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AbsoluteZero Noble

The state of this activity is honestly more sad than the state of the rest of the forums. Mostly just the same few forumers making mindless posts. Perhaps some of us could reintroduce some of the quality here? Activity was often the most fun part of the forums and it's the part that COULD still be active. It's not battle bears focused like the threads mostly are. We're friends, we can stay in touch here right? Whatever. Sad as it is i don't think this place is ever coming back.


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  • Re: Battle Bears Royale 2 - Make Your Suggestions!

    I think we need to get rid of the joule drops when you kill an enemy. They distract from general gameplay and are kind of a pain to collect. I think all of the joules should be rewarded instantly and joule drops should be discarded.

    As far as Plant the Bomb goes, I think the slowing effect when grabbing a bomb shouldn't be completely removed. Instead I think it should differ depending on the class:

    Grabs the bomb instantly: Heavy, Chub Scout, B-1000
    Grabs the bomb 2/3 faster: Tillman, Graham
    Grabs the bomb 1/3 faster: Oliver, Botch, Astoria, Saberi, Sanchez
    Grabs the bomb at current rate: Huggable

    This would help balance faster and slower classes in PtB, because huggable is almost undeniably the best class for PtB. With these changes, fast classes would still be the best for moving the bomb long distances, but slower, bulkier classes would be better suited to moving the bomb short distances towards the pipe. Huggable would still be a better class overall (as you would still be invincible during the grabbing animation) but classes like Heavy and B-1000 would be slightly more effective at moving the bomb.

    As far as Joule rewards go, I think the following should be changed. Planting the Bomb should give the player more joules and exp, and every other player on the team should get 20% of the joules and exp for every bomb planted by a teammate. This would encourage teams to work together and help plant the bomb as everyone would be directly rewarded (although the person who actually planted the bomb would still get the most benefit). From the defensive side of things, an enemy holding the bomb should give 50% more joules and experience when killed, and every member of the team should get joules and exp when the enemies bomb explodes. Giving joule rewards for preventing the enemy from planting the bomb would encourage defensive play as well, as I feel that if we made just bomb planting give bonus joules people would play only offensively and neglect defending their own base. The extra rewards would help make PtB more popular (it's already well liked, just people don't play it for some reason).

    For King of the Windmill, I don't think it will ever be as well liked as PtB. But we can work to improve it some. I think the objectives should be significantly larger, as right now it is a bit difficult to hold the windmill against enemies with AoE weapons as they can flood the area with explosions. A bigger radius will help prevent this. There should also be a joule/exp reward for being within the windmills radius when a point is earned to give more incentive towards the objective.

    On another note, I would like Olivers old melee animations back. The new ones are awkward and there wasn't really a reason to replace the old animations in the first place (as far as I know).
  • Re: Battle Bears Royale 2 - Make Your Suggestions!

    NYCO wrote: »
    Classic BBZ rifle: Many of Oliver's primaries are automatic, but playing with a single but accurate shot rifle is a concept I think is really fun.
    This. Oliver's classic Rifle from BBZ has not been seen almost anywhere since its debut, and I think, especially with the BBZ update, that now is the perfect time for Oliver to finally dust it off and make use of it on the BBG battlefield.

    It was actually fully automatic though to be clear. Just shot kinda slow (like the needle rifle from Halo Reach).
  • Re: We're winding down BBO to revamp BBG with BBO maps/weapons

    SSP_Rism wrote: »
    @AbsoluteZero the sniper rifles and pistols wouldn't work especially not the most OP sniper steampunk (especially considering the random crit chance would make them super inconsistent in bbg and over time people would start to hate them).. I don't think most of the weapon types in BBO would work in BBG maybe futuristic ASR but i haven't played in a while so i may be forgetting something.

    The armour sets could be made into skins as well *cough* graham shark *cough*

    Saberi's unpopularity comes from the fact she has no class role when you buy every other class you expect something but saberi no one knows what "combat tech" means.

    Balance in BBG is a pretty high priority considering a ton of OP weapons and and even larger list of UP.

    Everything else i agree with but maybe the BBU candyland spawn camping would need a touch up on (maybe having different spawn rooms?) if they used that version of it (if they do put it in BBG). I think a map that would worl really well in BBG would be that dark island map with the springs ateach side bringing you to the middle.

