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AbsoluteZero Noble

The state of this activity is honestly more sad than the state of the rest of the forums. Mostly just the same few forumers making mindless posts. Perhaps some of us could reintroduce some of the quality here? Activity was often the most fun part of the forums and it's the part that COULD still be active. It's not battle bears focused like the threads mostly are. We're friends, we can stay in touch here right? Whatever. Sad as it is i don't think this place is ever coming back.


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  • Re: Battle Bears Overclock Memories

    Adixion wrote: »
    SSP_Rism wrote: »
    Adixion wrote: »
    SSP_Rism wrote: »
    “Most OP team”
    Didn’t have me on it so it clearly wasn’t (;

    You didn’t play BBO with me during hard launch

    Ya kicked me from 3lite i didn't have any way of speaking to you besides randomly in chat

    You left to join DL bro lol

    Then he must've known what was up ;)
  • Re: Battle Bears Overclock Memories

    Ah you came to drop stats to brag :3 Might want to be careful, there's plenty of people with fake stats lying around.

    I will say, considering you never sniped, I was quite embarrassed that I lost to you that time in a snipers match.

    Other memories? I remember you contacting me as Skyalis to share your little secret...and everyone telling me not to trust you.

    Funny part is that I have almost zero BB0 pictures. So I can't help you there.
  • Re: We're winding down BBO to revamp BBG with BBO maps/weapons

    SSP_Rism wrote: »
    @AbsoluteZero the sniper rifles and pistols wouldn't work especially not the most OP sniper steampunk (especially considering the random crit chance would make them super inconsistent in bbg and over time people would start to hate them).. I don't think most of the weapon types in BBO would work in BBG maybe futuristic ASR but i haven't played in a while so i may be forgetting something.

    The armour sets could be made into skins as well *cough* graham shark *cough*

    Saberi's unpopularity comes from the fact she has no class role when you buy every other class you expect something but saberi no one knows what "combat tech" means.

    Balance in BBG is a pretty high priority considering a ton of OP weapons and and even larger list of UP.

    Everything else i agree with but maybe the BBU candyland spawn camping would need a touch up on (maybe having different spawn rooms?) if they used that version of it (if they do put it in BBG). I think a map that would worl really well in BBG would be that dark island map with the springs ateach side bringing you to the middle.

    Yeah armor sets into skins is a good idea. Some weapons don't have to be incorporated into BBG the same way they were in BBG. They should be changed to fit BBG while still feeling a little bit familiar. I also hate random crit chances and they should never be added into BBG.
  • Re: We're winding down BBO to revamp BBG with BBO maps/weapons

    Thank you for the fast response and reassurance. It seems like the members of our community are willing to come together for this so we'll see what we can get done.
  • Re: We're winding down BBO to revamp BBG with BBO maps/weapons

    Well I suppose my efforts put into BB0 have now become somewhat wasted. But we all knew it would come to an end someday. I now feel somewhat obligated to begin playing BBG again, yet I am afraid that my knowledge of the game is out of date and I have little to contribute in discussions regarding its current status. Hopefully I can change that reasonably soon so I may be able to contribute once again.

    So far as to what to add from Overclock, please keep in mind that maps were different from BBU to BB0. We need to be aware of which versions were more well recieved and base the BBG maps on those. I never played BBU, but I know that the Overclock version of Candyland is generally disliked and I agree with the sentiment. As far as which weapons to include, I personally would like at least one of the rocket launchers to appear in BBG, but with some changes to better suit the different gameplay (like a larger AoE). I just feel that although Tillman has enough weapons, none of them feel like a 'standard' explosives weapon. All his weapons seem to have their quircks, and I feel that he needs something a little more typical. Many of the other unique weapons are also in BBG, so obviously we have to ignore those. Maybe we can consider adding the most popular variants of certain weapon types? Steampunk sniper was obviously the most prominent sniper, and I think futuristic pistol might be the most overall popular over time. The other uniques, and many of the ones from BBU but not BBO are great candidates too. Harpoon seemed to always have been a well liked weapon.

    Between mystic and twilight, i would recommend mystic forest. It's music is better imo and more original as it not a remix of a coexisting bbg song, and it is also much less laggy for whatever reason. I also think the daylight atmosphere suits it better. But the three maps most deserving to be added are Sporest, Neo, and Sky Pirates. For whatever reason they were the most prominent maps while I played Overclock, and i assume they were before that as well.

    Although it has not been mentioned, I think some skins could transfer as well if we have the time and resources for it. But it is obviously not important. For Soldier the Kabuki and Mall Cop skins are good candidates, for Astoria I like the treasure hunter one although it was not the most popular (cat burglar and captain Astoria were). Obviously skins are not important but they are another way to add content.

    Another thing, some things already in BBG could use a revamp. Saberi is a very unpopular character, due to her poorly done quotes (some copied from Astoria lol) and her design which most people agree is aestheticslly unpleasing. Steamyard Blues is a terrible map, and it should be either removed or completely reworked as many people hate it. Not sure how much of a priority a balancing update is, but there is almost always some balancing to be done in any game.

    Lastly, we need to make sure that this new update is not riddled with bugs. Bugs single handedly killed BBU. We cannot have that happen again. It does not have to be perfect, and clearly catching all bugs is extremely hard to do. But it cannot have too many bugs or else it will be doomed from the start.