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Happy New Year Battle Bears! My 2nd Blender render that I have done. I really wanted a Rudolph Huggable plushy, it was just too cute not to make. Everything is a 3D render except the confettis and the Christmas lights, those were put there digitally afterwords.


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  • Re: Battle Bears Comic App

    Thanks for sharing these u have increased my knowledge on the B.B. universe. I never knew these comics existed! I love the unicorn and huggable one. The ending was hilarious to me for some reason.
  • Re: Battle Bears Royale 2 - Make Your Suggestions!

    Ok so I’ve read everyone’s ideas and for the most part love the general direction it’s going. Most of the things I’ll mention is just minor fixes I’d like to see. I’ll leave balancing to the hands of more capable people than me.

    PtB is a mode I really like to see more people get into especially if clans get implemented in. The suggestions for them sounds really good and hopefully some get put into the revamp. Specifically the rate at which you grab the bomb and go. Also the reward or missions for the mode is definitely a good incentive. Anyways here goes my contribution. . .

    Seeing your allies health would help add the team in team death match. This would help more team-orientate players give their allies the health they need or a shield to help them. or you know so I don’t run around the map the entire match with 10 health trying to find health only to be stolen when an ally possibly over heals, despite my “help me out” cries.

    I don’t think it was mentioned anywhere but if in private matches there’s more customizable options such as removing specific power-ups it would help to know that it is turn off much like how the map and mode is displayed in private lobbies. (Tiny fix: but if you can somehow put the mode on the lobby title rather than joining to find out that would make picking through matches easier)

    I don’t want SkyVu to bite off too much than they can chew as maybe some of their past projects may have been, and adding chat and clan system should be the only new content they should maybe add while the rest is more on tweaking or balancing and of course make sure that it is not bug ridden. New skin and weapon content should come after the revamp is done smoothly.

    But most importantly good luck Skyvu!
  • Re: We should just duke it out and play BBG for the anniversary. (YouTube commentary and what not maybe)

    Sounds fun. Let me know the date and time! I can join the voice chat but don't expect me to talk I'll just lurk
  • Re: Ace's Artwork Gallery *Updated: 12/31/17*

    I'm not sure why I want to make more fanart for a game barely breathing, I seriously have bad timing. I haven't been drawing as much as I used to and making a bunch of these fan arts just so fun
  • Re: The Sherbet Triplets: An Art Series

    thanks @Skyalis not emoji size but only way I figured out to use em