    Yeah armor sets into skins is a good idea. Some weapons don't have to be incorporated into BBG the same way they were in BBG. They should be changed to fit BBG while still feeling a little bit familiar. I also hate random crit chances and they should never be added into BBG.
  • Re: Battle Bears Royale 2 - Make Your Suggestions!

    I guess I'll kick off my own suggestions by first bringing up something I've already mentioned on the Discord server that was acknowledged, I'm just posting it here too as a reminder and in case other people want to add to it.

    Picking up the bomb in Plant the Bomb should be significantly faster. Currently, picking up a bomb disables your controls and leaves you in place for way more time than I would like. Yeah, you're invincible during that period, but that doesn't mean a camping enemy won't be waiting to instantly take you out once you regain control; it's frustrating for pretty much everyone.

    Adding on that, I think plant the bomb and king of the windmill should have much higher joule rewards in order to encourage people to play them. Having a gamemode with higher rewards would give newer players a better chance to obtain essential weapons in order to become competitive. As an added bonus, since these gamemodes are more team oriented, the new players should have a softer introduction to the game as their team may be able to do the heavy lifting. We may need to promote awareness of these changes within the game, however, so that people actually know about them.

    Another thing that's been bugging me, why have gas deplete as people play more games? Nobody buys gas so that they can play more games, it almost never happens. There's too many expensive gas items for it to be worth it. All it does is slow down players progression and discourage people from playing more than a certain amount of matches. In my opinion, gas should be changed to function only as currency and players should always be able to get joules and experience from matches regardless of how many they have played.

    A neat feature we could add would be customizable music for the game, with a system similar to that employed in the latest super smash bros game (where each map has multiple possible songs, and you can change how often each one will play). The good thing about this is making new songs is not necessary, we already have more than enough from other games. For example, for the main menu, players should be able to pick from the classic bbr menu theme, the new bbg menu theme, the original BBU menu theme, and the tutorial theme. I don't think the jungle theme from BBF (the current BB0 menu theme) would fit BBG's menu. I also think that having some songs play at the end of every match would be a nice touch, for example, players could choose between the normal themes or 'I'm a battle bear' at the end of every match. Something like that.

    We should consider dropping the name 'Battle Bears Gold' and bring back the older Silver Icon. We shouldn't rename it Royale, as it isn't Royale and never will be. But bringing back the old silver icon and just naming it 'Battle Bears' or something would help old players feel at home in the game, even though it's more similar to bbg. Having the original loading screen could also help with this, and being able to select old soundtrack would help as well.

    I am primarily a BB0 player, and while I preferred it to BBG, BBG is still a great game with plenty to work with. But there are some things that BB0 did a little better. Most notably, the chat. The chat feature really helps incorporate new players into the community and makes the game seem much more active and promotes a vibrant community. It would be wise to add it into BBG. The ability to select between 4-6 minutes in a private match was nice as well, and I can't really think of a reason not to include that in BBG (on a similar note, something Griff and Wilpower have suggested that sounds great is the ability to disable power ups in private matches). A clan feature is also a must have for BBG, and a friend-list such as the one from BBF would be a great addition as well. BB0s weapons did not have bars describing their traits, but instead numbers. The bars used to describe the stats of weapons and characters are archaic and not very informative. Just simply putting the weapons actual stats would be much more useful.

    Something that's been really bothering me is the lack of word wrap in weapon and skin descriptions. Often times only half of the description will even be visible. This really hurts the game more than it would seem because a lot of clever descriptions that give the game personality are not even readable. They also give the game an unpolished look that doesn't do it any favors.

    I really think promode should be free. Radar is generally pretty unpopular, and to an extent I'm inclined to think we should just remove it and refund everyone who has it 60 gas. I feel that it doesn't really contribute and/or fit into the game and its kinda lame. A lot of people seem to agree with me if my perception is correct. Jump mode is so essential to gameplay anymore it really should be a fundamental feature everyone can use. I can't remember the last time I played another shooter where I had to buy the ability to jump. It also puts new players at a severe disadvantage for no real reason.

