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AbsoluteZero Noble

The state of this activity is honestly more sad than the state of the rest of the forums. Mostly just the same few forumers making mindless posts. Perhaps some of us could reintroduce some of the quality here? Activity was often the most fun part of the forums and it's the part that COULD still be active. It's not battle bears focused like the threads mostly are. We're friends, we can stay in touch here right? Whatever. Sad as it is i don't think this place is ever coming back.


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  • Re: What should we NOT include in the BBG Revamp?

    Igolide wrote: »
    more game mods aren't a bad idea like some say, having how many people are searching for a match on each mode would stop other modes being ignored, they would be played in peak times

    This isn't exactly correct. Having multiple playlist for different players can and sometimes will kill a game. Just look at what happened to Halo 4 among many others. Yes at peak times there will be at least a few players in each gamemode, but people don't always play at peak times. The reality is that you are assuming their is eh llayers to even have a substantial peak time. A the moment I can barely even find a match and people generally only play one gamemode. If people were trying to play four different ones it would be almost impossible for me to find a game.
    armando wrote: »
    Lethal wrote: »
    "With that being said, an interesting effect of private matches is they actually tend to kill games with low playerbases. Most people will concentrate into private matches, which leaves the auto play function almost unusable." 100% agreed on this, i think we need a solution for this, to get more people to play using the automatchmaking feature instead of private matches. I've got one suggestion this far:
    - disable rewards and ELO increase/decrease in private match
    This ensures that no one makes a lobby with the intention of getting joules/gas (leaving immediately to get the ad and the gas reward from it), considering you don't get a reward for private matching anymore, and this also fixes possible exploits in rank gain (making a lobby with an alt acc and your main, and then just kill with whatever account wish to rank up.)

    People don't play auto match because they want to play in the same team as their friends, hence the "play with friends" button
    If private games were taken down and/or won't give exp or currency rewards then the game will most likely continue to die

    Most private matches are not made to be played with friends. They are usually public lobbies. Decreasing rewards for private matches would decrease the amount of people who attempt to find normal/public matches in autoplay. While I agree that privatematches should exist and have some rewards for the sake of being able yo play with friends and having some customized public games (such as huggy matches), the idea that private matches are used exclusively by people making lobbies for their friends is extremely far from the truth. In fact it seems like when I have played almost all of the games matches have been 'private' matches.

    Also, the game was at it's most popular back when it did not even have private matches. I hate to break it to you but many people who play mobile games do so for different reasons. While other types of games are often played solely for entertainment, mobile games are often played just for killing time. People who play battle bears just to kill time will likely not be too concerned about private matches. Private matches don't actually do very much to increase the popularity of the game. However, we cannot get rid of them as many returning players would rightfully realize that the game would be, in at least some respects, a downgrade.

    The idea of decreasing rewards for public matches works for me. Another solution is that when creating a private match, hosts could be given the option to allow automatch to feed players into their lobby in a manner similar to BB0. They could neglect it, however, in order to prevent automatch from doing so (to safeguard huggy matches and things of the sort).
  • Re: Battle Bears Royale 2 - Make Your Suggestions!

    I think we need to get rid of the joule drops when you kill an enemy. They distract from general gameplay and are kind of a pain to collect. I think all of the joules should be rewarded instantly and joule drops should be discarded.

    As far as Plant the Bomb goes, I think the slowing effect when grabbing a bomb shouldn't be completely removed. Instead I think it should differ depending on the class:

    Grabs the bomb instantly: Heavy, Chub Scout, B-1000
    Grabs the bomb 2/3 faster: Tillman, Graham
    Grabs the bomb 1/3 faster: Oliver, Botch, Astoria, Saberi, Sanchez
    Grabs the bomb at current rate: Huggable

    This would help balance faster and slower classes in PtB, because huggable is almost undeniably the best class for PtB. With these changes, fast classes would still be the best for moving the bomb long distances, but slower, bulkier classes would be better suited to moving the bomb short distances towards the pipe. Huggable would still be a better class overall (as you would still be invincible during the grabbing animation) but classes like Heavy and B-1000 would be slightly more effective at moving the bomb.

    As far as Joule rewards go, I think the following should be changed. Planting the Bomb should give the player more joules and exp, and every other player on the team should get 20% of the joules and exp for every bomb planted by a teammate. This would encourage teams to work together and help plant the bomb as everyone would be directly rewarded (although the person who actually planted the bomb would still get the most benefit). From the defensive side of things, an enemy holding the bomb should give 50% more joules and experience when killed, and every member of the team should get joules and exp when the enemies bomb explodes. Giving joule rewards for preventing the enemy from planting the bomb would encourage defensive play as well, as I feel that if we made just bomb planting give bonus joules people would play only offensively and neglect defending their own base. The extra rewards would help make PtB more popular (it's already well liked, just people don't play it for some reason).

