, like him, his luck halted to an end. His curses grabbed by silent death as he reared to a dead end alley. He wrapped old cloth around his burning fist. Despite the odds he was eager for what would come. This was not his finest hour and he knew that. A grin curled up comfortably. His stance ready to pounce at the first sight of the hugging zombies. Two dozen black coals look back at him and he returned the greeting with a predatory smile. A challenge he can not refuse stubbornly as he knew this was his last stand.
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    (Side-note: I got the inspiration from a song called Monsters by Imagine Dragons)
    His mind ran forbidden thoughts. Thoughts of anger and betrayal. Vengeance and destruction. But something inside this shadowy bear stops him from feeding the monster that dwells closely by. A pet yet an enemy. One that tempts him but drives him insane. He himself has trapped himself in his life filled with mirrors. Every blind turn he takes he runs into himself. His mirror self yet also a burning darkness that could be him. In the eyes of light he is outcast yet in the eyes of darkness what he touches isn't dark enough to be welcomed. Can he let go and feed the slimy monster inside him that grows stronger each day. A monster with eyes of emerald flames. A creature with teeth as prickly and numerous as thorns. A tongue that grasp even the most elusive shadows. No. He will not feed into a fiery pit of submission; he will not give up. He takes up his own monster. One that he can release on command like hounds. With a blink of his eyes it sparked a hidden green ember and flaming wild. His wild powers sparked green at his hand and he looks at the mirrors surrounding him. They do not taunt him anymore. He smiled ever so slightly before he started cracking the glass. A monster that mirrors can no longer shackle down.
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