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AbsoluteZero Noble

The state of this activity is honestly more sad than the state of the rest of the forums. Mostly just the same few forumers making mindless posts. Perhaps some of us could reintroduce some of the quality here? Activity was often the most fun part of the forums and it's the part that COULD still be active. It's not battle bears focused like the threads mostly are. We're friends, we can stay in touch here right? Whatever. Sad as it is i don't think this place is ever coming back.


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  • Re: Why has SkyVu given up BBO???

    BBR always had a special charm to it. It wasn't even a particularly great game conceptually, it was good but it wasn't unique and it had a bit of an archaic feel to it acommpanied with poor balance. Many weapons were borderline unusable or inferior to others, and several weapons were broken throughout it's history as a game. Some classes were alltogether terrible for a while (huggable, demo). It wasn't a great game conceptually, but a good game with great details that made it great overall.

    The entire game had an overwhelming abundance of jokes and humor, which made even the boring parts of the game fun at times (the jokes at the waiting screen, ect.) Additionally, gameplay was great fun because of the uniqueness of most of the weapons, which made it easy to pick favorites. Characters had quotes that gave each of the characters notable personalities with very few actual details about them. Team speak also made the game very enjoyable (espeically back when it could be used more liberally). The games slow pace combined with it's humor gave it a huge niche compared to other games of its type, as a slow paced, quirky shooter that was generally relaxing and fun to play. BBR was never particularly innovative, unique, or incredible in its core gameplay. It's a game that excelled because of the details.

    This is the main reason why BB0 suffers in comparison. The games personality suffers from a lack of humor, and the characters personality is almost completely exclusive to short descriptions of them. Team speech, memorable quotes, and jokes are mostly absent from the game. Additionally, fun and unique weapons were instead replaced by more traditional weapons. The different weapons isn't actually an issue. A different style could and honestly should be used, but it needs to have more of a BBF or BB:-1 feel. Semi-serious weapons and gameplay, accompanied by characters with fleshed out personalities and jokes. BB:0 is missing the signiture Battle Bears charm and it suffers as a result.

    My personal belief is that Battle Bears succeeded because of it's personality and communication. The Battle Bears Charm was everywhere, the forums had weekly blogs which incorporated that same charm (thanks to Lt. Action), and Skyvu members were a very common sight on the forums and in the community. The result was a fun, warm, welcoming game and community.

    Going forward, BBG should seek a return to its former charm. New games should stick more to the older Battle Bears style imo, not in terms of gameplay but aesthetics. Darker, more serious artwork but keeping the classic Battle Bears humor (think BB:F and BB:-1 especially). I personally prefer the older artwork, but the personality should be present in every game.

    Another emphasis is quality. More time should be spent on fixing bugs and server issues. I know it can be very difficult, and on occasion they aren't an issue. But especially on release, their should not be bugs omnipresent throughout the game.

    And finally, communication is hugely important. Skyvu members should spend more time on the forums, we should get more frequent updates. Their is no excuse for Skyvu members to be gone for months, it does not take much effort to log on to the forums every now and then, read a couple things and maybe post a comment or two. I understand that time is an important resources to a company but a nightly visit to the forums can be over in less than ten minutes (five in the forums current state). The old weekly blogs were great and i think they are severely underrated looking back. They kept hype for new updates and games constant, while still being entertaining and fun to keep up with.

    TL:DR the three most important things Battle Bears lacks now that it had before are personality, consistent quality, and communication.

    Gameplay is important, but those three aspects of the games should not be ignored. Another thing is that BB:0 had some mechanics that were ultimately toxic to the games reputation and competitive setting and are nigh impossible to change moving forwards. If anyone wants to know what I am talking about I can elaborate in another post but this one is long enough as is.

    Also, a retro feel isn't necessarily a bad thing in a game, which I can also elaborate on later.

    I know this isn't the topic of the thread but people were talking about these sorts of things so I felt it appropriate to post this here. I am also going to summon @Skyvu_Ben. I know that you may not want to read this as it is long, but if you are interested in feedback I have this post here.

    I may continue in another post later.
  • Re: Who would you vote for?

