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  • Re: Dear Forum...

    lel noobs I bet you were expecting a lengthy paragraph like that loser @InstableGriff writes...

    btw @Duster is the Hostess with the Mostest and @Ultimate_Bear wishes he was as alpha as @Super-Maelstrom and Me
  • Re: Dear Forum...


    This is called a Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger tank @Ultimate_Bear

    It's what I'm going to run over your weak pathetic mustang with and after that I will load an HE round and blow up your house
  • A confession to someone very special to me.

    I luv u samus
  • an insightful (and subjective) view on this game and the community in general and SkyVu itself.

    So today Battle Bears Overclock:FPS Dank Memes including Dante from Devil May Cry series Knuckles Deluxe Royale has been released on the App Store and so far so good.... or is it?

    For the years that I have been here this place has gone from bad to worst, now hold it right there you might be thinking "Oh great, it's one of THOSE threads like @InstableGriff " Well this is how I'd respond, Shut up snd continue reading. Anyways skip the nostalgia talk. One thing however that has intrigued me the most is the fanbase's belief that SkyVu will prevail, Now I'm not trying to shut that down but I think after about 3 years of failure and scandal we shouldn't be so damn naive. the situation has gotten so desperate that Ben is basically offering some noob to shill from them in return for virtual currency, I don't wanna shut you down for that Ben I think that's an interesting marketing strategy you have there and kinda smart. Oh and BBTV? forget that, Dead project. But it doesn't have to be this way right? Right so come on guys, you gotta stop with the complaining and go back to being optimisitc, the freakin' app is being FEATURED. We all knew SkyVu was such in a desperate position, We shouldn't be criticizing so much we should be grateful that with the limited resources SkyVu has, they were able to at least make something worthwhile. Now don't go confusing my plea as in I believe in this game. I don't, but I'm just so sick that this community's faith has utterly shattered. Just remember guys, the shilling helps SkyVu whether you like it or not. So the next time you find something wrong in the game. Take into account of their financial situation. I'm not saying complaining is bad but at least keep that in mind. My only and honest pet peeve with this game is the fact that it has "FPS" like it's some generic app.
  • Re: Disregard, please.

    Game's dead as heck anyways.

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