    The ads at the end of each match I can tolerate, as I know we need revenue. But the fact that after every video it pulls the app up in the appstore within BBG is infuriating. If we could bring back the old ads where it was just the video that would be nice (but if we can't due to revenue reasons, I understand). We should also be able to pay to make the game ad free imo.

    As far as controls go, we should fix the issues with double tap. I would much rather play with double tap because I wouldn't need an attack button and because it's the old school controls. But it's currently too jank to really be usable. The ability to bring back the old control aesthetic (where instead of having a round weapon button, a picture of the weapon or ability would be there instead) would also be nice for us old players.

    The only note I'll have for balancing in this thread will be here. I feel that powerups are increasingly becoming a problem. As the games pace increases, powerup hoarding is becoming increasingly easy and powerful. I think that powerups and overheal may need a nerf and/or that some maps should be resized in order to counter this (aka Spaceship). Bearscream Sandwhich could do with doubling damage instead of tripling it, and an overheal cap of 50% doesn't sound unreasonable either.

    Pretty much this entire post refers to just general gameplay, features, or format because I don't feel that I can adequately contribute on balancing or more specific features. But I do think that there are a lot of ways to improve even outside of those things, as I have explained in this post.
  • Overclock Weapons/Abilities in BBG

    I've been thinking about what from BB0 could be added into BBG, and this thread is where I'm going to dump my thoughts on the subject. It should be noted that not everything can exist in bbg in the same fashion that it did in BB0 and still fit into the different game.

    Anyways lets get started.

    Standard Weapons- I've been convinced that the best way to incorporate the main weapons of BB0 is just to add the standard variant of each class. They should only be given to the original characters (they wouldn't really fit with the new characters added in BBG anyways). Standard Assault Rifle should go to Oliver and Riggs, Standard Minigun to Riggs, SMG to Wil and Oliver, Shotgun to Wil and Graham, Standard Sniper to Astoria, Standard Rocket Launcher to Tillman, and pistol as a primary for Graham and Astoria. Obviously Smg for Will wouldn't really fit the character but having one weapon with a different playstyle wouldn't hurt the overall character too much imo. I think standard pistol would best be added as a primary, as it wouldn't suit most characters as a secondary (Tilman, Astoria, and Graham all have specialized secondaries, and Riggs and Oliver are getting enough weapons as is). Standard Pistol would have to be stronger as a primary than it was in BB0.

    Including these weapons is kind of difficult, but i feel that making all of them available for all of the bb0 characters wouldn't work very well as some of them clearly do not fit some characters playstyles (such as shotgun for Astoria). Instead I think each of the characters should get two, with the exception of Tillman just getting the rocket launcher.

    Daisy Cutter- Definitley a must include as well. Tillman always seems to be short on weapons and a rocket launcher with auto aim could help diversify his selection. I think it should lock on to enemies similary to his rocket secondaries, and serve as a sort of combination of a primary and one of his secondaries. If fired without being locked on, It should just be a straight moving, large, slow projectile.

    Something I'm thinking about for this one is maybe allowing it to have a special effect depending on what secondary you have equipped with it. Fireworks could boost its lock on and reload speed, happy hour could increase the damage, peacemaker could boost its AoE, Phat Man could give it a radioactive effect, Let it Cold could give it a slowing effect, and RPl could boost projectile speed. Kind of a trivial idea I know but I'd like to see more unique weapons in the game. I think Daisy Cutter should feel similar to its original form but it could have a bit of a twist as a primary that feels somewhat like a mix with the secondary that is being used.

    Harpoon-Should definitley be added as it was always well liked in Overclock. Unfortunately I have no clue how to go about incorporating this weapon for the time being, but I do think it Should go to Oliver.

    Dragon Slayzer- I really would like to add this to BBG, but I actually want this weapon to go to Astoria. I think its combination of long range, high damage, small AoE, relatively fast projectile speed, and Small Magazine would actually make this fit Astoria as a sort of explosive precision weapon.

    If we feel the need to give this weapon a new touch, Dragon Slayzer could also be used as a melee in place of Astorias melee weapon. Astorias normal melee weapon would be used if the Dragon Slayzer is out of ammo. But if it has ammo it could be a powerful, large hitbox melee weapon giving Astoria unpredented prowess in close quarters. To make up for this, the weapon should have a very small AoE (maybe even smaller than golden members) and a combination of two ammo and a slightly long reload time. These combinations would make it a high skill but very dangerous weapon.

