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I dont play that.
  • Re: Let's talk about all of this.

    But unless Skyvu makes an epic comeback none of the oldies will return..most of them have just moved on to other things in life..the only hope is a new generation of players but for that Skyvu needs to develope a product that attracts people.
  • Re: The most important part of Battle Bears

    Once my old bbr/g friends and even clan rivals left, I quit playing for good so yeah I can definetaly relate and agree with you, a great community is key.
  • Re: Which of these would you want SkyVu to bring back to BBG?

    Trust me if Stacking is allowed again a lot of players will consider coming back to the game and rejoining the community.
  • Re: Does gold member need a cool down buff?

    Demo as a whole needs a buff.
  • My final assault:A piece of my twisted brain

    Lets get straight to the point,I'm gonna talk about two things'The military and this **** up forum<3'

    My biggest fan Shadestalker,whom has been on my D since August of 2013,recently said I critisized the military.Well I'm not gonna hide my ideology,cause I'm not afraid to speak out;)

    Btw Shadestalker lmfao you have no idea that you're own clan members talk **** about you with me and tell me everything you say about me in the FL'worst clan ever'PM and pal chat lmfao its so funny,proves I seriously penetrated you're useless mind since you cant keep my name off you're mouth **** :)You are a weak failure,natural selection baby that theory doesnt fail.You are part of the weak selection so why am I even speaking to you garbage can.If I had you face to face in reality...oh and I wont even say it.

    ^Before all of you flag me,he insulted me heavily before this;)Eye for an eye

    Anyways,yeah the military.I know I wanted to join the marines.But while I was banned I did a lot of thinking in my thick brain.I also talked with a doctor,a very wise old man.

    I refused joining the armed forces,cause I realized it is a shame,not something to be proud of.You are tricked and fooled by the government,offered various "benefits"most of them are not given when you come home and h ell I know real life examples.

    You are trained to kill,you are a puppet of the government.If Obama has a fit you are sent to distant lands to kill people that never did a thing to you,you leave children without parents,killed thousands over what?NOTHING lmao you really think gas is worth more than you're family and other loved ones?**** I know a lot of deserters and I dont blame them.

    You are not a HEROE,you are a serial killer just like Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer:)Only difference is you were authorized to kill by the government that doesnt give a F about you.Look at Vietnam veterans,they even say it wasnt worth it,they got spit on the face when they returned to their home country.

    A lot of people talk without knowing ****:)My father served you're corrupt government for a lot of years,my uncle left his family behind to fight a d umb war in Vietnam...

    Wanna know something else?My uncle returned from Vietnam wounded,he was so ashamed of that useless war.He threw out all his medals,his uniform and always tells his wife that if he dies first he doesnt want to be burried in the national veterans graveyard'However you call it'.

    ****,and hes not the only one.My father three out his uniform too after the 1991 Kuwait conflitct,and he has always spoke againts the military.CAUSE THERE IS NO HONOR IN GOING TO A STRANGE LAND TO KILL PEOPLE THAT DID NOTHING TO YOU OVER NOTHING.

    So no,dont call me a heroe.In fact,that doctor that spoke to me is a heroe.

    Another thing,I have NO RESPECT for veterans who use their service as a shield to get respect,please you dont get any from me and is good to know ai'm not the only one with this mentality:)

    Dont worry,^I posted the same words in my facebook and it was shared;)

    Dont call the cops,cause the CIA and NSA are reading this already as I type and listen to biggie;)

    I'm gonna be short about the forum.I recall when a bbr mate told me'Wtf are you doing in that little kids site?'I went againts him but now I realize he'In fact'THEY are right,cause a bunch of people find this place pathetic.I am one of them now.

    When I joined I tried to socialize,but in return I got hate for posting a thread making fun of FD users,wow you kids are sensitive as mosquitos.A bunch of you flamed me'I wont mention names but you know who you are'now you expected me to fire back with flowers,you got it wrong.I've been holding grudges for an eternity.

    People here flame but when I fire back the corrupt admins and corrupt mods ban me instead for DEFENDING MYSELF,instead of the one that provoked.

    You little kids enjoy talking about bullying,lol I was bullied for years but I stood up for myself and put the end to it with my fist and malice.

    I have more to say,but thats like less than half of the heavy artillery I have reserved.

    Perma ban me,Hate on me all you want with comments that I am honestly not affected by.I've been called so many things I am now immune:)I guess holding grudges is worth it.

    TL;DR-**** all of you that got me started and now act the victim,if you throw rocks expect to be thrown rocks or somethingg worst.

    To the people that actually got to know me,that know I'm a good person,I appreciate everything.Now I'm out,I actually have goals in my life...

    Now dont cry,there is freedom of speech I have all the right to speak my mind.

    ADIOS,I'l see you in the next life...