    Holy_Hobo wrote: »
    It's immature and idiotic to call donald trump a racist, bigot, sexist, etc. There are plenty of other things to condemn him for, but people like throwing labels around. Hillary has and still is the only logical candidate this entire election. You can't even get into a debate over ideas without somebody pointing at things in the past that have already been resolved, and/or bare no relevance to their presidency. What people don't like to do however is look at their own candidate, such as going bankrupt 4 times, and how somebody like that would handle the entire country's economy.

    People also like trump because he seems like the best solution to the new PC culture that is spreading, and I can understand that, however the same people ignore his actual ideas and policies, which go against many of their own.
    Holy_Hobo wrote: »
    Storm wrote: »
    I would rather offend people then have someone whose had people killed, had multiple scandals, had evidence thrown out in cases, etc.

    You're hilarious
    Holy_Hobo wrote: »
    If you're going to try and make a point against me, at least use proper english. I have no idea what you are trying to say.
    Holy_Hobo wrote: »
    Unless you have something useful to add to the discussion, please refrain from commenting.

    I typically respect those that disagree with me, but this is something else.

    The first sentence you write and you are already labeling people as idiotic for thinking certain things of Trump. Do you not have any respect for their opinions? You could give actual reasons as to why you don't think those sorts of opinions are true, but instead you just disregard them as idiotic. Nice. It appears that you trying to approach Trump with logic, saying that he is a bad candidate but not for reasons most people think. You seem to be trying to make it seem like you have really thought it through, which may be the case. However, instead you really just alienated people on both sides of the argument.

    And then you say that we shouldn't be paying attention to things from the past and/or things that are irrelevant to the presidency. First of all the emails haven't been fully resolved. Second of all, a presidential candidate who may have done something that was a massive danger to our national security isn't exactly irrelevant.

    Then you disregard someones comment because it has poor english, even though it objectively really isn't that bad and it is still fairly easy to comprehend. What? And then you decide to make sure that those of us with 'nothing useful' to say don't comment. And who are you to decide what is useful?

    You seem to think that you've got this down but instead you have acted in a rude, immature manner throughout this argument. Your first sentence and you are already labeling people as idiotic, the rest of the time you attempt to use some sort of logic in order to disregard peoples comments or opinions so that you don't have to bother with them. Your replies concist of such useful contributions such as "you're hilarious". You post saying to only contribute if you have something worthwhile to say, while you post stuff like that? Your arguments so far have been mocking and labeling, and it's become clear you lack any respect for those who disagree with you. You have found small reasons as to why you don't have to acknowledge the opposing points, such as them being "hilarious" or their english skills.

    Then you label people things such as conspiracy theorists so that you can think less of them. Yes, i know you did argue and back up your points. And i know i did not quote them here. However, you are still saying things such as "Please, stop trying." As if we aren't worth your time.

    I'm asking you to debate in a more respectful, less cowardly manner. You have degraded those who disagree with you and hide behind irrelevant things such as uncalled for name calling or the other persons lack of proper english. Their are Hillary Clinton suporters that i respect, and that many people respect. But just know that if you continue to debate like this you will not find yourself among their ranks.
  • Re: In Depth Look at Riggs

    Skyalis wrote: »
    @AbsoluteZero I love you
    Thanks bby :0
  • In Depth Look at Riggs


    Riggs is one of my favorite characters to play in Overclock, but he's largely neglected by the games better players. Seriously, name every good player who regularly plays Riggs. Fishdo? Am i even considered good? If you're lucky you maybe got more than just Fishdo, but honestly its hard to even make a list about that. Riggs has a unique playstyle that is fun to play, and unfortunately, at large it isn't understood. While he has some severe weaknesses, a good Riggs player can mitigate them for the most part. Because of his uncalled for lack of love throughout the community, and the widespread ignorance about him, i made this guide for people who may be interested in playing him.

    -Why you should play Riggs
    -Abilities Analysis
    -Weapons analysis
    -General Strategies
    -Things to look out for
    -Map Selection (post below)

    Why You Should Play Riggs
    So you may be asking, what is that makes Riggs unique? Well, his playstyle is very different. Because of his lack of mobility and low regen, at high level play Riggs has very unique gameplay that focuses on trapping and positioning. If you are the run and gun sort of player, this character is probably not the best fit. However, playing as Riggs improves your skills in those areas, which can help you out with many other characters. Additionally, it can be helpful to understand him that way you can better combat Riggs players if you encounter them.

