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Mudssun Sergeant

Also, Music to end everyone's night:


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    May 3
  • Also, Music to end everyone's night:
    May 3

  • Chapter 2: A Cause for Alarm
    03 March 7PM, Base of Icicle Mountains
    The blizzard hit fast, we had to set up camp at the base of the mountain and wait it out. We are probably going to be stuck here for the night, as this early in the year, it gets to dangerously cold temperatures in the mountain, even in the daytime. We had Foxtrot light a fire so we wouldn’t freeze. Revolution and I will take the night watch to spare some our less experienced soldiers the pain of having to climb a mountain tired…

    04 March 2AM, Base of Icicle Mountain
    All was quiet, for the most part. By this time, everyone had gone to their tents and was sound asleep. Anarchy and Revolution were awake, but silent.
    “What is the plan of action after we visit Articuno?” Revolution finally asked.
    Anarchy, having slightly dozed off, snapped awake “Hmmmm….? Oh yeah, the plan. To be honest, I don’t know, I hoped Articuno could lead us somewhere.”
    April 27
    • Mudssun
      Some time passed, and this time it was Revolution who was dozing off when Anarchy shook him awake.
      “Do you hear that?” Anarchy asked. Revolution said “Boy and I thought you were the mature one of the two of us, there are going to be noises out here. They are just wild Pokemon.” Listening again however, Revolution heard a howling, and it was getting closer.
      “Warn the squad.” Anarchy yelled “Quickly!” Revolution ran off, and Anarchy looked ahead “Houndoom…” He muttered “Great, just what we need already…” He fired off a Bubblebeam as a warning to the oncoming threats, but they did not stop, they just charged forward. “These aren’t just any Houndoom, these guys are really out for us!”
      As the Houndoom approached, Anarchy cloaked himself in water and fired off towards the enemy with Aqua Jet.
  • The Dawn of Anarchy

    03 March 7:30AM
    It has begun to snow, I halfway expected Diamond to be complaining at this point. I filled Diamond and the crew in on our new plan: First, we must traverse through the Icicle mountains nearby and speak to Articuno, who lives there. As the Icicle Mountains are the closest land barrier to the Kingdom, I figured that maybe Articuno might have some insight on what happened to the kingdom that fateful night. We exit the Kingdom’s boundaries at 8:00, who knows what we will find out there. I have faith though, I have my brother and crew behind me, and even though I am not happy that Diamond decided to come, I know she will be a great addition to the team.
    April 24
  • Lol chained a shiny eevee in less than 20 in. How to repeat process:
    1. Get pokemon ORAS
    2. Beat the game
    3. You don't
    4. ???
    10. Profit
    April 23
  • Super_Maelstrom
    woah you're still around? Wow it's been a while
    April 1
    • Mudssun
      Yes and no, I have more or less reverted to my former state of constant lurker, but I post a little more often then before.
    • Super_Maelstrom
      Oh I see

      Is MC still around, or is it defunct now?
    • Mudssun
      MC has been in the hands of Caststarman for quite some time now. According to him it is still alive, but I don't really see that many people talk about it nowadays
  • I'm going to be suffering from a severe case of tetris syndrome tonight >_> (It's actually a thing, look it up)...must play more tetris....
    April 11
  • Mudssun changed his profile picture.
    April 9
    • Mudssun
      100% credit and thanks to @T3h1Phantom for making this awesome pic, as well as countless others!
  • T3h1Phantom
    If you're good at Balisong flipping, I'd recommend a Benchmade balisong/butterfly knife. They're expensive, but they'll hold better than those dumb $15 knives.
    April 8
    • Mudssun
      Yup, I'm looking into a a benchmade one, I have a friend who is a fanatic about knives and firearms, and he pointed me in the same direction!
  • ♫1100 comments and a promote ain't one!♫♫
    April 8
  • Lucky 777 agrees!
    March 31
  • I fear I will be leaving these forums for an unknown amount of time soon. When exactly, I do not know, though it will likely be sudden and without warning.
    March 24
  • Sending out your last pokemon in an intense battle vs a friend be like:

    Also this music (as a whole) works well for the whole vs friend theme

    (Spoil nothing, I haven't gotten to this part of Bravely Default yet!)
    March 23
  • MyLittlePwnies123
    Forgot you had a Pikachu, thought T-bolt was a good choice.

    Your darn Smogonbird would've been out quicker if Phanny got the Rocks up. That first turn that I got Paralyzed, I was gonna put up rocks.

