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New Groups

  • Welcome to the $7 clan aka Samurai 7.
    1 discussion 3 members Most recent discussion: Welcome. Screen shot score from BBG and BBO by TruChico1415 December 2017
  • Founded November 15, 2016 and led by @Starc
    5 discussions 13 members
  • TBD
    0 discussions 9 members
  • Official Clan for the Dragon Lords [DL]
    0 discussions 6 members
  • Welcome to the Salt Mines, the second saltiest area next to the Red Sea. Here, you can post opinions about certain topics you absolutely can't stand,…
    3 discussions 14 members Most recent discussion: Where do you put your salt? by DiseasedFilth February 2016
  • [TCG] is made up of both experienced BattleBears and Spacetime players with love for hosting Contests for the gaming communities. Our website: www…
    2 discussions 5 members
  • This is the [F2]Forsaken force clans official BB forums group. You will be added to the group if you are a member of Forsaken Force.
    1 discussion 7 members
  • Brave Frontiersman
    1 discussion 6 members Most recent discussion: Dem Fan Units by Behr July 2015
  • The group for one of the best modern cartoons on TV!
    2 discussions 8 members Most recent discussion: Steven Universe Is SJW Propaganda by NooseOnTheLoose September 2017
  • Official CoS Clan (Chubs Over Skrubs)
    0 discussions 4 members
  • Introducing the BB Forums' first TF2 group! We play fun matches, play on servers, and snipe each other in the face with the Machina Ambassadors! JK. …
    1 discussion 13 members
  • Welcome to my mancave. This is a bit of thinking space for anyone to come and vent ideas into a group. All members have to be approved. All talk is w…
    0 discussions 10 members
  • Any kind of animation or any kind of comic, talk about it here! Talk about it! Also join the PM! (Examples of stuff: Graphic novels, manga, anime,…
    1 discussion 18 members Most recent discussion: Are you guys going to watch the new dardevil show? by DoodleQuik April 2015
  • Are you tired of playing PvZ 2 without some challenges, and just think the challenges Popcap gives us are boring/annoying? (seriously why is the mold…
    3 discussions 4 members Most recent discussion: hey im new by FallenAvenger May 2015
  • This is a group for Transformers fans, as the title implies.
    3 discussions 6 members
  • The Epic Adventures Event is one that allows you to take screenshots of your gameplay to attain <span style="color: yellow;">Achievements</span> to g…
    21 discussions 41 members
  • SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE* *If you screee out of turn you get the whip.
    11 discussions 26 members Most recent discussion: FNAF 4 by Maverick July 2015
  • Want to write stories, feel free to share them here!
    1 discussion 14 members
  • Practically the development blog...
    3 discussions 22 members
  • The Kool Klowns Klub is a klub exclusive to the klowniest of kharacters. Rules is easy: you gotta be Klowny :O) We just love to Klown around. …
    2 discussions 30 members
  • Strategy tips, Easter eggs, and whatever is mutating. We accept anyone who plays this game.
    1 discussion 7 members
  • Welcome aboard the Tardis, Whovians. Where we talk, rant, and discuss all things Doctor Who. If you're a fan, climb aboard!
    3 discussions 16 members
  • We like to be awesome and random.
    1 discussion 32 members
  • This is my swamp. It's all ogre now. Shrek is love. Shrek is life.
    1 discussion 22 members