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AbsoluteZero Noble

The state of this activity is honestly more sad than the state of the rest of the forums. Mostly just the same few forumers making mindless posts. Perhaps some of us could reintroduce some of the quality here? Activity was often the most fun part of the forums and it's the part that COULD still be active. It's not battle bears focused like the threads mostly are. We're friends, we can stay in touch here right? Whatever. Sad as it is i don't think this place is ever coming back.


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  • Soldier is OP


    Ever wonder why soldier is the most popular character among pros and clans? Or why some of the best kill streaks are earned by him? It's because of his unfair versaitility. He's fast, he has decent health, and his equipment give him good bonuses. Then you have the fact that he has a very good automatic weapon in scifi HASR, and that would be fine if that's all he had, but it's not. He can easily switch to a shotgun that rivals the Doomstick. With his impressive stats, primary like secondary's, and good primary's in the first place, he would sound really good. But that's not all. He also has two of the best melees in the game: Kumakiri and Disciplanarian. Kumakiri boost his already decent health to higher levels, and disciplinarian is the second most powerful melee in the game. But he got EVEN better in BBG. Because speed soldier and sets having to do with speed don't need a specific ability to function, they often found themselves with sw boots or Caffiene injection. But thanks to pro mode features, soldier got the jump button. Because his speed is good he can easily travel reasonable distances in the air, and he can dodge almost any projectile easily. So with projectile users being weak against him, demo and B-1000 struggle greatly against him. His weapons can easily tear huggable to shreds, destroy sniper at medium, close , or even long range (rarely). His only real rival is heavy, but heavys secondary's are much less effective and can't abuse double jump as easily, so heavy occasionally struggles as well.

    With all these factors combined, soldier is statistically OP. I will probably gt many disagrees, partially because many people love soldier and don't want him nerf, but scifi HASR and his secondary's are just asking for it. Seriously, I've been holding my anger since 1.3.2 and I've finally lost it. Disagree or not he definitely needs to be nerfed.

  • Re: Should Jump Be Cheaper?

    Disagree wrote: »
    Jump never should've been added into the game. The same goes for radar. There is no fun in having somebody jump over you when you can't shoot up and they can't shoot down. There's no fun in having somebody know where you are when they have another space to use a special because they don't need Sixth Sense Goggles. This decrease in the enjoyable aspect of the game and an increase of "skill needed" and competetive battling have made this game much less appealing to the common player. If somebody wanted to play a fully competetive shooter, they could go play on their console, PC or even some other game like Modern Combat from their app store. Battle Bears is supposed to be one of those game franchises you love to play just because it can keep you interested, but what's so interesting about another mobile shooter?

    <font color=#00aeef>People hating on him because they use jump button, but they fail to mention that he's actually right. We got along fine for years without jump button. Years. It wasn't necessary, and while it balanced huggable, that was about all it did balance wise. It broke soldier, and made classes like Demo very weak. While this isn't very true anymore, it still creates imbalances in the game and clearly was at best an extraneous feature when it was implemented.

    Whatever, disagree with me, i don't care. This forum has never had anything remotely resembling logic and i highly doubt that's going to change now. This reminds me of my thread about Soldier being op. Notice nobody thought he was weak at that time, not a single person. even when it was nerfed, it was still very viable and common, and it wasn't even a minimal nerf. The whole set was actually substantially nerfed and yet it was still good. Just proof for my case, even though most will deny that to this day.

    Notice how in general people only want things nerfed if they never have to rely on it. Of course people are going to deny the uselessness of the jump button from a gameplay standpoint because they use it all the time. They don't want to be effected. And then everyone wonders where this games balance problems come from. People either rebalance the wrong weapons or they go too much in the opposite direction when they rebalance. You have guns like Bearzooka, which went from at one point the most overpowered gun in the game to what its been for a long time now, outclassed at basically everything. And yet because no one uses it, its weakness is often neglected. Or ofc, Dark matter, which went from overpowered to balanced to underpowered to overpowered again. Seriously.

