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AbsoluteZero Noble

The state of this activity is honestly more sad than the state of the rest of the forums. Mostly just the same few forumers making mindless posts. Perhaps some of us could reintroduce some of the quality here? Activity was often the most fun part of the forums and it's the part that COULD still be active. It's not battle bears focused like the threads mostly are. We're friends, we can stay in touch here right? Whatever. Sad as it is i don't think this place is ever coming back.


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  • Re: What should we NOT include in the BBG Revamp?

    Desert Airmine has always been one of the most popular maps and it's my personal favorite. The wind mechanic suggestion sounds fine but the map is too popular to get rid of or even change severely imo. In theory it isn't the best map, it gives the team with high ground a bit of an unfair advantage and the dangers of the map itself disrupt typical gameplay. But it's a very easy map to like for those reasons too. Asymmetrical maps are a little bit more interesting, and the hazards make map navigation much more important and make gameplay intriguing. Additionally the multileveled aspects clearly distinguish the map from the others and make it fairly unique. Another note on this, people seem to like maps that have a bit more interaction. Most maps are very passive, but Desert Airmine, Shortest Parsec, and Haunted Castle have more hazards and involvement. They're three of my favorite maps as a result and I think others agree. They make for more interesting maps and add a bit more strategy as well.

    Speaking of Desert Airmine, the jump pads sending players off the map should probably be fixed if it isn't already.

    Sky View is ehh. Never heard it listed as anyones favorite map, and it certainly has some issues. But at the same time it is fairly well liked for ffa matches and is very popular for huggable matches as well. It's not a great map for average games but it seems to have a bit of a niche. I don't think it's a glaring issue but it's not so popular that a redesign would be a bad idea.

    I agree with the others on Steamyard blues. The layout is confusing, it's too small, explosives are blatantly overpowered on it, and their isn't quite enough color variety imo (although some may disagree on that last part). It's also pretty claustrophobic and difficult to navigate. It's the only map i see as being a problem. The rest may have their issues but they all have a niche. That being said, Spaceship has become increasingly prone to spawn killing and powerup abuse as the pace of the game has increased (it seems a bit too small for the faster pace).

    I also do not want chests or candyland for already explained reasons.

    I do not want autoaim in BBG. Autoaim isn't an inherently bad idea, but a lot of people see it as skilless and so it hurts the reputation of a game (just look at how much hate futuristic sniper got in BB0. The weapon sucked and people still complained about it). I've seen people claim BB0 was too easy because of autoaim. Snipers already have a form of autoaim which I'm ok with, but I don't want any weapon to have true autoaim in bbg.

    Saberi is a problem, but I'm not sure we should completely get rid of her. A redesign to her visuals and audio would help, and maybe modifying her weapons. She would essentially be a different character but still around.

    I don't want more characters any time soon. I think we have plenty at this point. We should focus more on developing what we have instead of adding more characters.

    That's mostly it for me. Not a lot of things I affirmatively hate in these games, and some of the things I do hate aren't really applicable here (like punches in BB0). Most glaring issues with BBR/BBG have been balance issues and bugs until fairly recently. It wasn't until Saberi that I started having content issues as well.
  • Re: We're winding down BBO to revamp BBG with BBO maps/weapons

    Thank you for the fast response and reassurance. It seems like the members of our community are willing to come together for this so we'll see what we can get done.
  • Re: Battle Bears Gold is too hard for new players and broken for veterans.

    Hate to break it to you but bearscream provides 3x damage, not 2x.

    The rest of this i'll respond to later if i remember.
  • Re: Which maps (preferably three) from BB Overclock do you think would work best in BBG? [Poll]

    Mystic Forest is definitley one of Overclocks best maps.

    Neo Omaha is good but it is incredibly jank for 1v1's, and both it and Sky Pirates can be kinda campy and are a little vulnerable to abuse of the jump pads (ice traps). They're good maps but they have some issues, and i honestly think Mystic Forest is more well rounded. Mystic Forest is not similar to any BBG maps, allows for a variety of combat situations, has well placed spawns, and works well for both team games and 1v1's. Definitley has my vote.

    Sporest is another good one, no real issues with it and definitley one of Overclocks best maps.

    My third choice would actually have to be either Neo or Science Lab. An important consideration is the powerups in BBG, and i don't think Sky Pirates has many good places for the powerups. Candyland is just all around terrible, and Underworld already has problems with the start (charge shots lol), it would be even more hectic with powerups.

    Neo, despite its problems, is well designed and has a layout that works well with BBGs system. Science Lab is another good choice, with a good map layout and a bit of an emphasis on close range combat. Many of these maps would need to be scaled up for BBG. I will choose Neo for the last one, however, simply because it's more iconic and tends to have more popular aesthetics.

    Mystic Forest
    Neo Omaha
  • Re: "**** ruined BBO!"

    Dujuran wrote: »
    I feel like jumping shouldo get a bit of a longer cool down because it's so spammy.