    Abilities Analysis
    I am going to analyze abilities before weapons, as its important to understand what the abilities are good for in order to pick the weapons that work best in conjunction with them.


    Dash is a great ability. It really helps patch up Riggs's poor mobility and can act as a finisher on enemies with low health. However, its damaging hitbox is small so it can be hard to hit with. Using this ability in a smart manner is crucial, it allows you to close the distance between you and an opponent or to escape a dangerous situation. Using this ability well will save you many times, and its cooldown is also fast. Against opponents who are standing still or moving very little, dash into two-hand salute can function as a clean two hit kill on most characters. Shotguns can be substituted as well if you are using one.

    Two-Hand Salute
    This ability isn't quite as versatile as dash, however its the most powerful finisher in the game and is extremely dangerous in close quarters. Two-hand Salute is similar to Oliver's katana, however it is slower, smaller, and has less range. But fortunately, it does significantly more damage and comes out faster as well. Because of the difficulty of landing the hit, it is often ideal to use this in close quarters or in situations where the enemies movement options are limited. Completely trapping or cornering people with Riggs is extremely effective, largely because of this ability. This ability is difficult to use, but the payoff is huge if it hits and it can really help a lot in many different situations.

    Armed Forces
    Quite possibly the most underrated ability in the game. Many people try to use this ability defensively, and fail miserably. It boosts armor significantly, however because you are immobile you often die faster. Fortunately, Armed Forces has an effect few people know about. Putting down the sandbags SIGNIFICANTLY increases rate of fire. It's not even like a 20% bonus, when i use it it feels more like its at least a 40-50% increase. Sandbags allows you to mow down opponents extremely effectively. This is really a less powerful, but more versatile and overall more effective version of Olivers Overclock. This is an offensive ability, never use it defensively because you will die. This ability excels in open spaces and against slow opponents, meaning that using goo weapons to slow enemies down is effective with this ability.

    Riggs Overclock
    This is probably what Riggs is most known for, and for good reason. This ability is extremely effective. It increases regen, armor, and gives you a close ranged attack for the entire duration. This is one of the strongest abilities in the game, and is widely feared. It is best used when you are low on health, as it allows you to extend the attack and tank for longer. It can also serve as a nasty surprise for opponents that use abilities such as gunslinger. This is an excellent ability for Riggs, and is very versatile. However, Armed Forces can be the better ability sometimes. A key to playing Riggs is to know when to equip which abilities and weapons when you go into battle. Overclock is always a good option, and the only one you should be using with Shotguns. (Note: this will not save you even a little bit from Olivers Overclock. I have tried. Rip 0_0).

    Weapons Analysis


    Standard Minigun
    This weapon really isn't useable, don't bother with it. It's generally terrible and has no unique features to give it the edge. Never use this weapon.

    Futuristic Minigun
    A personal favorite of mine, but it is generally outclassed. The futuristic minigun has a significant advantage, in that if used well you pretty much never have to reload. This can make it an optimal weapon when paired with armed forces, as the extra ammo really helps when your rate of fire is increased. However, if you aren't using armed forces, this weapon is usually always outclassed. It lacks the usefulness of the goo minigun, and doesn't have the power of electric honey. This is a niche weapon, but it can be useful and should not be underestimated.

    Steampunk Minigun
    Another weapon that i consider to be niche. Overall, the Steampunk minigun is a great weapon, however, it severely misses out on the slowing effect of the goo minigun. In general, while this weapon is always good its usually outclassed at every range and in every situation. Its fairly easy to do well with this weapon, and if you like it, then you can use it effectively. It does have the advantage of having pretty high damage with a large magazine, but its outclassed in either one of those areas. This is one of Riggs most versatile weapons, but remember that a jack of all trades is also the master of none. I almost never use this weapon, because for every scenario there is a better one out there. However, it is a good weapon nonetheless.

    Goo Minigun
    This weapon is AMAZING. While it has a small ammo supply, this weapons goo effect is incredibly useful and has excellent synergy with Riggs's playstyle and attributes. It gets far, far easier to catch enemy opponents with the slowing effect from this weapon. Any opponent caught off guard by this weapon will generally not be able to escape, every single aspect of Riggs gameplay is helped by this weapons effect. It has awesome synergy with his abilities, opponents get much easier to hit with two hand salute or dash, and they lose the ability to run away from overclock or armed forces easily. This should be the go-to weapon for most Riggs, while other weapons have advantages over it in terms of damage, ammo, or fire rate, the goo effect is all this weapon needs to be the best weapon Riggs has.