    Oh well. Good job.
    March 20
    • Mudssun
      I top keked when I saw that you got fully paralyzed. I figured I had you on the ropes, so I sacked espeon for some damage to that thing. Heh
  • Thanks for sticking with us for 3 years.
    March 15
    • Tcm17
    • Mudssun
      happy anniversary everyone, its been a hell of a ride!
  • :O I'm this weeks current points leader, what is this?!
    March 10
  • thecheeselover
    *wipes mud from sun*
    *gets burned*
    I may be burned,but at least the sun is clean!
    March 10
    • Mudssun
      *Is very pleased*
      The sun shines on a bright new day!
  • Mudssun earned the 500 LOLs badge.
    You received 500 LOLs. It ain't no fluke, you post great stuff and we're lucky to have you here.
    March 9
  • >tfw I hear we are going into trig in math next chapter

    March 7
    • EquinoxVanHulm
      Trust me

      You're gonna LOVE learning about tangents
    • Mudssun
      I already know about geometric trig tangents, but this is gonna be different V_V
  • The Dawn of Anarchy Ch1, Part 3

    Anarchy prepared to attack before being held back by some force
    “...........................!” Before Anarchy could say anything, in his head or otherwise, Diamond spoke up.
    “You sure do act fast upon your actions don’t you, it was but last night that you can up with this crazy plan.”
    Anarchy could hardly contain his anger “How did you….?” before hearing a voice in his head again.
    “You know telekinesis was not the only power I gained upon evolving yes?”
    Everyone looked around, seemingly having heard the voice too.
    “Mind reading was another useful skill I gained.”
    Diamond released Anarchy “How could you leave without me, I am strong enough, I don’t want to be left behind in that kingdom anymore.” She points to the castle
    “It was for your own safety…” was all Anarchy came up with
    “So you are saying all this time we have spent together, all that training we have done, was for nothing?! I am coming with, and there is nothing you can do to stop me.”
    March 3
    • Mudssun
      Diamond yelled with tears in her eyes
      More silence followed
      “If our relationship means anything to you, we are going together, regardless of the dangers that lie ahead, ‘We will be together until the very end’ wasn’t that your promise?”
  • Learning Butterfly Knife tricks hurt, even if it is a training blade V_V
    February 28
    • Duster
      Its even funner when it ISN'T a training blade :)
    • Maverick
    • Mudssun
      I would have sliced my finger, at least once today being a dumb*** and fooling around too much, which is why i have a training one (That and i'm still not 100% sure of their legality in my area)
    • Duster
      It depends in the area you live in.
    • Archangel_of_hope
      Butterfly knife Fade FN kappa
  • Pokemon is 19 years old as of yesterday, holy crud
    February 28
    • BW1589
      Ash is still 10.

    • Mudssun
      I meant the pokemon video games
    • Super_Maelstrom
    • BW1589

      K then

      But how is ash still 10?! Did he discover the fountain of youth?!?!
    • Mudssun
      No, if you want to be specific, the literal term is called a floating timeline, where characters don't age
  • Kingdom Hearts 3D Drop Distance: Beaten on Standard mode as of today!
    February 27
  • Caststarman

    February 25
    • Mudssun
      hom many views does it have now?!
    • Mudssun
      332,000 nice
  • Mudssun changed his profile picture.
    February 24
  • Cat...Mah cat
    February 23
    • Duster
      D'aw. How cute!
    • Dban1
      Disgusting. Kill it.
  • The Dawn of Anarchy Ch1, Part 2
    7AM, Kingdom Outskirts
    “Does everyone have everything they need? We are not coming back here for quite some time if ever.” Anarchy asked the squadron, to which they all replied a quick “Yessir!” “Good, Revolution, have you given the note to our parents yet?” “Yes, they got the note and understand.” Revolution look solemn suddenly “Have you told your girlfriend about this?” Anarchy turned a little red, but stood his ground “N-no, I knew if I did, she would never let me leave.” In a low voice he growled “And don’t mention her in the presence of the others, got it?” Revolution, baffled by his older brother’s sudden change in tone, stammered “Y-y-yessir!” Suddenly, Anarchy heard a voice in his mind “You didn’t honestly think you would be able to get out of here without me knowing did you?!” Anarchy was suddenly hit with such force he fell to the ground.
    February 21
    • Mudssun
      To be continued as I finish putting together the cast of characters.
    • Mudssun
      unformatted due to space restrictions here on the forum
  • Revisiting old games never gets old.

    The first bomberman game I have ever completed, but not the first I have ever played (That title goes to 64, but it was much too hard for kid me to beat)
    February 20
  • No addition to The Dawn of Anarchy today, I want to, but I need some.....material before i can continue on.
    February 19
  • Gonna be posting updates to The Dawn of Anarchy here before I post here:

    This is to look over for any spelling errors, and to clean the story up in general before it gets here. If anyone is interested in see how the story goes before i get around to posting it here, this link is your key (That is, if anyone is reading this and is interested at all in this story I'm creating Q_Q)
    February 18