    It really is about time people realize the fundamental flaw with this games balancing is them themselves (and I'm not trying to sound like a jerk, when i say 'them" i'm referring to the community as a whole i am not singling you out). It's very much like public service announcements regarding substance abuse. It's very easy to neglect them, because "they don't apply to you" and then learn nothing from them, and then People proceed to abuse a substance and officially become part of the statistic. They become a number. Thats no different from our current problems as a forum ( all of them). Our community is plagued with people whom consistently talk about the degeneracy of the forums, or that the balancing in the game is bad, and then they spend all their time complaining about new members or something (disrupting the tranquility of the forums) or giving balancing suggestions that are either completely unnecessary or just kinda dumb. And they don't realize it because they assume that their own thoughts and stereotypes do not apply to themselves as well. What a shame.

    We have a little bit of a darwinistic forum/community here, its almost as if were on a ship and everyone spends the whole time trying to find a way to beach it. To this day it boggles my mind how people manage to convince themselves that jump button actually did anything useful for the game. It only complicated the balancing of explosive weapons, decreased the utilities of some specials, and created a large gap in fairness between players who have it and those that do not (seriously, not having it is a HUGE disadvantage in some situations that occur with regularity). People are just so accustomed to it being there that they do not realize how much better this game could've been without it. It is my belief that the only reason people thought it was balanced when it came out was because of Bearail Gun, where the only way to really overcome the weapon consistently was with the jump button, and at the time everyone had access to it as it was free for most and as such its flaws were fairly opaque. To this day, people still routinely deny its problems despite the fact that those problems become more translucent with every update.

    Whatever i guess, not a whole lot we can do about it unless individuals the selves feel any compulsion to fix themselves (which they inevitably won't because remember, they are, of course, exempt from these things or statistics). As i said: we have a very Darwinistic forum.
  • Abilities need an overhaul + suggestions ( BBG suggestions part one

    Like many of you, i have recently gotten back into BBG ( we seem to be recovering from our little dark age) and i noticed that the most unbalanced thing in this entire game is frequently neglected and i'm not sure why. That's right, abilities. We all know that some abilities are without a doubt stronger than other, and it just gets annoying. Abilities need to be rebalanced, but it isn't a problem of balancing the stats. It's the concepts. Some abilities you just really can't improve much upon their current design and keep the current design. And so i think we need to come up with some new idea.

    Sw Boots

    I seriously don't know why i'm leading with this one, i really shouldn't be. But i am going to do it anyway. This ability is indisputably the most used ability amongst good players and one of the strongest ones around. It really is. And my suggestion? Remove it. No, not from the game. Make it part of the jump button. Allowing the jump to have two jumps, a second one being sw boots would make this game so much better. This would allow for a more balanced meta game and a more fun one. You could viably mess around with other specials because you would still have this one in store. I find that oftentimes not running the boots is a disadvantage of a special in itself, and it was just too over centralizing anyway. Please, before you disagree the entire post and leave the thread just consider this for a moment.

    Tesla Shield

    This is a fun one, but it really is too situational to run. Sometimes i play in games where there aren't any explosives, and as effective as tesla shield can be it is among the least versatile specials in this game. My proposition is too make it so that in addition to detonating enemy explosives the shield would also short circuit ( prevent the use of and stop the use of) all specials in its radius (but only if it is an enemy). This would also take out the double jump even though it wouldn't be a special anymore. Also , an active tesla shield grants the user immunity to enemy tesla shields for the rest of its duration. This would make tesla shield so much more viable. It would essentially be a special geared to assist close quarters combatants by crippling enemies within it. It would also detonate explosives, but that would be kind of a side effect compared to its new stronger ability. Oh and i forgot, this would not shut down iron curtain or flawless disguise, but it would prevent their use.

    Iron Curtain

    Iron curtain currently suffers from the same problem as the tesla shield, except worse. I have literally never seen an effective use of iron curtain. This special is in need of a huge buff. And i think it just needs to be reworked entirely. Instead of having the iron curtain moved with you with you at all times, it would be deployed. The new iron curtain would be far more true to its name. Once deployed, not only would it stop bullets like it currently does, but enemies could not pass through it. In addition, all explosives that hit have their damaged reduced by 66% ( with the exception being tillmans) regardless of whether the explosives where from your team or the enemies. I don't have any idea what iron curtains duration and cooldown currently are, but i think it needs to have a relatively long duration but with a noticibly longer cooldown than its duration. Overall this special would be much more strategic.