    Standard Shotgun
    In general, shotguns do not pair well with Riggs. His slow speed makes it very difficult for Riggs to get close enough to use them. However, if you do opt to use them, remember that in order to use them a stricter adherence to Rigg's play-style is required. You will have to focus even more on trapping people and taking advantage of temporary weakness, because in a fair fight they can always avoid you. As far as shotguns go, this is the worst one. You should probably never use this weapon, as its damage isn't high enough to be all that useful and at least when i use it, it seems to have some hit detection problems.

    Futuristic Shotgun
    This is honestly the shotgun you should be using if you are to use a shotgun with Riggs, as it is already so difficult just to get in range with them that the autoaim mitigates the extra challenge of actually hitting the opponent. Futuristic is also more powerful than most people think, it is very capable of killing people quickly. The fact that its ammo regenerates is also helpful against opponents that dart in and out of your range, as you can recharge ammo when you can't hit them but can avoid the lengthy reload. A highly underrated weapon, if you want to use shotguns with Riggs i recommend you try this one out.

    [Steampunk Shotgun
    Everyones favorite. Riggs with this weapon is a complete badass, and you get style points for using it. However, it is generally not as useful as its futuristic and goo counterparts. It is useable, but not very practical. Use this weapon when you want to have fun, and if you are good with it, you can still do well.

    Goo Shotgun
    In order to use this weapon well, you have to be very good with shotguns. It has a lack of ammo, which combined with the difficulties of hitting someone with it make this weapon quite the challenge to use. However, if you do hit them with it, they are pretty much dead. It does very high damage and slows them down significantly, which makes most character very easy to target and hit with a two-hand salute for a clean kill. A followup shot is also easy to perform, and can kill most characters as well. Dash can also be used to finish off some of the lower health characters, such as Astoria and Oliver. Nobody can really run after being hit by this, and if they are close enough for that to happen you can use pretty much any ability or simply go for another shot to kill them. The goo shotgun is a high skill, high reward weapon that is the hardest weapon to use Riggs has that is also viable.

    Electric Honey
    Electric Honey is by far the most common weapon amongst good players who use Riggs, and his most notorious weapon in general. Its very versatile and effective at most ranges, but it lacks the utility of some of the other weapons. This weapon is really a less versatile version of the sp minigun that is better at close ranges. Electric Honey is always a good weapon to use, but it just doesn't have much that is special. However, at very close ranges, this weapon can kill people extremely quickly, so it is often the ideal weapon for close quarters maps such as science lab and twilight forest. Because of its slow projectile speed, it doesn't pair quite as well with armed forces as the miniguns do, but it is still a deadly combination.

    Mechanical Bullet
    This is a serious competitor for the dubious honor of being the worst weapon in the game. It has a small ammo count, a long reload, low damage for an explosive weapon, and a gimmick effect that is impossible to actually control. Because of this weapons severe arc on its projectile, its incredibly difficult to consistently aim with it, to the point where i actually consider it impossible. If this weapon was good, it would be an interesting tool to add to Riggs playstyle. He'd be one of the only characters with a capable explosive weapon and it would be highly effective on maps with lots of obstacles. However, it isn't usable so just don't buy it.

    Theres really not enough difference between these to make separate paragraphs. Just know each one generally has the advantage of its weapon type, futuristic recharges, goo slows ect. If you aren't using goo minigun, you should always use goo pistol so you can use a weapon with a slowing effect if you need to. However, with goo minigun you can use whatever pistol you prefer.