    For King of the Windmill, I don't think it will ever be as well liked as PtB. But we can work to improve it some. I think the objectives should be significantly larger, as right now it is a bit difficult to hold the windmill against enemies with AoE weapons as they can flood the area with explosions. A bigger radius will help prevent this. There should also be a joule/exp reward for being within the windmills radius when a point is earned to give more incentive towards the objective.

    On another note, I would like Olivers old melee animations back. The new ones are awkward and there wasn't really a reason to replace the old animations in the first place (as far as I know).
  • Re: What should we NOT include in the BBG Revamp?

    since BBG born,i've wished a gamemode where you can do Teamwork with other players,for example fighting a boss(only an example uh)just add a gamemode with more teamwork :smile:

    Adding more gamemodes will simply divert the playerbase into different modes, making it harder to find a game.

    We should only consider adding more modes when the playerbase becomes much larger.
  • Re: What should we NOT include in the BBG Revamp?

    @AbsoluteZero This may be the first time I've ever disagreed with you on something before! You're actually the reason I don't post much on BBG-related things nowadays, you always say everything I want to say and more articulately too. :)

    Loadouts simply help remove the luck factor from the game. Imagine being stuck as one class in the start of a TF2 game: a medic is desperately needed on a team, and you're unable to switch. This would not be so much of a problem based around the "playstyle" classes of B1K, Botch, Saberi, and Sanchez, but in any FPS with class roles, with built-in counters, strengths, and weaknesses, being able to cover your bases in order to better assist your team is critical and adds much-needed flexibility.

    Removing loadouts would add much of the luck factor back into the game again and would see a return of meta class diehards who choose only the most balanced classes (Oliver and Riggs) in order to mitigate potential weaknesses.

    I'll never forget this one game I had in BBR where I was a speed Heavy against two camping Snipers, one positioned on the top of each Aztec Temple. I remember raging over the fact that I would have never picked this class if I knew what I would be facing ahead of time, and it was the dumb luck of my team abandoning me, class choices on both sides, and a disadvantageous map that completely stopped any chance of victory. It would have been extremely easy to turn the tables if I was able to switch to a long-range, speedy, or stealth set. I wouldn't want to be stuck as a "diverse" Heavy on this map if I was given the choice, and if I knew before the start what map we were playing/who I was going to be up against. Losing these sorts of matches really cheapened the whole experience for me back then. It also led to some difficulties for BBR/G tourneys on the Bearacks, as sometimes one person would end up with the perfect counter/map for their wacky strategy, and things would come down to luck way too often.

    Ultimately, the best way to ensure a wider variety of classes used on each different map is to give these characters options through their equipment and give them the ability to carry situational weaponry to mitigate weaknesses. Weapons such as Art of War served this purpose perfectly, and made Sniper a force to be reckoned with on Factory due to her agility. Of course there will always be maps friendly or unfriendly to a specific class, but that's where you have your other loadouts and classes that you've practiced with to back it up, and you still have the ability to win one for the team.

    I definitely agree with an option to allow/disallow switching in private games, though, wanted that and other options for years. Whenever I see "Demo Only" or "Huggies" as a lobby name, I always like to make a mental bet on who's going to be the first to switch, lol.

    Edit: also, almost GG earlier, kept getting booted so I gave up :P

    I'm sure you could post more articulately than me if you wanted :D You are much more knowledgable and experienced than me regarding BBG, I'm confident you could contribute quite a bit more if you felt the need.

    I figured most people would disagree with me, and I fully understand the reasoning behind that. I think loadouts should probably stay, but I did feel like addressing my viewpoint (which happens to be unpopular) because it does give a perspective on things we aren't exactly used to seeing. Loadouts (like everything else) do have certain impacts on the game that aren't often addressed. I still feel that the option to remove loadouts from private matches should exist, simply so that people can make public huggable matches worry-free. But it seems like that's the part most people agree with lol.

    To be honest though, your point regarding not having loadouts increasing the popularity of soldier is valid and considering my long standing (sometimes irrational) hatred for Soldier that would probably be enough to convince me that loadouts are a good thing.