    The fact that it HAS cooldown is annoying let alone making it worse :/

    And so here I am, logging into this forum since you insist on having us voice our opinions. Reducing the cooldown of jump is NOT a particularly viable balancing option unless you are willing to rebalance a SIGNIFICANT amount of gameplay mechanics and weapons. For example, you implied in the OP that the SP Sniper is in need of a nerf. To be completely honest with you, despite the typical opinion amongst snipers, i actualy agree with you. As it is, the SP Sniper, although it has a high skill cap, is pretty horrifying to face in the right hands and can completely dominate gameplay when used well. The main defense against weapons like it is to outmaneuver the user, typically using tricky movement patterns in order to survive long enough to kill them (a still target tends to die pretty quickly as we all know). Reducing the spamminess of the jump button would effectively nerf the greatest defense against snipers quite severely, to the point where snipers would go from situationally if not objectively overwhelming to completely broken. Snipers are not the only weapons that would be effected in such a way, explosives, shotguns, and katanas would also become fairly overpowered. If you were to nerf the jump button, you would have to rebalance all of these weapons and probably more. The jump button has left its mark on Overclock, and unless you wish to rebalance pretty much the entire game, it in its current form, is here to stay.

    Why must you insist that UB is the only person to voice his opinions on balancing, when he CLEARLY is not? Back when more people like us actually played this game, people did voice their opinions with some frequency. I even personally made an entire thread regarding how and why i consider smg's and Wil to be in need of serious nerfs. I even put in time and effort into calculations and then discussed as a sidenote how i felt gamemodes could effect the state of the game.

    When you say that UB is the only player to go in depth and specifically talk about balancing, did you just not see the things that I and others have said? I have clearly voiced my opinions regarding many of the weapons and characters on this forum and so have others. Did you not see them? If you did or didn't, think of what it means when you say that UB was the only one to do this. What does this say of my efforts and those of others? That they are meaningless, poorly done, vague, and disregarded? I promise you that some of us have stated how we feel regarding weapon balance whether you noticed it or not. The reason people objected so strongly to UB's balancing changes is because they actually did not appear well thought out. He literally just said a bunch of opinions regarding his experiences. He did not use statistical analysis, concrete evidence, or even stories of gameplay that would prove a point regarding the weapon. His balancing suggestions were not well supported and generally did not appear well thought out. And surprise surprise, they pissed a lot of people off and i will gladly tell you quite a few them do not make any sense and i will gladly explain to you why if you would like me too.

    And after all of this, I will just tell you that balancing did not kill Overclock. Yes, the game has serious balancing issues. However, they honestly didn't appear in gameplay that often. Many op weapons are difficult to use (mainly snipers), and the plethora of broken armor and augment setups often take a while to obtain (and most of the broken augments are quite rare). I've never been the best sniper around, but i could hold my own against most snipers throughout the game under equipped. I have only ever used power level 4 and +7.5 regen armor, which pales in comparison as a setup to many others that dedicated players use. The reason i say so confidently that you can usually get by against broken setups is because i had actually done it for quite some time. Furthermore, returning to my earlier point the broken setups are generally not very common in most gameplay. Although an issue, balancing in this game is much less of an immediate problem than in many other games including BBG.

    While fixing balance would be nice, and i do have many thoughts on the subject, it is more important to release content and attempt to revive gameplay. The game is dead, we all know that. There is not much point in rebalancing a game that very few people play, balancing can come later. Our highest priority is simply making the game appealing again. I actually really like Overclock, i think its fun despite what some people may say. The game has a ton of potential that i'd like to see it fulfill. Yet even I have stopped playing this game. The minute this game can appeal to its old playerbase once again, it will have more room for growth (as it would have an established playerbase to work with once again) and we can attempt to stimulate said growth from there. Balancing did not cause Overclock to fail, and it is not of immediate importance. Balance comes later, growth is where we should focus our attention.

    I have discussed balancing with @CantTouchThis extensively in the past in the hopes that we would post our thoughts on every weapon and character (along with thoughts on mechanics and general gameplay) in one thread. Unfortunately this discussion never saw any light on the forums. If you would like, i can attempt to organize this discussion for you on a thread or pm somewhere. Even just pictures of this discussion would contain far more in depth content regarding balancing than what we are all used to seeing on this forum. Although i have made my opinions clear, and i have specifically discussed certain weapons, I have failed to actually make all of CTT's and I discussion clear even though i have had the whole conversation saved in my inbox. And for that, i apologize. I also realize this comment probably comes off as harsh, but please recognize that a lot of the criticism in the post isn't targeting you but is built up frustration that happens to be concentrated in a message to you (and for that i also apologize). While i disagree with concentrating on balance at the moment, there is no harm in discussing it and i am willing too if you would like.

    TL:DR: We need to work together in reviving the playerbase before we can afford to promote balancing updates.