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I dont play that.
  • Re: Let's talk about all of this.

    Right in the feels, I miss the community the most.
  • It was all a dream...

    I did some introspection and I came to the conclusion that...I shouldn't be wasting time playing around here or any other place on the web, with people that aren't in my age doesn't really contribute anything positive to my goals in reality.

    I'm deep in my 20's now, when I started playing this game and joined the community I was still a teen, life wasn't demanding much from me back then, I could afford to waste time playing games and fooling around in these parts. But I've gotten older, I'm about to complete my education, I should be spending all my time focused on my job, getting an intership and looking for a law enforcement agency to practice my profession.

    I literally feel like a retard coming on here to mess with ya'll...I stand in front of the mirror and I see a grown man with facial hair, well developed body and a baritone deep af voice. Put those all together and look at the way I behave here, it just ain't right, it's a big joke.

    To make matters more embarrassing, everyone from my days in bbr/g is gone, they all moved on and took control of their lives. It messes with my brain to know I'm the only one from the crew whose still here.
    This is all the work of my brain, it's literally telling me'Hey loser it's time to take control and put your priorities in order and cut ties with old non productive activities such as trolling on a forum' hey I think it's a good advice and warning coming from Mr. Brain.

    It was indeed all a dream, a sweet dream I must admit. I am lucky to be able to say I lived the greatest times of bbr, gameplay and community, 2012-2014 were the good times but I have been awakened. The clock keeps tickin' you get have to make a good living and achieve total independence, meet with people, possibly start a family, etc. You keep wasting time and when you realize it's too late, you wonder all the things you could've done in that time you wasted. As you get older your levels of competence decrease, both the mind and the body begin to degenerate, you have to take full advantage of your youth. As of now, bodybuilding and my career are my top priorities and man are they quite productive.

    This is probably reason to celebrate for ya'll lol I know I am disliked by a lot but hey it was all a gimmick, you judged me based on an act. The real me is an individual with depth and some values, less of an A-hole let's say. They are all gone but I'll give mention to those that I spent time with and played with in the early days of this community:

    @RJC 2.0

    Thanks for all the good times, hope all of ya'll are experiencing success in life.

  • Re: The most important part of Battle Bears

    Since this thread is about the importance of a good and thrilling community, let me mention those that introduced me to it and also helped me become a skilled soldier.

  • Re: A confession to someone very special to me.

    Candy Kong>>>>>Samus////You'll never look at monkeys the same way again...

  • Re: What do you use and why do you use it? Pros and Cons. All welcome here ^^

    I don't draw or paint but I practice bodybuilding, Art is a diverse range of human activities in creating visual, auditory or performing artifacts. In this case my body represents an artifact which I work on for some reasons that involve health, establishing goals and achieving them and just fun, I enjoy it.

    Bodybuilding is more than just going to the gym and lifting heavy weight and taking a protein's an art...a science.

    You want your muscles to be well defined and built symmetrically to one another, you want to have a low body fat percentage in order to look lean. There's different routines and exercises and diet plans for you to choose, some help you bulk and others help you cut fat.

    As for my mediums...