    Ant Blaster- Wils only unique in BB0, and it never got enough love within the game. But we now have an oppurtunity to fix that. This should definitley go to Will. It's such an odd weapon that incorporating it would be quite difficult. However, we do know that Chub Scout is supposed to be able to turn the tides of battle which can help us in determining what this weapon should do in BB0. A possible way that Ant blaster could work is to have a low base damage, but its damage increases the longer it's beam is held on a particular enemy. The rate of increase is more or less depending on which team is winning and by how much (similar to balance beam), and its rate of damage increase should be much higher against enemies that are overhealed or have powerups. Ant blaster would be a high skill cap weapon that rewards great focus and aim with high damage and serves as a counter to powerups to help balance the odds for your team. It, like its BB0 counterpart and the original Zombee gun, would have a huge amount of ammo and an average reload with limited range. I also think it will help deal with spawn kill strategies that rely on powerup hoarding.

    Big Spender- The problem with this weapon is that it isn't particularly unique in BB0. I'm not sure right now how to go about implementing this, or if it should be implemented. Perhaps an older BBU weapon can be added instead. But Graham should get a BB0 weapon as well.

    Mechanical Bullet- This weapon has to be added. People seemed to enjoy the concept and the weapon itself despite its being unusuably bad. It will be somewhat similar to bouncing betty, however, i think mechanical bullet should bounce more linearly. It should only bounce straight fowards. Its damage should increase with every bounce, encouraging Riggs players to attempt to cause it to bounce before it hits enemies. Like the rockette launcher, a direct hit will do bonus damage and knock players back (although not as severely). It should have a limited number of bounces until it disappears, and should disappear when it hits an enemy.

    In general I feel that besides the standard weapons, each character should get one unique weapon from BB0.

    Riggs-Mechanical Bullet
    Tillman-Daisy Cutter
    Graham-Big Spender(?)
    Astoria-Dragon Slayzer
    Wil-Ant Blaster

    Any more weapons would be too many to add. However, some additional ideas for a future update are healing turret, healing grenade, and ice trap.


    Ninja Vanish- The nice thing about this one is it doesn't have to be changed much to fit into BBG. A quick movement boost and complete cloaking will always be useful, so this ability can remain virtually the same in a bbg reincarnation.

    Charge Shot-This ability has always been controversial, but opting to use it instead of sw boots would require it to be a strong ability and charge shot has always been strong. Again, it shouldn't have to be changed much. Could be useful for any high damage weapon.

    Thunderdome- Unfortunately, Thunderdome was absolutely broken in BB0. Slowing of the enemy combined with stopping enemy fire was simply too much. It should be added into BBG in a similar form minus the ability to slow opponents. It would simply serve as an ability similar to the bubble shield from Halo 3, blocking all non explosive weapons. However, explosives will able to go through (so that tesla shield will remain viable). Obviously iron curtian would be even less appealing if thunderdome was added, but iron curtain has always been bad so it isn't really something worth caring about.

    Boom Box- I generally like the idea of team oriented abilities, so the boombox is a must have. In contrast to propbearganda, boombox should increase fire rate, reload speed, and special speed, allowing for a large volume of suppressive fire if a teammate is within its radius.

    Energy Drink- Another ability that doesn't have to be changed much. Like its BB0 form, it should increase damage, fire rate, and movement speed for a short duration. It's movement speed increase should be smaller than caffiene injection and its duration much shorter in order to keep it from replacing caffiene entirely.

    This all may be too much to add in one update, but we may be able to get all of these weapons and abilities across two updates. We should prioritize the weapons listed imo, the abilities can wait. I know that many of my ideas here may be a little silly, but we need to start coming up with unique ways to do this and I'm just trying to get people in the right mindset. The unique weapons should have slight twists to them when added to BBG, that way they provide a refreshing experience for players who have never played Overclock so that they can appeal to both playerbases. I will continue to update this as I come up with more ideas, as this is not the most thought out thread I have ever had. I will also be making more threads on similar topics fairly soon