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my AMA

AlucardAlucard Member Posts: 5,238 Fabled
I'm frickin bored and came back to my old account to make this boring cliche overdone thread, Pretty much ask me whatever it is to your heart's content and I'll answer in an unfunny almost annoying way.


  • PiratePirate Member, MVP Posts: 29,653 Fabled
    How's the weather?
  • SSP_RismSSP_Rism Member Posts: 2,073 Underlord 2016
    are you considering trying out bbr2 when it comes back or considering to come back to the bb series in any way?
  • thecheeseloverthecheeselover Member Posts: 3,343 Noble
    How are you doing?
  • AlucardAlucard Member Posts: 5,238 Fabled
    edited March 18
    @Pirate if there's one thing I can characterize Southern California weather as, it is a bipolar person. it can't figure out if it wants to be cold or hot
  • AlucardAlucard Member Posts: 5,238 Fabled
    @SSP_Rism Probably not, a lot has to go right before they can make a successor to BBR/G. I'd say at the moment I've had thoughts of playing BBG casually again and maybe I'm feeling a little nostalgia, However it appears that issues still remain within the base game itself.
  • AlucardAlucard Member Posts: 5,238 Fabled
    @thecheeselover Oh I'm doing just great, Playing Friday the 13th: The Game and currently contemplating on buying Dead by Daylight. I recently took up Battlefield 1 because the multiplayer reminds me of a more hardcore version of Battle Bears. Doing routine discord stuff and all that jazz
  • PiratePirate Member, MVP Posts: 29,653 Fabled
    @Alucard Sounds annoying, kinda like here anyway, for now.
  • NYCONYCO Member Posts: 1,063 Sergeant
    What is the speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
    "Lupin III is fabulous!" [Not.Your.Common.Opponent.] 2/25/16
  • PsychePsyche Member Posts: 4,192 Exalted
    How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
    NYCO wrote: »
    speed velocity

    Those are two different things. You need to choose.
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