    General Strategies
    Riggs high health means that you can muscle your way past most enemies, and this is something you should take advantage of. However, he is extremely vulnerable to powerful abilities such as gun slinger or charge shot. Because of this, it is paramount that you remember when your opponent last used their abilities. Keeping track of the opponents abilities is a skill that is more important to Riggs than any other character, and can take a while to get used to. However, unless you have an overclock on standby or can trap someone with armed forces, never engage an enemy with an ability such as gun slinger ready to use unless they are severely weakened or distracted. When they do not have their abilities, you can tank through most attacks and kill them very easily. Just remember that they can often run from you, so catching them off guard, trapping them, or using goo is often the best way to guarantee a kill. If you do get low on health, keep in mind that Riggs has the lowest regen of any character. While he can be a pain to kill at full health, once his health is lowered he is the least durable character in the game. If you find yourself in this situation, and you almost always will, its best to avoid conflict until your health regenerates a decent amount and/or your abilities recharge. It is often best to hide in areas on the outskirts of the map, especially those that cannot be targeted without getting close to you. The buildings on the edges of Sky World is a great example of this, as enemies generally can't fight you without getting in range of your deadly weapons. Electric Honey is especially dangerous in those situations. You can't run out and mow people down with Riggs, unless you use his overclock. So if that is your playstyle, you should probably stick to Oliver. Riggs is best suited for those who like outmaneuvering there opponents in order to secure victory. Another important thing to keep in mind is that good Riggs play revolves more around overall strategic plays and crucial decisions, and less on technical skill. While his abilities can be hard to hit with, and shotguns are difficult to use, for the most part its easy to pick up on this characters and do reasonably well in most matches. However, against good players you usually have to adhere to the strategies i've outlined here. Playing Riggs in high level matches is always very difficult, especially against snipers. Just remember that if you play smart, you can hold your own against almost any opponent.

    A more aggressive or campy playstyle can work too, but they are usually very dependent on maps in order to work. Camping is effective on Sky World or Neo Omaha, while aggression is effective on Science Lab and Candyland. These playstyles are generally opposites of each other, on any map where camping is effective aggression is generally not and vice versa. The playstyle i consider ideal is a combination of these that focuses on positioning, which i have already outlined. However, it is useful to keep in mind that these different styles can often work, and be ideal depending on who you are playing against. On any map not mentioned in this paragraph, the combination playstyle is almost always the most effective.


    Things to Look out For
    Snipers are probably Riggs biggest weakness. When you are fighting snipers, goo weapons are extremely valuable and are always the best option. Snipers have the ability to kill Riggs easily and escape him whenever he tries to fight them, but goo allows him to successfully prevent their escape if he catches them. If you know you will be fighting a lot of snipers, always opt for the goo weapons. Other weapons can still kill them but it is much harder without support from team mates. Riggs is also weak to shotguns and explosives. The key thing to keep in mind here is that explosives users really can't run from you easily (except for the Dragon Slayzer and the Harpoon, which are very rare) and as such are easier to deal with than snipers. As for shotguns, they have to get close to you to hit you, so its one of the few situation where you should distance yourself as much as possible. At the worst, they also put themselves in a dangerous position just to hit you. As a general rule, you never want to get caught out in the open as Riggs. Wandering into the open briefly to use armed forces, finish people off, or change positions is often ideal and necessary but it is usually bad to spend very much time there. Against Grahams, watch out for thunderdome as it pretty much negates Riggs as a threat and gets rid of all of his mobility. Ironically, while goo weapons are perhaps Riggs greatest tool, they are also very effective against him because Riggs with reduced mobility is extremely slow. Other powerful abilities, such as Tillmans overclock, gunslinger, Olivers Overclock, Charge shot, ect. Can also be dangerous. Just remember when these abilities were last used and avoid fighting opponents who might have these abilities charged.

    Riggs as a character focuses on general strategy, positioning, and trapping. If you enjoy outmaneuvering and outsmarting your opponents, i suggest you play this character. He really is a blast to play and no other character really plays similarly. Unfortunately, most people have explored this character very little. Even the best of Riggs players enter every single match using only Electric Honey and Riggs Overclock. There are plenty of alternatives, many of which are often better than those weapons/abilites. Riggs has more depth to him than the vast majority of this community realizes. There are still plenty of things about Riggs this guide doesn't cover, and maybe you'll find something that i don't know about. I hope that some of you decide to give Riggs a chance, because you just might have fun using him.

  • Re: Another nerf thread! Dmg-equipped A Salt Rifle! *updated with a demo video*

    Everytime i tell people that soldier is op, that asr is op. They all laugh at me. I got 46 disagrees on one post. I don't understand why it's so hard for people to see it, to understand.

    Soldier is truly insufferable, which is a shame because he is so much fun to play.