    Slo-mo Field

    This one sounds a lot cooler and useful than it actually. Unfortunately, this one is a little gimmicky. It is more useful that tesla shield and iron curtain currently are and its competitive with a couple others, but its got nothing on some of the other specials. This one was a little harder to be creative simply because of its concept is so familiar it can't change much. But there are some things that can be done with it. It would slow down not only players, but numerous other things as well. It would slow down projectiles, it would slow down reload rates, it would slow down the players jump and descend speeds, and it would slow down their rate of fires very slightly (maybe 10%). Obviously, this special would be similar to tesla shield in usefulness and it would be very powerful. You would seriously want to avoid being caught in this thing, and it probably would be stronger than tesla shield within its radius. However, tesla shield can stop long range explosive attacks while slo mo field could do nothing past close quarters.

    Healing Tent

    I would completely rework this one to be a more oriented to supporting the whole team, but still helping you. I would make it so the heaing tent would be a placeable object that would generate healing packs ( the item). It would generate them at a rate of one every four seconds, and they would appear randomly in a reasonable radius around it. The balancing? Each player on the team could only make use of half of them, they couldn't use the other half. Meanwhile the enemy could use all of them , and unlike other specials this one doesn't shut down upon death so an enemy could easily take advantage of it. The tent would also have a limited health ( like a turret) and would only be able to take 120 points of damage before breaking. This special would need to be used carefully, but could have big rewards.

    Caffeine Injection

    This would basically become the opposite of slo mo field. The players jump height, reload rate, and fire rate would all be increased in addition to the speed boost. However, power ups would expire 25% faster during its duration. A strong special, but it wouldn't be as useful for grabbing power ups as it used to be.


    After seeing slow mo field and tesla shield, you may think i have forgotten about long range combat. But no i haven't. there would be one special that would dominate the long range field, and it truly would. Nothing would surpass its usefulness past mid range. And that one would be cloaking. The buff to cloaking would be to make the user slightly less visible. But that would be a small buff. The real buff is that the first shot from a non projectile ( exception in Big Iron) weapon fired from cloaking would do 100% more damge, and have 30% less spread. The goal here is to make long range shots from snipers, things like, lightning bolt or big iron do insane damage from their first shot. It would effect things like the asr as well, but their relatively low damage would make it less useful for these weapons.

    Flawless Disguise

    Just revert this thing to its original stats. But it make it so that it would not appear on sixth sense goggles. This special was already strong on its own, and i can't think of a way to make it different.


    This special is already strong and pretty underused imo. This one used to get used often and slowly faded out and i'm not sure why. It hasn't gotten any weaker and it wouldn't be as dominating as some of the other new ones but it would certainly have a niche ( seriously, if this was used next to a cloaked sniper with deadeye, the damage would be horrendous)

    Sixth-Sense Goggles

    Wow i am getting tired of writing. I do not think i have written this much in one go in my entire life. Anyway, not to be left behind, the sixth sense goggles would be trailing a new revolutionary path in battlefield surveillance. Unlike its previous version, this one would allow the user to have almost complete knowledge of the entire battlefield for a brief period of time. In addition to showing the characters, it would show their health bars, powerups, projectiles, and the bomb in plant the bomb. I would make its duration and cooldown both a little longer, because it would alloe you to take in more information in one go. If you like to be aware of your surroundings, this one would be a must have. The most appealing aspect would be the health bars, you could spot weak players and hunt them down.

    Ok yeah, clearly these concepts are insanely strong compared to current specials. But that the whole point, the specials would allow you to do what their name entails: specialize. Instead of just being another guy using sw boots or caffiene injection, each of these new specials would have a specific playstyle they are geared too. They aren't made to appeal to everyone, but they would be great fun to the right person. And really, everyone gets to use their favorite special in a stronger form. Everyone gets sw boots, and you also get to use your favorite special in a viable way. Some are clearly more versatile than others, but they are all effective and unlike the old ones they would all be used. I reccomend players who have sw boots but not jump button be gifted jump button if the sw boot deletion was implemented for compensation. And yes, i'll admit i may not be perfect at balancing so some of these may turn out to be a little op. But i think their spedialties make them all apart ( the only ones that are really similar would be slo mo and tesla shield). The reason this thread is titled (bbg suggestions part 1) is because i'm trying to come up with concepts that will work togther to make the game more technical and skill reliant. I'll make another one of these threads next time i feel like writing another documentary's worth of words.
  • Re: ah hi I'm new ; v ;

    Try to enjoy your stay here.