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  • For Smitzerland's Tournament scheduling and whatnot. This group's description will be a reminder to DD to get better at writing Group Descriptions.
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  • EveryPlay users only When groups are working again everyone's everyplay profile that is from this group!
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  • Trang shall rule teh world.
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  • A group for Pokémon fans!!!!!!
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  • Come join discuss about the game or join each others clan have fun!
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  • Self explanatory. Only serious talk. Anybody not being serious in discussion will be removed from this group. NO NSFW
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  • We don't need to lag to be good.
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  • wow. such doge
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  • Play minecraft pe or minecraft pc? Come here!
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  • The Epic Adventures Event is one that allows you to take screenshots of your gameplay to attain <span style="color: yellow;">Achievements</span> to g…
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  • The allies of the evil Dr MilkyWay stand united against any enemy! [DMW] Dr MilkyWay's Dark Army is a clan for BBU founded by it's titular leader, Dr…
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  • We are Pyrats. Welcome to our ship Yo ho ho
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  • We like to be awesome and random.
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  • The Kool Klowns Klub is a klub exclusive to the klowniest of kharacters. Rules is easy: you gotta be Klowny :O) We just love to Klown around. …
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  • Let's be creative and not waste time.
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  • SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE* *If you screee out of turn you get the whip.
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  • We have a PlayStation and XBox Group. Why not Nintendo? All fans are welcome!
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  • Here you can share your artwork (battle bears related or not) and get critiques from your peers! Or just have fun talking about art!
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  • &gt;&gt;THE #1 CLAN IN BBG!&lt;&lt; This Is The The Official Battle Bears Forum Group For Storm The Army! Request To Join By PM'ing TheGummyJuggernau…
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  • Gather around and share your stories...
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  • WubWubWubWubWubWubWubWub in the ClubWubWubWubWUbWubWub This club is invitation only. If you would like to be invited impress the Wub Leader.
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  • This is my swamp. It's all ogre now. Shrek is love. Shrek is life.
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  • Practically the development blog...
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  • Come fight friends with virtual trading weapons, characters, and more from BATTLE BEARS!
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