    And I think we all get booted from like 75% of matches lol. I think decreasing the gap between beginning and experienced players would help with that some (like actually giving them the ability to jump, which you have to buy for some reason). It's actually quite an issue when the playerbase is this small because it makes it really hard to find games if you're above level 100. With that being said, an interesting effect of private matches is they actually tend to kill games with low playerbases. Most people will concentrate into private matches, which leaves the auto play function almost unusable. Private matches have several issues that make it even more difficult to find a match when there's few players such as the fact that people can boot you, some games will be canceled, people won't want to play with people of higher level or on certain maps, and every once in a while someone will stay afk in a lobby and it will sit their all day. People will continue to join said lobby even though it will never start and it subtracts the amount of players that can join other games. Another popular idea with which we can take an unusual perspective to find it's downsides. Private matches, while a good feature to have, ultimately do make dying games even more dead. Once we get more players this should stop being an issue.

    On an unrelated note, I do not want stats to be recorded and displayed like in BB0 (total kills, games played, games won, ect.). I've always felt that reporting stats like kpg encourages people to quit games to forge their stats and can create a toxic atmosphere where people are worried only about numbers and less about having fun. If we beef up the ranking system so that ranks like Diamond are actually difficult to get, a players rank should be plenty to tell us if they are good or not. We don't need a bunch of stats to do the same.
  • Re: What should we NOT include in the BBG Revamp?

    Hectic wrote: »
    I kid you not that happened to me too with the tutorial when I first opened bbr lol I was confused and didn't even finish it. Couldn't get past the tutorial so I ragequit. Saw the app on my phone a few weeks later and decided to try again and yeah lol rest is history.

    - Remove all duplicate skins, reskins, the same default skin recoloured like 10+ times fk that lol. We need way better customization like give us a color palette so we can choose what color default skin we want instead. Most the skins should be premium currency except for a few for f2p players to obtain. Add color palette for those skins too. I liked that gundam skin for demo in bbo but I would've changed the color to black or red. so add it to bbg.

    - Remove radar pro mode, Ik ppls not gonna like this but my main problem was that radar made the game 10x easier. Pre radar in bbr I was always on edge, always looking in every direction to see where the enemy would pop up from. It made the game that much more intense and exciting.

    - Remove the solo YOLO mindset and bring back the TEAM PLAY.

    - Yeah I agree, either remove or redesign saberi. She had that grandma look/feel when playing as her, plus she was bigger than most the other bears except for maybe Riggs and b1k lol. Like I only got her for her dual wep combo. Need better back stories too.

    - Desert airmine, gold digger, sky view, shortest parsec, skate park, frozen pundra, steam yard blues, toxic terror were the worst maps in the game. I would've put marecraft too if it didn't have underground passages where I can get to the enemies base if they're camping at their tower. Most of these maps I listed need to be bigger/wider and more balanced so both sides have an even advantage for power up/shields/health packs. Except for skate park, this map is unnecessarily big. I suggest shrinking it down a little. You could always add the bbo maps to bbg too lol.

    - Desert airmines main problem was that the team with the higher ground had the better side, cuz most the power ups were on their side, plus easier to aim at the enemies on the lower ground lol but it was fun for other game modes like hide and seek or infected (player made game modes). If you don't like the falling off the maps you could just add a broken style fence around desert airmine, some electric fences in shortest parsec. Bbg still got a lot of potential.

    - Sky view too small of a map promoted aoe wep spam, nukes for days. Should add multiple smaller platforms all around the map so players can jump around from platform to platform while shooting at the enemies, doesn't have to be on even ground either can make it go above the main map area. Would make sky view map 1000x more fun to play on.

    - Steam yard blues by far the worst map ever, even worse than sky view lol too cluttered and just aoe wep spam bs. Waste of a map needs to be much bigger to work out. It's basically a respawn die respawn die map dumb.

    - Each class should have their own role in battle!! No branching off like what u did in bbg giving every class an aoe weapon. That just ruined the game!! Because small maps and aoe wep spam, there's no skill or thought process involved lol.

    At first I was skeptical about the idea of removing colored skins as their is no reason to remove decent content, but the idea of having a color palette is actually fairly intriguing. That would allow for a huge variety of colors without having to make a million variations of the default skin.

    I have to disagree on Shortest Parsec and Desert Airmine. They have their flaws yes but they are my favorite maps and I don't think redesigning them is truly necessary as they are fairly popular as is. We should work on redesigning less popular maps like Toxic Terror and Steamyard Blues.

    Seems like all of us are in agreement to remove the radar promode. I really like @InstableGriff idea to add radar as a feature of sixth sense goggles. It's probably the best solution to the radar problem that we're going to get.